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  • OnlygIobal 3 years ago

    Trust in the Lord JESUS CHRIST with all your heart and lean not on your own
    understanding. Trust JESUS CHRIST, make Him the Lord of your life !

  • Guillermo Dike 3 years ago

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    girlfriend, too bad she only sees me as her text-buddy, and not more…

    Lucky for me, I found great video on Google..It’s called “Erotic Flirty
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  • Anish Shrestha 3 years ago

    You will understand that painful point when your good friend (who’s been a
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  • ty99999returns 3 years ago

    step 2: stay at home and do nothing.

  • xcessive 3 years ago

    this is what humanity has come to….

  • Elfy Blooda 3 years ago

    At the very end of the video, that guy hand five’d the girl really hard.

  • Iridav 3 years ago

  • Jan Itor 3 years ago

    just tell the dumb broad you’ll do whatever you want to make her happy and
    she’ll do….whatever

  • Henry Hartleb 3 years ago

    Haha so true

  • BelieveDattebayo 3 years ago

    How to Creep…?

  • Lasana Stewart 3 years ago

    7,000 views lol

  • masteraus66 3 years ago

    11th and this is fucking sad

  • Jumpyluff 3 years ago


  • @MavsFan4Life#41 3 years ago


  • CarSimulator Ryu Ken 3 years ago

    So many young girls on FB which I find to be annoying!

  • MrMagixZebra 3 years ago

    This is fucking retarded

  • KaoFamJK 3 years ago

    Actually good tips

  • Gaurav Dudi 3 years ago

    is this some sort of … !! idk

  • create a dating site 3 years ago

    great video! check out this oppty!

  • Mohamad Ewida 3 years ago

    I just had a foursome because of this video

  • masteraus66 3 years ago

    This is common sense

  • gemma atkinson 3 years ago

    wanted to see the girl in the thumbnail 🙁

  • Pack o'Wolflets 3 years ago

    You know you’re desperate when…

  • GG123 3 years ago

    kk I’m gonna send a girl a message. I’m gonna say I am fapping off to your
    profile picture cause you are sooooooooo hot.

  • MrDcofjapan 3 years ago

    yeah…wont work and also….do you want a girl thats always on facebook
    all the time… 😛

  • INFJasper Kleefstra 3 years ago

    this vid is called :”How to Flirt with a Girl on Facebook” … aaaaand
    then they tell ya a bunch of stuff you should NOT do…. pls rename to: How
    to NOT Flirt with a Girl on Facebook…

  • DAAANNNIIIEEELLL100 3 years ago

    Fucken seriously… -_-

  • heartofalion42 3 years ago

    OMFG this video actually worked I’ve banged like ten chicks learning this

  • bounthan leam 3 years ago

    mmade my day

  • Tsering Penpa 3 years ago

    yeah tube clips make it basic to mac avg chicks but if you want to mac hot
    gils you must know what makes girls want you or youll get ignored have a
    look at the clip on PUA66.COM If I were a paper pusher for a living, I’d be
    pissed if my coworkers moved my desk into the wind tunnel. So to repay
    them, I’d probably relocate all the urinals to inside the wind tunnel

  • Patrick Adams 3 years ago

    I wouldnt suggest you to flirt on Facebook.. most girls dont like it, it
    just reveal that u r too shy and nervous to actually talk face 2 face with
    her. More over if u just talk to her in Fb but act completely like stranger
    in real life. No matter how desperate u r, try to face them!! If u r too
    shy or nervous, i know this method which will teach u and change ur life
    forever! Browse for Complete Playboy Tricks. It has many tips and tricks on
    how to flirt n seduce a girl. But pls, put an action!

  • Product Last 3 years ago

    anwser to this turn off facebook go out to the girl meet her personaly and
    than flirt with her

  • hahahahaha

  • MrDcofjapan 3 years ago

    your hot 😉

  • Brania Gallegos 3 years ago

    I agree! I mean guys use the word hot to talk to me! Like wtf What do you
    think i am?…. A thermometer? Like really? If they call me im gonna
    obviously not gonna be interested in them! Jst my opinion

  • Cainyoyo619 3 years ago

    1. Arrive 2. Raise Hell 3. Leave

  • 01doubledog 3 years ago


  • xbox daily 3 years ago


  • alaina's daily vlogs 3 years ago

    For some reason when i hear this i think of catfish

  • Tim Nike 3 years ago

    Is this really a video ,,, on youtube _- -_

  • awsomeman746 3 years ago

    Oh Jesus some ppl are sad looking up how to flirt Lmfao

  • Victor Refalo 3 years ago

    Technology is getting more messed

  • Ronnie Parker 3 years ago

    Is this video serious? Lord…

  • toprotovima 3 years ago

    why to flirt on facebook ? )

  • Sadaria Haliburton 3 years ago

    Tag urself in all of her photos lol

  • TehEliteOne 3 years ago


  • starstruck9951 3 years ago

    Now tell me a cheat code into Nyla’s heart 🙁

  • Juicy Comedy 3 years ago

    dis some good tips i made out with 5 girls useing this

  • Marlvin Robin 3 years ago

    boring,i prefer old version of howcast.