Added by on August 30, 2013 Need advice on International dating? I can provide you some basing on my 14 year experience of translating for dating agencies. And I wi…



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  • Reatha Heydenreich 4 years ago

    I don’t know why people who are reluctant to try looking for someone online, I finally joined this place a little over a year ago and found someone about 4 months later. It’s not for everyone but bit.ly11yyNaD helped me out a lot and I had a lot of fun with it also

  • Brenda Earle 4 years ago

    My friend is happily married to a Ukrainian woman 6 years now. I tried those agencies too and got scammed twice 🙁

  • Frank Lambert 4 years ago

    Consulting for guys that are traveling overseas to meet someone with a totally different mentality is a cool idea I think. Especially since it’s done by a Russian girl. She lives there, she probably knows them better.

  • Vicki Lamy 4 years ago

    I dated a girl from Russia for a while, now I’m done with all these ugly American women that act like men. No need for consulting to know that.

  • Scot Fields 4 years ago

    Writing to all these women you don’t even know, don’t you think it’s sorta crazy?

  • Stevo64591 4 years ago

    I tried these agencies like Natasha Club, Anastasia for some years. Many hot chicks! Would love to take one home with me!

  • Kelly Kenneth 4 years ago

    Cool red T-shirt 🙂

  • Jerry61052 4 years ago

    I sent a few hundred bucks to a girl named Oksana from Lugansk. And she don’t seem like she wants to meet me. When I say I’m visiting her next month always gets sick or smth or smth else. Do you think it’s all just a scam? If I send you her letters do you think you will know?

  • Tanya P 4 years ago

    You can feel free to schedule a personal consulting session on my site any time. And I hope you’ll succeed with finding your dream-girl! 🙂

  • Tanya P 4 years ago

    I can provide consulting on dating/ relationships of any kind, but International dating and online dating in general are my specialty. I also wrote a book with pieces of advice to western men dating Russian/Ukrainian ladies which you can find on my web-site. My other book which I haven’t yet posted on the web is about online dating in general. And I do provide personal consulting on both of these subjects

  • Carpenter Derrick 4 years ago

    Russian gals look stunning on those darn sites. Thinking of giving it a try. But got many concerns so might need your advice

  • Thomas Goldblatt 4 years ago

    Never tried dating Russian girls on these dating sites. Most speak zero English. Don’t think it can work.

  • Ramon Olivarez 4 years ago

    Is your consulting on dating Russian girls only or on any kind of dating?

  • Dmitriy Grigorievich 4 years ago

    С богом.Всё получится,Танюша!!!