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Learn how to meet women online and offline: Meeting women online can be easy if you know how you to do it. In fact, if you're s…



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  • Omnimity 4 years ago

    Means she saw you and thought you were ugly

  • MegaDiamondmine 4 years ago


  • Carter Kississou 4 years ago

    I learned with my passion about women, it isn’t the voice, being good looking guy and money. It is about being experienced with women. how do you gain that experience by facing your fears not by hiding behind your pc, failure will be part of your journey, don’t be afraid. failure will brush up/improve your skills. learn from other pick up artists. get out of your comfort zone( house and pc) go out there meet women. PAY ATTENTION TO ANYTHING SHE SAYS AND HER BODY LANGUAGE. not enough room sorry

  • TheAnimalDen 4 years ago

    Half the woman I meet have kids 😛 lmao it sucks

  • avgrim77 4 years ago

    That sucks! I wouldn’t have given her a 2nd chance unless she called me begging and then I would still made her WAIT! Maybe tell her no I’m busy. Make her ask several times.Yeah POF are almost all fuglies and psycho bunny boilers! Sounds like you got lucky you found out the bitch was wack early on.

  • avgrim77 4 years ago

    My problem is I get too many flakes. You start talking to a girl & she responds twice then deletes her acct or stops logging in. Sometimes she just straight stops responding. I usually drop them after that since I am looking for a high interest level. Usually the ones I have the best luck with message me 1st but lately only the fuglies initiate anything online. I’m way too picky for online dating. I don’t have time for games! I want to know I’m attracted BEFORE I waste my time on some dumb broad

  • avgrim77 4 years ago

    In the U.S we have what is called coffee meets instead of going straight on a date with someone you’re not sure about cause you never met!

  • UniverseOffspring 4 years ago

    Really? I get a different impression. It’s usually the cows that act conceited, and play games in my case. Some of these cute girls are extremely cool and sweet.

  • UniverseOffspring 4 years ago

    I usually get their guard down, and then the conversation starts. At first it just about how they aren’t conceited, but after that, you can expand into other subjects. I made a second account without pictures, and was able to start with a conversation with chicks who ignored me on my first account. They are very human just like us after all. A couple of chicks have said “Yes I am!!”. Fuck them though. lol

  • UniverseOffspring 4 years ago

    Dude, just say to them ” You seem like you’re very conceited.”, or ” You shouldn’t be so conceited.”. Try to make them feel guilty, and that will make them let their guard down. lol It’s been getting me a lot of responses here lately. lol Don’t get me wrong, I get pussy, but that will help me get more.

  • ScorpioBornIn69 4 years ago

    (continue from below) Then I wrote a blog right after that; “I just added a written blog to my profile though it’s currently being reviewed but don’t think it’ll be denied. It’s about me seriously wanting to meet in person to date and not play games.” Been five days, no reply. Think I’m really missing out something or it what seems to me is that these women only want to play games to avoid actually dating men. Also I noticing frequent flake more than ever.

  • ScorpioBornIn69 4 years ago

    “I like having fun all together. Appears to do need to add some more to my profile though I just added lots about a week ago. I like playing sports, sometimes hang out though not as much as I did years ago. I go to clubs, bars at times go to the Hard Rock to play slots and to the Hard Rock Café to eat. I’m a beach goer and with the summer season now just starting, I’m ready to hit to sand and water. I like other outdoor activities, hiking and more. How about you, like to hear what you enjoy.”

  • ScorpioBornIn69 4 years ago

    Girl #2. Here’s another. First saw her then sent her a wink and then an Ice Breaker; “Hey babe. I’m up for knowing u better…do you want to chat?” She a day later responses back; “Do you like playing sports? Hanging out? Clubs? Bars? Tell me more.. Your profile is a bit empty (Nice photo tho)” Don’t why she said that when I did already add lots to my profile and then added a blog right after I made this response; (continue on next post above)

  • ScorpioBornIn69 4 years ago

    It’s been four days and she didn’t send any feed back. I then just sent her email asking; “Still interested in chatting?” Think there is something that might have disencouraged her or something she saw in my profile that made her changed her mind? When I went online it’s does show that if they’re online or not and when I sent that last email to her, she was online when I was checking her page.

  • ScorpioBornIn69 4 years ago

    and said they were interested. Here is one I saw and sent her an Ice Breaker; “Let’s not waste time any more time and get to know each other now!” Just a day later, she responded back; “Hello. Nice to meet you. Please, tell me more about you.. I want to know everything!!” Then I replied back; “I’m an active guy seeking that wild and fun girl who loves to have fun with. I enjoy going out to be alive, that is have fun, a beach goer, going to clubs, the Hard Rock, outdoors and much more.” (Contin)

  • ScorpioBornIn69 4 years ago

    It seems like today women you meet online seem to act like they want to meet you by saying they want to hook up with you in person, but never happens. They either only want to play games to avoid meeting you or ending up flaking you out. I have joined several dating sites of all kinds from eHarmony to FindMeLove and only met one total and that was from eHarmony. Couple of sites are where you want actually love, FindMeLove, been a member for a month, had several who had said they viewed (contin)

  • TheBrittanyMathews 4 years ago

    seriously i have got my boyfriend back after getting the dating advice 🙂

    friends please go to this link=> bit(dot)ly/10I9Ftg

  • Bruce Zhou 4 years ago

    Just thought of something funny… I guess maybe it’s not possible now that Stephan is going steady. But Stephanerdman vs JloveTalk! >:D

  • Bruce Zhou 4 years ago

    I had a date from findsomeone BEFORE I listened to pimp your lingo, and darn, made all the mistakes that you’ve mentioned. Not to mention that I feel guilty I was not very truthful with my online profile.  This girl was a very proper Buddhist girl, but I finally realised that night even tough I am devoted Buddhist, I still prefer my girl to be abit “badder”. Should have waited the date until I’ve read ya tapes, then maybe she would have had a better time.

