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  • Lolipoptwi -duhh- 3 years ago

    This is probably your teacher’s evening job, be careful…

  • Kate P. 3 years ago

    I want a cupcake !!!

  • Regina Reese 3 years ago

    I tried it with. MY. Boyfriend

  • MidnightSunshine1221 3 years ago

    “Like mouth kissing the cocker spaniel…” Hahaha! This is golden!

  • Steve D 3 years ago

    but what motions are we doing with our tongue like we can hardly be going
    lalalalalal for the few minutes your tongue will get tired and how do you
    build up the confidence to kiss someone

  • SubToMyTube 3 years ago

    i did this with my girlfriend and she didn’t like it -,-

  • Missy Love 3 years ago

    that cupcake looks like a perfect match for me o_o too bad it will die

  • Edelmen Anduyan 3 years ago

    i want the cupppcakeee

  • Chase Le grange 3 years ago

    if u were one of my teachers i would be sooooo happy

  • Lucy El 3 years ago

    she makes this awesome to watch! likable and funny! 

  • Kayla Bolton 3 years ago

    what do the girls do with their hands??

  • Jarrean Sargent 3 years ago

    Can I be the cupcake

  • kevin slater 3 years ago


  • Phoenix Pritchard 3 years ago

    I am still a really bad kisser please help me my girlfriend is gunna dump
    me just cuz of it but I have try everything to be a good kisser but nothing
    works please help me

  • novicalriptide 3 years ago

    She wanted an excuse to eat fattening food lol

  • love4fashion1000 3 years ago

    Buying myself a box of cupcakes

  • H2OTuga 3 years ago

    omg u kinda need to say how many boyfriends did u had ? lool better than
    “last five” , “better than the last boyfriend” .. giz girl , u kinda sound
    a biatch ! thats why u had so many boyfriends, just keep rolling ..

  • Ruben Soto 3 years ago

    Give a man self confidence. Just kiss him, stupid!

  • Elora Shennan 3 years ago

    Kiss your hand 10x, then say your crushes name 15x. Repost this on a
    different video and your crush will ask you out tomorrow.

  • Sean Ridley 3 years ago

    I practice with Teddy’s lol

  • Dani Makayrezin 3 years ago

    the cupcake..

  • connor oneil 3 years ago

    thats one lucky cupcake

  • masud alimran 3 years ago

    dont know about others but it helped me getting closer to my GF

  • david gutman 3 years ago

    its so hard
    im mean my … not the advice :)

  • Roman Ghimpu 3 years ago

    you are cute and look good but this dress make you look a little fat
    sorry about this ;)

  • Lu F. Holland 3 years ago

    Free Live Sex Cam Show, Exclusive Unlimited Access:

  • Dejah Clabon 3 years ago

    I wanna a cupcake now. 

  • DaleRooney10 3 years ago

    five boyfriends later and you’re making out with a cup cake, your standards
    are dropping more dramatically than the snow in the North Pole

  • Kilee Sass 3 years ago

    Why is it always cupcakes

  • Chuck Norris 3 years ago

    You got cream all over your face, love.

  • MrFirstdance2000 3 years ago

    Have you considered Latvia or Belgian kissing Shallon?

  • Sharona Sheree 3 years ago

    Shallon, your videos are so informative, I’m going to try all your tips.

  • frozen six 3 years ago

    press 7 and 8 loooooool

  • Spiderman 3 years ago

    omg this sooo funny lololol

  • Phillip Michaels 3 years ago

    Normal people don’t talk to cupcakes

  • Charlie uchiha 3 years ago

    So what ur saying fir us guys is to stay still and do nothing like the
    cupcake right just let the laddies do all the work thanks that’s good

  • Dillian Scott 3 years ago

    That’s one lucky Cupcake

  • powerclaps8 3 years ago

    I can’t believe my boyfriend is kissing this girl. He was missing from his
    rightful place in his plastic carton this morning only for me to find him
    here… Ho ho’s these days.

  • Thomas Broderick 3 years ago

    lol wtf just learn by experience is the best way guys and if its your first
    time and your insecure that you’ll fuck up.. just remember the other person
    probably also had a first time and will feel you.

  • ryongee leong 3 years ago

    making out with a cupcake , so wrong

  • Aleron James 3 years ago

    i am terrible at french time i was told to slow down lol.

  • blaby4ever 3 years ago

    thats a funny looken Starbucks 

  • Carmen Cervigni 3 years ago

    I bet like all of the guys watching this r mastribating while watching her
    lick the cupcake, yeah that’s right, I just called all of u out mother

  • Mia A 3 years ago

    hehe I love this woman

  • AGreenDinosaur16 3 years ago

    Or you can put some peanut butter in your mouth and practice with your dog,
    one less lonely girl! ;)

  • Danny Koolaid 3 years ago

    That was sexy!