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We wrote a book called How To Get Out of The Friend Zone! Check it out: See our newest LOL vid: Too Shy to Hang Out! How …



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  • Manu Jr 4 years ago

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  • nabil samad 4 years ago

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  • Rtalks 4 years ago

    I like this boy, but im not sure if he likes me. In gym we have to slowdance, and i don’t know if i should pick him to slow dance with. Please replysoon. XOXO :S

  • Swaga McYolo 4 years ago

    I’d like to learn to get laid. My buddy has begun going out with a ten basically because 2 months back he joined a site called Master Attraction (Google it if you want to learn more.) I’m so envious since I want to just fall in love as well. Why is it so hard? I’m going to take a peek at this Jake Ayres guy’s information. Funny point is, he once had NO joy with girls. How does one improve that swiftly? His girl’s like a model…

  • Romeo R 4 years ago

    Everything you need to know to seduce a woman


    You ignore it is one of holding our drinks in order to let the best you feel that you could act so that hard time attracting a little.

  • Juliette Sicotte 4 years ago

    I say shait

  • Juliette Sicotte 4 years ago

    Yes it is the first time I hear the word SHIT

  • Lila Hartung 4 years ago

    Ashley Boo!!! :(

  • misson silwal 4 years ago

    I looked at most of the feedback on here however I realize that’s a brilliant clip. My older brother wants to become effective with gals. He learned a shit load from Master Attraction. (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The support concerned with seducing women in night clubs in those emails through that site gave got him his very first sex in a couple of long yrs. I have been annoyed though coz I heard them all.

  • Martin Ecclestone 4 years ago

    I am someone you’d call quite “nerdy”, as a result dating always was a big challenge for me. I usually mess up when I am around women I like. My best friend has always had it super easy and seems to have a 100% success rate with girls. Then I found out how he does it and I created a video. Visit my channel and find the link I have posted.

  • Tactical Uncle 4 years ago

    Stress out and pray to die….

  • Zoe Stumbaugh 4 years ago

    I met this guy & he has like the perfect smile & eyes & when we talk it’s just so easy. He doesn’t compliment me all the time which I hate when guys only compliment but he does compliment sometimes. We have like the same personality which is great(: he asked me what my idea of a perfect date is & I said that I wanted him to come in his pjs & well cuddle on the couch watching Netflix & he said once we meet well do that.. & I’m freaking out cuz I think he could be the one ^.^

  • valdiviaivanna 4 years ago

    Aww cute! You’re soo lucky
    😉 🙂

  • emma jahnke 4 years ago

    At my first date i were a nice top and jeans. We went to a haunted house and held hands, hug and were about to kiss than a guy with a chain saw ran out. i freaked out out and ran to my sisters car so he just held my hand for the car trip. we are still dating and he is my first boyfriend.

  • gabby soika 4 years ago

    you guys are irritating…

  • Lizzy Gander 4 years ago

    kiss your hands 3 times say your crushes name 15 times and post this on 2 other videos and you’re crush will ask you out tomorrow

  • Charity Fritts 4 years ago

    She could have conservative values? Because of my values, I dress more conservatively for boys.

    Or she thought it was cute looking. Or she was scared of looking like a slut. Or she didn’t have anything else clean. Or her parents freaked out before she left the house. Or she has a big zit she wants to cover it up. Or she was feeling especially cold that day. Or (like me sometimes) she saw a scary movie involving knives and had to protect her body with a turtlekneck. (no joke, I do that)

  • Ashley Boo 4 years ago

    Wtf is wrong with these bitches? So fucking fake

  • Zoe Gilmore 4 years ago

    For my first date it was unexpected we had made plans but he couldn’t got then the next weekend he Txt saying he can and I had my friend with me and I was tripping on what to wear

  • rambabu ray 4 years ago

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  • Sanjeev Rana 4 years ago

    These videos are wonderful. I’m here since my mate unexpectedly became extraordinary with chicks. He began attracting chicks over night. I was astounded. He pretended he failed to notice. He finally came clean on Friday. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to know about it… He’s seeing a stunner… Where are the best videos on Youtube?

  • Kayli Roberson 4 years ago

    On my first date my mom made me go with a chaperone and i knew it was going to be extremely awkward so i made my best friend go. We went to the movies. He sat next to me, and then there was my best friend on te other side of me, and then my mom was on the other side of her. It was surprisingly not awkward at all and we had a lot of fun 😀

  • opalmarie53 4 years ago

    Hey winggies i need help! I’m going on my forth date and he wants to kiss how can i tell he’s making “the move” please help!

  • ana greer 4 years ago

    1. do not fake smiling or laughing
    2. be yourself so you know if he will accept you or no for you
    3. dress pretty, but simple, dont overdo it
    dress presentable and respectable, dont let your junk hang out
    dont make it awkward talk about things he likes
    5.dont talk about your exes unless he brings it up first NOT talk about how sexually active you are
    7.compliment him, but not too much

  • chrissysum69 4 years ago

    You talk gay

  • Period furu 4 years ago

    If they would serious an not laugh so much the videos would be better