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How To Flirt With A Girl — How To Flirt With A Girl & How to Talk to a Girl . Learn how to flirt with Girls. Discov…



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  • Jewandara Madusanka 3 years ago

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  • bethmclabia11 3 years ago

    i sill share and sub

  • Hary Gutierrez 3 years ago


  • Dillion Fox 3 years ago

    @lechi23h Thanks…….good to hear you liked the flirting tips, or should
    I say tips about how to talk to girls ..i know my vid’s not particularly
    entertaining …I was a wee bit worried about that…no crazy ‘cut-outs’ or
    tunes …but knowing how to make your conversations flow when talking to
    girls seems to be something a lot of us guys worry about … we hold back
    on approaching because of this fear….so I just wanted to present things
    simply and not detract from the message

  • mcxblive2 3 years ago


  • Dillion Fox 3 years ago

    @Skyxxie Yeah,,pretty good advice and I’ve gotta say a big part of me
    agrees with of the things I do stress is to drop the ‘act’ if
    that’s what ya doing BUT,and here’s where we disagree,, I reckon alot of
    blokes do need tips. The reason why i say that is because alot of guys
    tread really carefully around girls they fancy..the go into ‘interview
    mode’…”what bands are ya into…etc”…instead be yourself,,,have
    fun and jazz her up about her taste..and thats where tips come in!!

  • Dillion Fox 3 years ago

    @hotriandn ….can’t please everyone….sorry about that…. Best of luck
    to you anyhow……..Dillion

  • sebby1sj 3 years ago


  • healthylivingbuzz 3 years ago

    hey leute das video is ja mal oberhamma!

  • DatZinkiiGuy 3 years ago

    Je viens dabonn

  • wilson teng wei seng 3 years ago

    no homo, but i love you! subbed!

  • 1992Manutdfan 3 years ago

    Need a gf badly

  • Erektioporkkana 3 years ago

    and she keeps reminding me of her ex…

  • Alden Mirasol 3 years ago

    Oh my gosh.. that video was AMAZING!

  • Dillion Fox 3 years ago

    Hi Alden Cheers..I’m glad you liked it, mate..knowing how to flirt with a
    girl is actually pretty easy if you just focus on doing the basics
    well..all you gotta do is have fun with her, tease , amp up the attraction
    and most importantly master afew simple conversation skills… After
    talking with alot of guys it seems when approaching girls we’re not so
    worried she might say “NO”..we’re actually worried she might say “YES,,,we
    fear running out of things to say and awkward silences!!

  • ssubeats1 3 years ago


  • seymour buts 3 years ago

    Hey uhh you know Charlie Sheen? Ya you wanna do some coke? No? Okay, shit.

  • MrSupremeREWINDz 3 years ago

    582 likes, 0 dislikes Damn…

  • Jacob Asghar 3 years ago

    “tasting exotic foods” i think charlie sheen would be travelling the world
    tasting exotic prostitutes and drugs.

  • Hải Nguyễn Sỹ 3 years ago

    Wow what an amazing video, that was awesome.

  • Dillion Fox 3 years ago

    @DatZinkiiGuy French…….??? spent awhile in Paris……bit rusty, but
    these 2 tips are international so put in ‘your pocket’ and pull em out when
    ya need em Take care Dillion

  • dave12291980 3 years ago

    Thankyou so MUCH!?

  • Dillion Fox 3 years ago

    @sakaiteng ….loved ya comment , man……a little bit freaky but I loved
    it !! …..and “cheers” for subbing me…….really appreciate that. Take
    care Dillion

  • Hikari Love 3 years ago

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  • FairyAngelAnime 3 years ago

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