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  • Tank Nealy 4 years ago

    It’s sheer size

  • marie adrian 4 years ago

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  • aep mulyana 4 years ago

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  • Nilsx Balazo 4 years ago

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  • Eustolia Super 4 years ago

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  • hanumichanuma 4 years ago

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  • Shelly Ong 4 years ago

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  • jeffnval1 4 years ago

    my 2cents. My now husband asked me out when I was 50lb overweight. He was & still is very fit and trim. We dated 2.5yr B4 getting married (I was a virgin b/c we waited) After 5 yrs 1 kid and 40+lbs. 4more yrs another kid 40+lbs and 4 more yrs and yes more weight. I am NOW a healthy weight but he could not have known that when he married me. He NEVER complained! I asked him why he married me…He said,”I wanted you to be the mother to my children and I LOVE U for U!” R 20YR next week!

  • TheWebCreative 4 years ago

    I am a guy, and everything that you said is true. Guys don’t like overweighted girls, except if they are overweight themselves, because they are realistic.They know they can’t get better , because if they could, they would.

  • Lacey Lee 4 years ago

    lol i know of a couple that have been i love for years and never been on a first date yet so um wus with that i wonder? hum?

  • FatPigCypris 4 years ago

    I can understand it’s the mans job to seduce a woman, but a kiss on the cheek on the 2nd date? What is this junior high school?

  • Maz Martin 4 years ago

    I understand you get many likes on your comment, still your comment is a load of shit. Women would love it if that was true, but the real truth is that those men with fat girls has an incredibly low self-esteem. I agree it’s ridicoulous but it is as true as it gets. Sorry grls, this is the hard cold truth

  • Adam Peredo 4 years ago

    you donyt want high maintenance but most attractive in-shape women are stuck-up high maintenance

  • Sexygurl027 4 years ago

    I think bigger girls get more chance. No one wants skinny girl most of the time..

  • Nikki Nellaney 4 years ago

    this woman needs to be updated… 

  • caligal2010 4 years ago

    1:42 she’s like “ohhh yeahhh”

  • caligal2010 4 years ago

    Listen ladies, I knw its hard but if you ask a man who he’d want (a fatty or a someone fit/active/thin) he’d choose the second option.

  • Lexii Sapling 4 years ago

    @MeFishiee So true

  • kim thongdee 4 years ago

    so girls how are over weight dont have a chanes?
    i may be a big bone girl but i think that there is some out there for me or for any one in that mater

  • FilledBox 4 years ago

    actually this video contains a lot of truth, at least after you have grown out of college times

  • jammin80503 4 years ago

    As a male I’d like to say that the part about sex is bullshit.
    The average rule is 3rd date, and in today’s day and age women can definitely initiate.
    Also, she’s mostly right about what we do and don’t like. There are plenty of men who will look past extra weight for a good mind, and a lot of men will deal with a lack of intellect if she has a nice body, so on and so forth.
    In general though, pretty accurate.

  • 1pokerknight 4 years ago

    yeah you’re right… fat and ugly dudes want overweight chicks because they are ‘realistic about their expectations’ as she said.. an attractive, successful, healthy man would virtually never date a fat chick

  • Jacob Martin 4 years ago

    ok for u girls men are the simplest animals in the world lol trust me i am one i just wanted to hear the advice on this and how complicated it is lol ill tell u something just flirt early and look at your best i mean its simple the girl im dating now 5 months she did that i was hooked and now im whipped lol happens

  • starmen500 4 years ago

    i’m not even sure i she nows how to date and what the heck is that about overweight! guys don’t care about that

  • Laura Ricci 4 years ago

    Looks down “grow on”, they get uglier the longer you stare

  • icewhipRox 4 years ago

    I think that overweight thing is totally false! I’m not that husky, but I do have a little bit of chub.. >////<... But my BF says that even if there was a way to magically lose my extra weight instantly and easily, he would still want me to be just the way I am! (He says that my "fluff" is cute, too! LOL!)

  • MxnBabyDoll 4 years ago

    That.s what i always say.. IT IS WHAT IS!

  • S Sull 4 years ago

    I have to disagree with the women not initiating sex part. A lot of guys I’ve talked to have said they love it when women make the first move. Besides, if you’re going to have sex with someone, you should be comfortable enough to be yourself. if it’s in your nature to initiate sex, don’t hold back!

  • ShadowMetaKnight7 4 years ago

    If men don’t like overweight girls, I should starve myself. I’m a girl and I don’t feel comfortable with my body weight.

  • potpolima 4 years ago

    trust me you’re daydreaming…fat girls finish last…they end up being single in their whole life…3 out of 5 fatties are single in their whole life.

  • TheLancerEU 4 years ago

    4 days isn’t circumstantial, 99% of singlemen don’t have that much to do.

  • Tsoma1 4 years ago

    don’t want stupid? LOL I don’t think even women want anyone stupid. 

  • itsKATE94 4 years ago

    haha. lol this women doesnt know anything about relationships. she blatantly single.