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  • 0RustyShackleford 3 years ago

    Your fucking name is shallot. Advice = ignored

  • TheBryanScout 3 years ago

    Have we really reached that point in our culture and society’s history
    where Teen sex is a regular part of life. COME ON PEOPLE. Are you freaking
    serious? But don’t get me wrong, condoms are good and necessary.

  • starduske 3 years ago

    @kayleedance613 at least she’s preparing herself.

  • MyCarGoZoomZoom 3 years ago

    But i always walk barefoot…

  • nkaujzooxyooj79 3 years ago

    Kiss your hand 10 times and say your crushes name 15 and your crush will
    ask you out tomorrow and post this 2 times on another video 🙂

  • xLScorpion 3 years ago

    It’s healthier to walk without shows!

  • Ricochet on ya 3 years ago

    Kiss your hands 10 times Say your crushes name 15 times Post this commet on
    two other videos And your crush will ask you out tommarow

  • Laklu10536 3 years ago

    un subbed for spamming my feed every day

  • You’re comfortable with Condoms? Heh. No need to tell us, you look like
    it’ll be like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

  • nolan461 3 years ago

    if she doesn’t want to use a condom then that’s fine because I’m not
    keeping the baby so it’s her choice.

  • Wendy Newman 3 years ago

    @okj2luvscanarys lol yeah same here

  • nicoloid 3 years ago

    im not in high school and i already am embarrased cuz of all these condoms
    on the floor o.o

  • iamdanielle136 3 years ago

    condom = the super strong baby barrier of life

  • Dievas Neegzistuoja 3 years ago

    Well , there’s always aaanaaal

  • Brandon Acosta 3 years ago

    Lust is bad.

  • SORIN HIRTESCU 3 years ago

    Superb video clip. I had been so confounded watching my best mate change
    from being lame to a ladies man. He started getting chicks overnight. I
    found myself shocked. He pretended he didn’t realize. Then he told me while
    he was drunk on Tequila. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master
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  • Kaylee Mc 3 years ago

    I caught my 12 year old sister watching this video…wtf?

  • Fernanda 3 years ago

    are you kidding me 😐 i’ve walked barefoot so much since i was little

  • Kaylee Nixx 3 years ago

    Oh my god people! Shes not saying high school kids should be having sex!
    But lets face it in today’s worlds kids are having sex and getting pregnant
    at young ages because *gasp* their not using condoms, who knew right?
    Anyway shes just saying that if your going to have sex at least be safe so
    you don’t get pregnant and don’t get any STDs. .

  • ninjaninja246 3 years ago

    I’m always barefoot!

  • Hawthorne 3 years ago

    “Did I have something on my face? I didn’t really notice i’m such a whore”.

  • Matt Klein 3 years ago

    She’s so comfortable with condoms cuz she probably gets them in her 2 times
    a day

  • DJFingerboarder 3 years ago

    I bet The 2 People Who Disliked Wore A Condom Before

  • SpankerMyToaster 3 years ago

    If its awkward to talk about it with your partner, that means you aren’t

  • okj2luvscanarys 3 years ago

    Can I trade in my sex-ed teacher for her? Honestly, she seems MUCH nicer
    and easier to talk to

  • nico skye 3 years ago

    i LOLed so much when it started and she had a condom package on her face XD

  • fictitioushipster 3 years ago

    If you’re embarrassed to go out and but a condom, just remember, you’re the
    one having sex.

  • MGKfan97 3 years ago

    Kiss your hand 10 times Say your crushes name 15 times Post this on 2 other
    vids Your crush will ask you out tommarow

  • louise mulbjerg 3 years ago

    “awwwwwkwaaard” ((:

  • julie canfield 3 years ago

    The funny/sad thing is this is on a HIGH SCHOOL dating advice video. It’s
    like nowa days you can just have a boyfriend with hooking up it’s disgusting

  • meagan121199 3 years ago

    i agree with jashisafan all the way when i was like 12 my mom told me all
    about sex and she said not to do it untill i get married to the right guy
    and not to do it un pretected if im not planong on haveing kids

  • SoStaMusic 3 years ago

    this video makes me feel awkward

  • jasminepaigewilliams 3 years ago

    Follow me on twitter: @Thisisjasminew

  • Starioshka 3 years ago

    me gusta

  • Double "S" Filmography 3 years ago

    I hope your English teacher told you to not capitalize every word in a

  • Kaylee Mc 3 years ago

    @starduske lmfaoo. trust me…she’s not embarssed.

  • GigantusTesticuelus 3 years ago

    If You Look Very Very Close You’ll Notice She Has A Condom On Her Forehead

  • Julia Ratcliffe 3 years ago

    Your really cool even thoug im too young to hav sex you give really good
    tips 🙂

  • Gablaroche97 3 years ago

    Of course she’s comfortable condoms

  • shibunny2017 3 years ago

    y r people embarrassed bout condoms… condoms= yay im gonna have sex

  • cruziero15 3 years ago

    condoms don’t have an age restriction, you can buy them at any age. If
    you’re embarrassed about buying them just go to a place that has a self
    service checkout.

  • LesGoKujo 3 years ago

    no shoes, no service. right?

  • frankpisme 3 years ago

    Any girls what to talk If you get what I mean Email: