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  • Fin S.H. 3 years ago

    This is a shitty video.
    Don’t always assume your audience is male, dumbass. 

  • Gothicchic1998 3 years ago

    “Hey nice ass” I loved that part

  • Bruce Lee 3 years ago

    I really awkwardly got this girl’s number. How do I recover?

  • Ethan Gardner 3 years ago

    I can almost guarantee that women are more attracted when they are ignored.

  • Mad Mantis 3 years ago

    I always look people in the eye and I’ve been told by girls that they find
    it intimidating because no other guys tend to do that with them… 

  • firearows10 3 years ago

    hey nice ass

  • Darkdarkness123 3 years ago

    It is not that simple, for God’s sake…

  • Daniel Boskovski 3 years ago

    How would I get a girl if I’m fat, unattractive, and awkward?

  • The Twadaler 3 years ago

    Girls at my school look at the boys ass and that determines who they like

  • Vee Lor 3 years ago

    🙁 how come when I complement the girl I like she says no and looks away?
    And I can see she get nervous or shy. We talk a lot but she can never take
    my complements serious. I’ve tried all these and I feel she just isn’t
    falling for it. :((

  • Alex shuflatJr 3 years ago

    What do girls look for in a guy

  • Jay Walker 3 years ago

    the eye contact thing worked i now have a gf :'( i wonna be single again

  • Hunter Evans 3 years ago

    Tell her to make you a goddamn sandwich.Always works

    Ps girls love it when you call them bitches and tell them to get in the

  • Punch Party 3 years ago

    here. goes. nothing. here i come ariana :)

  • Daniel Peters 3 years ago

    Funny and helpful

  • rose denwel 3 years ago

    you’re 17????????

  • Tommy TimTam 3 years ago

    Right thank you so much on this one, I followed all of your instructions
    and the girl I like talks to me a lot and we look out for each other when
    I’m 13 I’m gonna give this a shot

  • Guys, when she said “look at her” she means to kind of glance at her, not
    stare right into her eyes the whole time.. But trust me if you do the other
    steps properly any girl will fall for you, and this is coming from a 15
    year old girl(:

  • tonadoff 3 years ago

    I want to get girls but I’m fat, somewhat attractive, and akward

  • Kyle Mcwilliams 3 years ago

    Wtf no she’s not 17 I quit life

  • ASTRO GAMER 3 years ago

    friendzone tips thats wat it is

  • Amiel Franz 3 years ago

    in my school girls that are really pretty are so mean to boys.

  • CS warmen 3 years ago

    well listening is not enough! u need to confrontate her to the max and then
    let she talks to make her fells winning! and then u can turn the talk to
    annother subject… make her fells she can believe on you! and yes… she
    should can believe on you (fake love… hate that shit). she have a
    problem? try to help! no,seriously… TRY just try… she is far enought
    capable to find the answers to her won problems… make her fells like if
    she can trust on you enought to tell she problems and get a hand whit it…
    help her but dont take she problems to yourself… help her to climb the
    stair but dont get her on your arms to the up! if she is going to fall help
    her! but allways make she knows YOU was helping her… well that is all for
    now… i think iam just going to make a blog about this… iam a 13 years
    old brazilian nerd whit the same (i cant call it problems) well i havent
    find the true love yet but is better be ready to it wen it comes :3 well…
    if u dont want to see this one here.. (talking whit shallon) tell me i can
    take it out for good 🙂 cya ltr!!

  • mcChimi2000 3 years ago

    This should be renamed “How to get friend zoned like a pro”

  • Attract Them Now 3 years ago

    Nice video !!!

  • hassan haider 3 years ago

    hey nice ass so awesome 

  • alejandro espino 3 years ago

    My gosh that commentator is stupid. Grow up and let us live our life. 

  • ABIGAIL JHONSON 3 years ago

    Learn the secret to make women craving for you you @:7 Scientific Trick To
    Have Any Women You Want | How to seduce a girl,How to get a girlfriend

  • scoobymc7 3 years ago

    Waaaayyyy too much makeup

  • Kaiden Robinson 3 years ago

    Just be like aye what up bitch want this d or nah

  • hallomannetje123 3 years ago

    Thanks for the advice Shallon ^-^

  • Christopher Murphy 3 years ago

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Zackary PlaysMC 3 years ago

    I just want to learn how to flirt wth my gf in class wth out getting caught
    by the teacher lol im sexy 6pack I just dont want to get caught lol wanna
    skype me name is zackary.d.r.00

  • AnAverageMexican 3 years ago

    idk i did all the things in the video but I got a restraining order

  • Mohammad Pandor 3 years ago

    I love u

  • Aleksa Culic 3 years ago

    Hei Shallon please help i said to girl that i really like her but she said
    im like the 200 guy who said that to her and she said dis dosent change our
    relationship please how to fix this i reallym like this girl!

  • josh sucheson 3 years ago

    Hey nice ass

  • Andrew Page 3 years ago

    fuk u why’s romance so phony, lol idk I’m a kid still. good pick u line “y
    u so pretty everyday?

  • XxallstateRBxX 3 years ago

    This is complete bull shit; this will work maybe 1 out of 100,000 times.

  • Dboi Zoe 3 years ago

    Trying this tommorow 

  • conor o'neill 3 years ago

    ths is bulshit I completement this gurl al the tymze and m gettin’ f***ing
    no where so foop you bik nijja im out… peace! …….. homiesexualz

  • Hp Cromebook 3 years ago

    just joking

  • saiteja reddy 3 years ago


  • abdullah kassim 3 years ago

    best pick up line= DAT ASS DOE! right when she walks by. 

  • Ella Maria 3 years ago

    holy crap for a sec she looked like Hilary Duff! 

  • TxperkGaming 3 years ago

    Wow you look like 30s not 17 lol

  • Mario Balotelli 3 years ago

    Shallon… what kind of name is Shallon?!

  • Hp Cromebook 3 years ago

    i will RAPE YOU