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  • Truman Hanks 3 years ago

    Wont Work Believe Me, Just Believe Me Most Boys Will Get Confused xD

  • Desy & Rhi 3 years ago

    Me and the boy I like are really really close so close we like can have
    long hugs and we’ll he touches my butt sometimes but then he never asks me
    out someone help me xxxx

  • NioZoinkMaster 3 years ago

    i will tell him how good his weed his XD we have this lil’ joke that he’s
    my drugdealer :P

  • Cameron Ford 3 years ago

    High School and Middle School dating is just stupid. I’m waiting until late
    college or above.

  • Noah Garbin 3 years ago

    Boys at that age not being mature at this age, is not true for all boys.
    There are those few that are mature, (occasionally rare) but it’s true

  • hunter kjellberg 3 years ago

    What if I’m about attractive as a demented potato?

  • angeline c 3 years ago

    But what if he hates you

  • twerkalious tripletts 3 years ago

    so, I like this boy who is moving an coming back in 2 years. how do I know
    if he likes me? and we giggle at everything together. He interactive will
    me differently then with all of the other girls. so does that mean he might
    like me back?

  • Brenden Snyder 3 years ago

    I’m a guy and of there is one thing I can tell you is talk about yourself
    to them but not too much or you will look self obsessed. I am a very
    easy-to-get guy and I would fall for this every time. I’m kinda offended by
    the maturity thing though because I’m fairly mature for my age. You should
    also see how to flirt for guys so you can identify flirting for them. Hope
    this helps.

  • lem re 3 years ago

    omgg thank youuuu 

  • TheItGirls 3 years ago

    I do it all the time to my bf

  • Eliya Syaza 3 years ago

    You looked a bit like Hillary Duff

  • Naomi Watts 3 years ago

    Kiss your hand 10 times and, say your crushes name 15 times. Then write
    this on 2 other posts and your crushes will either kiss you or ask you out
    in the next week. Btw… Don’t know whether this works!!!

  • Ben Isakovich 3 years ago


  • shauna mccubbins 3 years ago

    Totally going to try this on monday. But, just remembered I already do!!!
    Except the last one. Might work might not work.

  • Naomi Watts 3 years ago


  • Naomi Watts 3 years ago


  • Naomi Watts 3 years ago


  • sweety chag 3 years ago

    canu sae ua gmail id 

  • Megan A 3 years ago

    Well I like this boy in my class and his name is Cole. I don’t know how to
    talk to him though. But the problem is.. He already likes someone else…..
    What should I do????? Please help 

  • Harley Quinn 3 years ago

    Thanks now I can flirt with the quarter back at my school

  • Elizabeth Torres 3 years ago

    Well guy that is Good Luck Charlie below my comment
    I hope it works

  • nupur noor 3 years ago

    Yikes! I was having the most difficult time attracting ladies prior to
    using Easy Girl System. Search for it. I don’t honestly want to show off.
    All right maybe a tiny bit but it’s because I can get any woman I would
    like right now. You will understand what I’m saying right after you’ve read
    what Easy Girl System does. Look it up on Google.

  • blaby4ever 3 years ago



  • kuwaizair 3 years ago

    what if a teen has aspergers? what is about my life that i was not like
    this as a teen. i can’t feel love now because of it. and all the boys made
    fun of me in school. so i can’t feel love. i had only one crush and i
    didn’t even want sex from him. and nothing i could of done would of given
    him desire.

    i feel so dead inside. should I find the guy now and beat him up for not
    even caring I exist? I had a lot of behavioral issues growing up and it
    made my social life shit.

    i refuse to date someone with a mental disorder, or in a wheel chair, or
    cuddle someone with down syndrom.

    who knows, maybe i have brain tumors.

  • Good luck charlie 3 years ago

    Kiss your hand 10 times say your crushes name 15 times then write this on 2
    other posts then your crush will kiss you within a week

  • Kristina Esmer 3 years ago

    Watching this video after my best guy friend asked me out. :S Just realize
    I do half of these things without noticing.. xD

  • Nicole Burgon 3 years ago


  • Anissa Salzman 3 years ago

    Kiss your hand 10x say ur crushes name 15x and post this on 2 more vids, ur
    crush will ask you out tommorow

  • đorđebožić 3 years ago

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    remarkable with chicks. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he didn’t
    notice. He finally admitted it on Friday. Turns out he makes use of the
    Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you’ll find it… He’s
    on a date right now with a beautiful girl… Lucky bastard! Where are the
    most useful of these movies online?

  • Jasmine 3 years ago

    13 going on 30

  • Long Do 3 years ago

    no i dont think so

  • blackjack1471 3 years ago

    Gee that helped. (Note the sarcasm)

  • Bruce Unzeitig 3 years ago

    My sister said to wacth this im a boy im mature

  • Malia Nyel 3 years ago

    Kiss you’re hand 10 times say you’re crushes name 15 times post this on 2
    different videos and you’re crush will ask you out tommorow

  • kendall fender 3 years ago

    this will work…. ill try

  • Эдуард Хиль 3 years ago

    Then fart on him.

  • Elizabeth Serna 3 years ago

    this is why i hate being a girl, everything is so dramatic. this is why i
    dont like bubblegum girls

  • xFruitSnackx 3 years ago

    Boys aren’t ever as mature as girls? What?

  • xXStreetlighterXx 3 years ago

    1 below if ur too afraid 2 talk 2 him in person text or use Facebook 2
    below ask him if he is taking u 2 seriously

  • mamal12395 3 years ago

    I’m at an all time low-_-

  • melanie rapuzzi 3 years ago

    well if you don’t wanna ate him, why are you flirting?

  • funkypunkygirl 3 years ago

    has anyone release what is written in the blackboard? i just learnt that
    Nh3+Hcl makes Nh4Cl .. Just saying xp

  • Mustafa Al Tayawi 3 years ago

    Man uor awesome

  • Destiny McCarty 3 years ago

    Jr.high is middle school -_-

  • Carol Weston 3 years ago

    And as the “Dear Carol” advice columnist of Girls’ Life, here’s some good
    news: All this will soon get so much easier…

  • vovlogshehe 3 years ago

    “Whatever, he has weird hair anyways — you don’t want to date him.”
    hahahah, love it!