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See what you can learn on the go with the new Howcast App for iPhone and iPad: Watch more Middle School & High School Dating Advice vid…



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  • robbqbaier1 4 years ago

    Dude not coooolllll

  • Jorden Bales 4 years ago

    Dude really, that Is not what all guys like, some guys like what is their personalty not looks or WHOZA.

  • Jorden Bales 4 years ago

    Dude really, that Is not what all guys like, some guys like what is their personalty not looks or WHOZA.

  • crazydanel13 4 years ago

    Maybe I do 🙂

  • FlamingSpartan10 4 years ago

    Then watch the video on how to turn your friendship into a relationship.

  • Step one done
    get on sex offender list….
    ummm…thank you…

  • smosh3jennamarbles 4 years ago

    STEP ONE: be perfect

  • Shelly Ong 4 years ago

    Many guys are concerned of being in the friend-zone..
    Do you know? U can escape!
    When u first met a girl, she will unconsciously putting a test whether you’ll be just friend or a boyfriend material.
    This is where u have to be extra careful before u’re trapped.
    – U can be nice, but show her that u know what u want. Don’t just do whatever she asked u to, instead, make some condition “ok, i will … if u ..”
    U won’t believe how it really works! To get more tricks: COMPLETE Playboy Tricks.

  • Maggie Knox 4 years ago

    want some advice? check out my good girlfriends vs bad girlfriends video on my channel.. let me know if you like it!

  • Jesus Martinez 4 years ago

    Instructions weren’t clear, got dick stuck on fan

  • LeonJake1988 4 years ago

    first tip: Never take dating advice off a woman

    what they say they want & what they actually want are two VERY different things

  • jeriengl 4 years ago

    I ant little ass hole get you fucking mine straight dick bag

  • jeriengl 4 years ago

    Fucking bitch shut the hell up bubblegum3558

  • jackson morris 4 years ago

    I tried being nice but know I like someone else

  • magatron mercyless 4 years ago

    Hallo wil You teach how to f* 2?

  • 12guage97 4 years ago

    Aaaaaand even with all of this we still get put in the friend zone lol.

  • crazydanel13 4 years ago

    Step one done
    Step two compliment


  • Run Fckers Run 4 years ago

    Oh please how can a teen need a how to flirt video . At this age all boys have 4-5 girlfriends lol

  • BubbleGum3558 4 years ago

    Middle School?? Aren’t you too young for this at 13??

  • TheIrishSpartacus 4 years ago

    This girl is hot and smart, best of both worlds! 🙂

  • TimXgr91 4 years ago

    the easiest thing on the planet… 

  • jeriengl 4 years ago

    Hey wut if she says she hate you as a friend I am in middle school so ya it got me piss I Sid nougthing

  • Riadh Kroos 4 years ago

    just show him your naked body

  • Robert Verzola 4 years ago

    That is right!! The pulling hair and teasing is for marriage!!

  • K1llzoneLEGEND 4 years ago

    How to flirt with a girl to get her pregnant. Is that what you are trying to say?

  • Richard Delacruz 4 years ago


  • Brandon Reeves 4 years ago

    You will need: swag and yolo’s

  • scubaseven7 4 years ago

    Just whip it out and yell “get some”.

  • Mèo Lười So Ciuu 4 years ago

    How about flirt with a boy LOL…?!?

  • ThePianistDE Klavier (orig. PianoandCarcrack94) 4 years ago

    Uploading the same videos over and over again is not the way to go Howcast.