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  • Eleanor Phillips 4 years ago

    ohh child” ­čÖé i went from the periodic table to´╗┐ this how????

  • DarknightVader 4 years ago

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  • I Just Hate It Productions 4 years ago

    How to Kiss Him in´╗┐ a Way He’ll Never Forget:
    Kiss Him,Stick you’re tongue inside his mouth.. don’t let go..
    Know that he is not going to forget..

  • lastpaige4 4 years ago

    welcome to the club -_- ´╗┐

  • IamTheLastDonut 4 years ago

    just look up how´╗┐ to french kiss howcast in the youtube search bar.

  • SamsulAlom25 4 years ago

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  • Rose Rayes 4 years ago

    help please i have never french kissed before, and i am´╗┐ going on a date in 2wks i have never idea french kiss

  • Magdalini Zafiropoulou 4 years ago

    What is MILF? (y)´╗┐

  • FatHarrold 4 years ago

    Oedipus complex?´╗┐

  • nigelohara41 4 years ago

    @MaulqasmPK- Thats´╗┐ pretty fuckin sick

  • dOOm ballz 4 years ago

    u mean´╗┐ MILF ?

  • pulcra100 4 years ago

    “who shall not´╗┐ be anmed” – Voldi…

  • Thesilverwolfsong 4 years ago

    honestly, i just had to kno y there was a girl eating a cupcake in´╗┐ the thumbnail

  • MaulqasmPK 4 years ago

    If she was my mom id fuck´╗┐ her

  • Ole Christian Henne 4 years ago

    becuse you want him to?´╗┐

  • LoveFTorres 4 years ago

    um… more like..´╗┐ awkward

  • iSeexHD 4 years ago

    this channel having´╗┐ 17 255 videos O.o

  • ermagherd gaglizzi 4 years ago

    It looks´╗┐ like the smosh logo!

  • pujan Rai 4 years ago

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  • Jake Peterson 4 years ago

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  • Rub├ęn Blanco 4 years ago

    I´╗┐ haven’t seen how to do it.:-[

  • Luna Eclipsed 4 years ago

    omg shed be awesome as a mom shed´╗┐ have awesome tips and may even let me buy a real ‘toy’ to go at ­čÖü

  • YaBoy Q 4 years ago

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  • christinamezzour 4 years ago

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  • Zavier Marston 4 years ago

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  • Madison Thomas 4 years ago

    Omg you have no idea how´╗┐ long i have been laughing after reading this