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Compliments Video: Hot or Not Android:…



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  • wartortle577 3 years ago

    I got turned down cold by a classmate I never talked to prior of asking for
    her number
    I sit in class day by day in embarressment and keep my distance away from
    How do I live on? It’s awkward seeing her everyday.

  • Julius CaesarII 3 years ago

    Last time i tried to flirt with a girl i called her fat and bow legged. Now
    we’re distant friends.

  • Kay Naaz 3 years ago

    This might work in US, but here in Europe you get a slap in the face and
    knee to your balls. 

  • bonzihunter 3 years ago

    wait to catch their glance? What a dumb idea. Most girls at the bar or club
    are not going to give you eye contact. Newsflash: continually glancing over
    at them is also creepy.

  • LaughingIsMyPassion4 3 years ago

    Okay question, one a guy glances at a girl, and the girl likes him back
    what is she supposed to do?

  • David Baba 3 years ago


  • rsbooty 3 years ago

    I’m gonna guess he’s from England before I watch.

  • NamIsIll 3 years ago

    for an unshaven hobbit looking guy with 2 earrings he sure is confident as

  • Magic Medo 3 years ago

    thank you captain charisma!
    let the children learn by them selves
    you are encouraging the wolves to go after the lambs
    pathetic and also
    you’re gay sir
    do something about it

  • George Giannik 3 years ago

    How can I take a fucken advice from a TOTALLY gay guy..??Plz…….

  • pmessinger . 3 years ago

    Does this apply if you don’t wear earrings? What if you’re a pirate, but
    you haven’t gotten your earrings yet?

  • shikher thakur 3 years ago

    how to start a new chat with a unknown girl?

  • beanershot2007 3 years ago

    i came here to troll! if you need to watch a video about flirting without
    being creepy then you’re creepy and you should stick to jerkin’ off for the
    rest of your life… also this guy looks creepy as fuck! i would not take
    advice from this creep

  • Max Licona 3 years ago

    Magic medo WTF if he’s gay let him give his advice also if you don’t like
    his videos don’t watch them

  • ngs5150 3 years ago

    Does being cute and creepy work?

  • Chris Middleton 3 years ago

    “A vision of angelic beauty… or whatever…” Words to live by

  • smarteffort1 3 years ago

    mgtow ftw

  • ChaosPotatos 3 years ago

    Anyone notice that dot on his eye?

  • Jeanette Wachira 3 years ago

    Everyone is different, you cant write a manual for humans like you can for

  • spidey .s 3 years ago

    you’re hilarious 

  • Human#9999 3 years ago

    There are a few women who’s dogs I have wanted to get rid of, so this video
    helped me alot!

    No not really come on.

  • Nolan Lamkin Hern 3 years ago

    I died laughing many times in this video. Alpha you a HILARIOUS!

  • Vermundr44 3 years ago

    You are fuckin hilarious 

  • phonecheckk1 3 years ago

    “And you think they’re HOT! or what ever…”

  • Diego Mexikaner 3 years ago

    after the compliment, what should I talk about?

  • Homer Chu 3 years ago


    Their kick boxing boyfriend turns around.

  • Sarah Miller 3 years ago

    wtf is is your eye?….

  • Cholo Lopez 3 years ago

    Horrible bosses < the short guy who does cocaine he looks like him and sounds like him lmao like if you agree

  • Raaman Nair 3 years ago

    Girls sunk my battleship many times, but one of these days, I will her
    admirable admiral… 

  • antolikaz 3 years ago

    Damn that hairline

  • Ben Dover 3 years ago

    Is he like 50 y/o? Good video

  • Mark Portman 3 years ago

    Lots of respect for your step #1, sir. That’s a step that many
    advice-givers in similar shoes as yourself willfully ignore…

  • Cutirimicuador 3 years ago

    What happened to your eye that looks soooo Sexy . . .

  • Aizuddin Hashim 3 years ago

    I’m so sorry I thought you were not straight the last time I watched your
    vid. I regret.

  • Jaymar Domondon 3 years ago

    I like your confidence dude. hahaha! 😀 ROFL

  • Gabriel Quietfire 3 years ago

    Your gangster limp had me dying! I felt like you broke into the Charleston
    or something.

  • omnigon4 3 years ago

    bwin sound

  • Rebassed 3 years ago

    Guys, close this video, and even unsubscribe from this Youtube channel…
    if you wanna be all superficial like this guy and be very very unconfident
    go ahead and keep watching these guys video’s. and become ”alpha”

    If you really wanna make it, i suggest watching real social dynamic and
    especially RSD tyler.

    Thank me later.

  • Elisa Peacock 3 years ago

    lol i love this guy 

  • Dominik Schimanski 3 years ago