  • From Inbox To Romance: Online Dating Tips Made Easy 4 years ago

    Great tips Stephan. Intimacy, or “comfort” is important, and too many guys try to speed through this. The result is a lack of rapport and lack of comfort, which is hard to fake later on.

  • Stonefallow 4 years ago

    Well I tried to find out what she was interested in at first, and she was pretty responsive and so I got her number. I did call right away but she didn’t pick up, and she texted me a little later and we planned a date for 2 days later. Then the next day I called her up and she picked up so I said why not just go today, and that’s how it started.

  • stephanerdman 4 years ago

    mmmhh interesting. ok so she’s probably not a girl you need to lose sleep over…but out of interest: what exactly did you do before you met her in person? it would surprise me if you followed the steps I have described in this video. 😉

  • Stonefallow 4 years ago

    Just had a date from POF last night, and wow what a disaster. She didn’t even show up to the date, then called two hours later apologizing and saying she broke her phone. So I gave her another chance and she actually showed up this time and we walked to a restaurant. Right as we sit down she gets a call from her “mom” and says she’ll be right back…I never heard from her again.

  • knight rider 4 years ago

    Your channel is the best :D thanks for the tips .

  • Zuuupl01 4 years ago

    Hey Stephan. I dont know why but every time i got it going with a girl, they suddently stop responding on my messages online and on the phone. I dont know what i’m doing wrong. I’m talking with them, having fun, share interrest and then the next day BOOM!!!…no more communication. Can you tell me if i’m doing some thing wrong?
    Love your videos btw 🙂

  • Rasmus-Anders Kirber 4 years ago

    Useful information 🙂 I have always felt that is weird when we change the media we use and then start introducing ourselves from scratch. Now thanks to you I know that I don`t have to do that, I can just continue from where we were! Now I at least see that it might not be weird to do so. So thanks man 🙂 (Y)

  • Ashley Brandon 4 years ago

    i’m willing to give it a try man. very kind, thanks.

  • I was on POF for about 3 weeks and had been contacted by 50 women, varying in quality.
    I had 2 pictures that was just taken in the mirror but wrote a great profile.
    If you want me to send you the text in my profile, you more than welcome to have it.
    I found though. I had more contact while been logged on to POF rather than offline.

  • Ashley Brandon 4 years ago

    hey thanks for the reply! i hear that you don’t get many replies on pof if don’t write much on your profile, and i haven’t written much on mine, so possibly that. i think i could write something intriguing but it feels a bit fake and i can’t bring myself to do it for that reason. same goes with dating more generally. can’t bring myself to display the features women are supposed to find attractive because they’re contrary to my personality. so i have no success. probably time for therapy rly.

  • nightfire4107 4 years ago

    Online is too much work. Tried it & ehh. If people were to out enough time into real interactions, they’d have more success. Humans are designed to interact in person, not on a screen. Think about it,. Overall, great video

  • stephanerdman 4 years ago

    then you’re either on the wrong site, or you’re sending messages that don’t intrigue or interest women, your pictures suck, or what you wrote into your profile sucks.Difficult to tell from over here. What’s the most likely in your view?

  • Anna Banan 4 years ago

    I love watching your videos, I think you give great advice that a lot of people can benefit from! good stuff! keep it up 😉

  • TheyCallMeRamen 4 years ago

    Also, another funny thing. Older women seem to give you an easier time compared to people around your age group online.

  • TheyCallMeRamen 4 years ago

    I’ve been waiting a long time for a video like this. And yea, I agree with otaman. Online dating in general just takes way too long and you can’t really take baby steps with someone because online dating is like aiming blindlessly in the dark. In my opinion, it’s not worth spending so much time with online dating when you can easily get a hit or miss within 5 minutes speaking with a girl in real life. Plus, a lot of the people on dating sites are not really serious from what I’ve seen.

  • SirCuckooPepprmuddle 4 years ago

    Hey Stephan,

    I just came up with this one question, and I certainly hope that you can share the imformation with me, maybe in a new video:

    How can I gradually get better with conversation skills day-by-day, intuitively?

  • Ashley Brandon 4 years ago

    what if no one replies to your messages?

  • candypenus 4 years ago

    How tall are you, Stephan?

  • Michael Moore 4 years ago

    nice new youtube layout

  • Jon White 4 years ago

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  • Drag4401 4 years ago

    care to xplain ?

  • Drag4401 4 years ago

    Stephan have you heard VanHalen “Me Wise Magic” ?
    Could be your callsign

  • GamesFinalNight 4 years ago

    Dude , your channel changed my life …. THANK YOU