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How to Meet Women – 4 ‘Bitesized' ideas that will help you meet more women and give you some insight into what to do to step up your dates.


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  • Dating & Life Success - Michael Valmont 3 years ago

    New Video is Up! In this video I talk about 4 Simple Tips to help you build
    a better foundation when learning how to meet women. Four components of a
    bigger whole. Learn the lessons and don’t forget to thumbs up and post a
    comment with your ideas/thoughts.

    Working on some cool concepts and videos for you to be released before the
    end of the year – got a Christmas treat in store for you. Watch out for


    #howtomeetwomen #concepts #datingadviceformen

  • YouWillNeverKnowMan 3 years ago

    Hi Michael!
    I like shy, quiet girls about my age (I’m 28). When I engage them (day game
    99% of the time) they seem to respond well, appearing into the conversation
    and into me as well, but it is very hard to take it to the next level
    (getting a number, contact, an instant date or planning an actual future
    date) because they always seem kind of “afraid”. Afraid isn’t actually a
    good word. It’s more like an “I’m embarrassed/Oh no/What is
    happening?/These things usually don’t happen to me/What’s going
    on?/Blushing/Let’s turn this down”. You get the feel. It’s not like I’m
    frustrated, more curious of what can I do differently to be honest. Any
    specific piece of advice for “the shy ones”? Thanks, love your channel!

  • OmaygaDesigns 3 years ago

    Tips on going for the first kiss?

  • zatara wood 3 years ago


  • Bama06 3 years ago

    How long do you wait these day before having sex with a new girl friend.

  • YouDontOwnAtShit 3 years ago

    The first thing you said it’s completely truth about that every girl that
    is single wants get “get swept off her feet”, I don’t know how many times
    I’ve been next to this beautifull girl and I’m scared to talk to her
    because I thinking “oh, she proably doesn’t want to talk to me, she seems
    sad/mad/angry or whatever” But right after I say the first word, a smile
    comes to her face and starts talking to me like if she was wating me to say
    hello or anything. I used to think “if girls want to talk to guys, why they
    wait for us to start the conversation?” Maybe that it’s just how society
    works or possibly they want to meet someone that is confident enough to
    start a conversation, who knows. Anyways, I’ve to admit that being aware of
    that has been of great help.

  • Dean A. 3 years ago

    6:30 the thing I use a lot is when you first meet her to hug er and then
    hold your hand on her back while for example; explaining how you met the
    person who introduced you and the girl. Works best when it’s a funnny story
    about how different she was ‘back then’

  • darwin hean 3 years ago

    what about if she pretty good looking and your not does the tip still work
    on the girl you like?

  • Hitesh Dewani 3 years ago

    If you could show exactly how can we touch a girl, and on what situations
    showing live examples. That would be a great help. 

  • imSevZ 3 years ago

    Hi Michael ,
    I’ve been single for a long time. What am i doing wrong? I have been
    mentioned as attractive and desired among offices and friends but i’ve
    always have very little dating targets or friends in the opposite gender
    that are interested in dating and such? What am i doing wrong?

  • Boxing Barry 3 years ago

    Michael, did you record this video in a court room? :-)

  • Vesty 3 years ago

    Good stuff Michael! Im stuck with major confidence issues at the moment.
    Just out of a relay, so struggling!! 

  • ThatColombianGuy10 3 years ago

    Great advice. Any advice on building humor skills? Or is that natural?

  • Hitesh Dewani 3 years ago

    Good stuff, a good revision to what I’m trying to do already. Only part
    which is kinda hard is touching. 

  • good stuff! 

  • Michael Valmont 3 years ago