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In this video, I gave advice and tips how to spot the red flags if the photo, picture of a Filipina is being used by a Spammers in Dating Sites. I gave helpf…



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  • Tayuquarin Maayarden 3 years ago

    I met a Filipina named Maria Rico she turned out to be a fraud and a liar
    among other things she showed me family photos which she was not even in
    except for oneof them, and when I checked out her parents profiles on
    facebook yesterday Maria wasn´t listed as one of their children, she also
    claimed that all of her siblings where still single and living at home
    but the Rico family´s oldest daughter Mylene are actually working as
    a second staff nurse at hospital Riyadh Saudi Arabia and one of the Rico
    boys Biloy are living in Cebu with his girlfriend. I cant understand why a
    scammer would go to such lenghts to pull of a scam

  • grant3787 3 years ago

    Wow I got the same story about the electric bill, and I helped out also
    (1900php). Then the next one was about her going to Saudi Arabia to work as
    a domestic helper. She flew from her city davao and is now in Manila for
    training. She asked again if I could help her because she has to get dental
    work done and pay for her cert. I helped her with (1400php). Next came the
    bank account. She said she has to get a bank account before she starts
    working, and the minimum deposit is 2500php. I sent her (1500php). We’ve
    been talking for about 4 months. She sends me alot of pictures that match
    the situation she tells me shes in. Is she a fraud??

  • brad henderlong 3 years ago

    I met a girl there once because I am planning to visit and maybe move
    there permanently. After chatting for a while, she gave me a heart
    wrenching story about how her electric was going to be cut off (tears and
    all). I did what any good guy does and helped. The following week, she
    said the same story. I stopped talking to her after that. The next time
    someone asks for money like that I’m going to give them a fake Western
    Union number and see how many times I can make them go to the agent. “Oh,
    I’m sorry. I must have typed the number wrong”. Muahahahahahaha.

  • Christian Raines 3 years ago

    After the break up with my Filipina friend I checked out her profile on
    Skype the profile said that she was 53 but the photo showed a woman in her
    early twenties

  • Max M 3 years ago

    Good videos…some good advice and opinions. Take care

  • Christian Raines 3 years ago

    Believe me if I encounter another Filipina that says either god bless you
    in the end of a chatting session, claims that I am such a good person
    without even knowing me or sends a heartbreaking e-mail about some family
    trauma of somekind along with an entire series of photos of herself I will
    repor abuse asap. And besides I dont belive that someone that look like
    either Marian Rivera, Kris Bernal, Vaness del Moral or Angel Locsin would
    use dating sites just like that

  • Donnie Scruggs 3 years ago

    I met a filipina girl on line she sweet loving but its hard to tell if she
    not playing or scaming what about she really is in a bad spot and you
    promise to never let her get hurt. I ask her if she was a scammer she said
    no I ain’t a scammer I really love you not all filipina has the same
    personality how can you tell the good ones from bad ones I don’t want to
    break her heart if she telling the truth

  • eyemluv 3 years ago

    My pinoy coworker has always warned me of this and has told me he wants to
    meet anyone I like to see if they are real.

  • David Brewer 3 years ago

    Help us to not send money for emergency or phone load scams, or to marry a
    woman we do not know.

  • sjakkmatt66 3 years ago

    Yeah, any foreign guy need to be very carefully towards any filipinas on
    the internet coz its to easy to pretend to be another person online
    compared to when you actually meet a filipina in person.

  • David Brewer 3 years ago

    You want to help us?