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  • blackjack1471 4 years ago

    Oh my god. My best friend (guy) likes me 0~0

  • iloverandomyay triplett 4 years ago

    omg my guy bff is flirting with me all the good sigh he has done no bad sighs omg

  • Dick Dickson 4 years ago

    luls i do the opposite of all this stop giving advice to make girls think I hate them 🙁

  • NoenMar 4 years ago

    Women are all fucking crazy and emotional and don’t make any sense. Men just gotta learn the rules of their crazy game and get them in bed as soon as possible.

    Once you have sex with them, the oxytocin their brains release will make them feel bonded to you and it’s smooth sailing from their on out as long as you don’t piss her off.

  • TheyCallMeRamen 4 years ago

    This is not fake, but some of the stuff she talked about like mirroring, that’s an old school thing and not often used now.

  • 0mrmcbigG 4 years ago

    omg! i do the neck thing all the time.

  • maya f 4 years ago

    I noticed the back pocket thing

  • Marissa Ramirez 4 years ago


  • Zavier Marston 4 years ago

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  • Austin Duffy 4 years ago

    it was flagged for spam and nobody liked it or commented back. im pretty sure that means they didnt fall for it.

  • APPL3G4MING 4 years ago

    I rub my neck to show my biceps 😉

  • Vanessa Jones 4 years ago

    Lol right? If he’s fondling an egg while talking to you, it means he wants you to bear his children.

  • Tige9999 4 years ago

    Somebody get howtobasic in here so its done the correct way :I

  • Rozy Nehgah 4 years ago

    my boy and me staring at each other smiling he’s eye’s start sparkle plus he comes closer to me like magnet and copy body language and we start lisening to each other breath and breath same time and we fall in friend love cause we too young to date and kiss we play with each other daily and are NOT planing to move to the next step until i’m like 13 plus we have same birth day ;.D

  • Sarah Grace 4 years ago

    A guy in my class last year was really popular and he would turn his whole body toward me and put his feet and everything toward me but he didn’t like me. Is that what popular guys do??

  • Minny Muffin 4 years ago

    thx i realy want this one guy to date me i can tell now hes allways facing me

  • MysteryGirlMT 4 years ago

    Hahaha to late now don’t you think 😉

  • Mikkel Filtenborg 4 years ago

    if a guy rubs he’s neck he might just be nervus…

  • VisibleBoom 4 years ago

    Guys, she has cracked the code, run!

  • ijah jones 4 years ago

    Kiss your hand 10x say ur crush’s name 15x post this on 2 other videos and ur crush will ask you out

  • Daniel Boback 4 years ago

    no its not true at all this is for general people none of this applies to a lot of guys i know

  • Daniel Boback 4 years ago


  • Zavier Marston 4 years ago

    I’ve got an awesome personality and have many female friends, but I could never seem to get the courage to ask them on a date. I got stuck in the friend zone! Then a buddy of mine showed me a video and by using their tips I found a date the NEXT day. No joke. Wanna learn more? check out the link on my channel and you’ll see what I mean.

  • Chris Edwards 4 years ago

    Hate your outfit.

  • AnTraXFuZioNs 4 years ago

    Boner = horny nuff said

  • Brooke Mayfield 4 years ago

    Wow and this is true I wish I was at school to use this

  • MrThejoker6000 4 years ago

    Well its good to sometime’s look in a girls perspective 

  • Dating .Advice 4 years ago

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  • x0xsmithxox 4 years ago

    Omg she looks like that girl Erica off of teen wolf.

  • Missy Bieber 4 years ago

    He Olny Mirrors Me No Talking No Nothing But He Looks At Me

  • ItsNotOkaySo 4 years ago

    Just get a new pillow.

  • adam hama 4 years ago

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  • Shivan Sanchit 4 years ago

    i need a girlfriend