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  • EGIDIO Fahl 3 years ago

    I’m actually really impressed… You did your research. I’m a PUA and the
    head tilt works really well and I think you should try contacting Kenzie
    Nobel, she’s the #1 female dating couch for men and I think she could help
    grow your own channel.

  • agtown817 3 years ago

    Where were you 20 years ago ? Gahhhhhh o.o

  • Caden Lee 3 years ago

    I asked a girl wants but she said she would send me the next day I waited 2
    months she never answered then she asked me if I want to go to the dance
    and just start hiding from me

  • cristal perez 3 years ago

    This will be useful for guys that are trying to tell a girl there into them
    without use words.

  • Hannah F. 3 years ago

    So I have a question for you. I’m a girl and I wanted to watch this video
    because I was curious about this boy who might like me. So, this guy is
    really shy. He used to like my best friend before, but he never made any
    moves and he never did anything. But I asked my friend about it and she
    said she didn’t care if he liked me or not. So, I’ve noticed that he has
    been flirting with me. In my art class, he threw sponges at me in a playful
    way. I laughed at him, and when I asked him if he threw it, he tilted his
    head down and said, “Yeeessss…” and smiled. Also, recently, I’ve been
    sick. I was at school and I had my head down on my desk. My teacher was
    calling us up to take a paper and when she called me up, this boy told me
    to sit down and he got my paper for me. And, also when I was sick I walked
    by him at his locker and said,”Have a nice weekend!” because I wanted to
    see what he would do. He asked me,”hey, are you feeling better?” and I said
    yes, and then he said,”good.” And the last one was when while I was leaving
    he told me, “Get well soon….Or I’ll murder you.” I just wanted to know if
    this means that he likes me or if he’s flirting with me, or something of
    that nature. Thanks!:)

  • geetanshu madan 3 years ago

    its 97% not 98%

  • Malik 3 years ago

    can u do a video on how do u know if ur girl wants to makeout

  • tyler mason 3 years ago

    your votes r not help me i wes born wit a plus filip and pallid all the
    girls look at me and they look like they our saying that i ma ugly i ma 14
    please help me

  • prototypeuncool 3 years ago


  • bonnie borawski 3 years ago

    What if your fat and u put ur hands in your back pockets and show off ur
    chest huh huh got poned just kidding shallon

  • BlackRoseSPB 3 years ago

    How about no.

  • MazzTheBest 3 years ago

    guys your hands can get fidgety so instead of fiddling with something >.>

  • John White 3 years ago

    @mark hanson: Sounds like you need a LOT of guidance man. I’d suggest you
    hit up the guide on “be the bad boy, com”.. That’s by far the best program
    I’ve read on attracting girls. I had a huge problem with shyness (just like
    you) before I read that. That changed my whole mentality.. so glad I took
    the time to read it.

  • TheEmpressIsBack 3 years ago

    Guys, don’t listen to her except the eye contact thing.

  • captainofcrunchable 3 years ago

    It annoys me so much how wide her hips are. Like, she’s not fat or anything
    but it’s like annoying me.

  • William Zhou 3 years ago

    This only works if your hot, popular or funny 😉

  • Andrew Zavalza 3 years ago

    every episode hey guys im shallon! lol i spelled it wrong

  • JulieTran102 3 years ago


  • Souveraenitaet 3 years ago

    1:00 punches self in face..

  • 111powerstroke 3 years ago

    Good advice

  • DJ Medusa 3 years ago

    Yeah I do agree though these do work if your actually trying:) lol

  • Peagasus Poop 3 years ago

    is it just me or are these vids cheesy. probably just me…

  • maggeh 3 years ago

    Awesome advice take it guys!

  • Heyitsdes1 3 years ago

    At least its not expertvillage

  • Lauren Griffin 3 years ago

    Say your crushes name 15 times, kiss you hand 10 times, now post this on to
    two other videos and your crush will ask you out tomorrow

  • Caleb Sickles 3 years ago

    can you say Cougar? goood Cou-gar!

  • Prem Singh 3 years ago

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  • Arif Hasan 3 years ago

    Good video clip. I’m here as my best friend all of a sudden started to be
    astounding with chicks. He went from zero to hero. He acted as if it was
    standard for quite a while. He finally admitted it on Friday. He said he
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  • Kimber Bauer 3 years ago

    yep it does

  • Linda Lemoni 3 years ago


  • rallitas11q 3 years ago

    My crush did ALL of these… No wonder 😉

  • luis mendez 3 years ago

    so i do more than half of all of these unconciously lol

  • Austin-Bradwisch91 3 years ago

    what if i have mantits?

  • glambertmenijarabg 3 years ago

    Girl you are so funny! I like your videos!

  • Steve Michaels 3 years ago

    large my ass