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Tired of being single? Follow my online programme The Man Myth… ### Matthew Hussey shares flirting tips for women that show you how t…



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  • Emma Thule 4 years ago

    damn he’s hot!

  • helenasgedom85 4 years ago

    that’s sweet of you Matt;)

  • Julia_Kendall 4 years ago

    Wow!!! You’re a genious, Matt!! =)

  • Dana Nicole 4 years ago

    Oh good lord! When he slowed down the way he was talking … You deff got that good!

  • sam42236 4 years ago

    you r so cute i wanna flirt wid u

  • zychan13 4 years ago

    thanks! as soon as i get a life i’ll have to try these out… so alone…

  • Vishnupriya Koliyot 4 years ago

    Blah blah blah he’s so hot!  -drooool-

  • Donna Love 4 years ago

    What if u looking at the guy and he looks back at u then looks away :O

  • mrifuckinhateyou 4 years ago

    if you were poop, you wouldn’t smell.

  • Amanda S 4 years ago

    if you were a potato,you’d be a hot potato,and i’d eat you .-.

  • JillandJennySeries 4 years ago

    To watch these tips in action check out Jill and Jenny Episode 2. You’ll definitely have a laugh and find out if it works.

  • mariejan2000 4 years ago

    I don’t even have the courage to do the eye contact thg. Good for u!

  • sabari girinathan 4 years ago

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  • Sentariana 4 years ago

    I’m a huggy person but not touchy, and because of stuff I get intimidated/nervous/scared when touching or hugging guys, only if I trust them a lot and I initiate it. Also, I struggle with eye contact with just my girl friends so I’m hopeless with boys.

  • Jessica Brown 4 years ago

    I saw many unattractive girls have fantastic bf, and many beautiful girls end up alone for the rest of her life, so I believe that appearance is not the only factor. You just have to understand the secret to man’s heart. I learned this from a method called “perfect man controller”. It was awesome. I was always looking for it. Average looking girl should also get the love of her life, it supposed to be like that, you just need to know the secret.

  • BookWorm25252252 4 years ago

    If you have a problem with eye contact just look at the spot right between their eyes. It makes it look like you looking into his/ her eyes but you don’t feel as awkward.

  • River Brigham 4 years ago

    I had a major thing for a girl who worked across the street from me for almost 2 years, but I could never seem to work up the courage to ask her on a date every time she would come into my work on her breaks. I was certain she would reject me, I’m not one of those smooth talkers or anything like that. My 2nd date with this girl is tonight. Want to learn how I succeed? You can find a link to this method on my channel.

  • tweedleflove 4 years ago

    Eye contact. An extremely difficult task for the socially awkward like me

  • kristen bruno 4 years ago

    Guys, influence your man to treat you better does not need to be difficult (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice right now. Search a relationship course called Melterize Man’s Heart (google it). Seriously, thanks to Melterize Man’s Heart, I have unlock his heart and build an unbreakable emotional connection with him

  • penguinfromflorida 4 years ago


  • PurpleUnicornLin 4 years ago

    What I think what I say while flirting: Damn dude, you look really hot and handsome. 😉
    What I actually say: If you were a tree, you’d be a nice tree.

  • Sue C 4 years ago

    Great information but we are now finding potential dates online, my question is…how do we females do what we are born to do without scaring the good men away?

  • Valeriy Jensenson 4 years ago

    There is a guide by for getting a man and truly get him to love you and want you.

  • MakeupWarriorx 4 years ago

    I’m a really flirtatious person (usually by accident) but if a guy got touchy in any way, even non-sexually, it really creeps me out >.<

  • MRsmallsteps 4 years ago

    oh my…how much cuter can this guy get?

  • create a dating site 4 years ago

    Mathew, you should start your own…

  • sav0405 4 years ago

    what if you are just not a touchy person, like honestly I don’t even touch my friends

  • schellieaj 4 years ago

    Thank you so much! I watched some videos of you and it will help me and made me kinda more confident about myself! 🙂 If i am not to stupid i will have luck with that one guy i throwed my eyes on! I really hope i will be lucky!

  • cheyenne9772 4 years ago

    no touch for me

  • Jonathan Kolbinsky 4 years ago

    How to get laid if you’re a girl.. go up to a guy and say “I want to have sex with you right now”. Lesson over

  • callynt 4 years ago

    Lol. I am the same way. I have found that when I am relaxed and not guarded, I attract men without thinking about it. It used to puzzle me, because I would say to myself…wait, I haven’t put on my vamp personality yet. Usually the guys who see the guarded and reserved women as a challenge are ones we don’t want.

  • melloveism 4 years ago

    You are brilliant. I’m pretty reserved and never make any moves, at all really. I tried your suggestions on males in my vicinity for an hour as an experiment, instant success. I actually had to run from one very persistent man.

  • Bozo Clown 4 years ago

    Fuck you gonna do stupid?

  • TyliaLobfy 4 years ago


  • hado dodo 4 years ago

    Me likeyyyyy

  • Barbara Wheatle 4 years ago


  • Lily Roshan 4 years ago

    This really helps ther is a guy at my camp who likes me


  • perfass 4 years ago

    if you have been listening to anything of what he has been saying, this is the opposite of what you would be doing lol

  • Abdullah Al hafiz 4 years ago

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  • ferguerra93 4 years ago

    You have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard! And your accent is killing me, I love it!

  • Shelly Ong 4 years ago

    Do you know that you don’t have to be pretty or sexy to attract men? Apparently, we girls did it wrong the whole time. There are things that make men cannot resist you and make him love you more than ever! And good thing is it doesn’t have anything to do with the way you look. Learned this hard way until I found this book: PERFECT MAN CONTROLLER.
    Now my bf love me more than ever! I am so happy. He just proposed 2 days ago..!!! xoxoxo that’s why I felt the need to spread this as my gratitude 🙂

  • TyliaLobfy 4 years ago

    @bozoclown your a troll