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Drink Advisor For IOS: Drink Advisor For Android: How To Flirt Without Being Creepy:…



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  • alpha m. 3 years ago

    Let’s have some fun… post your best pickup line! If I like it or think
    it’s funny it may make it into “The Art of The Pickup Line” video!

  • Broccoli 3 years ago

    I’d rather play borderlands 2 naked by myself lmao

  • jtan2010 3 years ago

    wrong advice buddy! the best shots I always get is the phrase “wanna fuck”.
    Either you get a yes or an embarrassing laugh, which at least opens the

  • Ndasuunye 3 years ago

    What’s a muffintop?

  • HEAT Ledger 3 years ago

    The sexy girls… and their ugly friends!!! Lol.

  • SicSeb 3 years ago

    The most expensive Whisky is called the Royal Salute Tribute to Honour / 45
    Year Old by Chivas Brothers at a whopping £ 150.000,00.

    Alpha, what’s another good place to meet women? Because I really don’t like
    bars or clubs

  • raulmagicmj3230 3 years ago

    I drink sprite cause I’m not 21 yet 🙂 haha

  • TheSwezzo 3 years ago

    The muffintop tip was a good one XD

  • Martin Smith 3 years ago

    Just a quick extension on the pick up lines. There’s a little bit of home
    work. Nothing insane, but a bit of home work for what’s worked for me in
    the past. Just do a quick Google, right now, for top 20 girls names in your
    language/country. Have a quick read about the meaning or origin of those
    names. When you approach and ask what their name is, you have the potential
    of knowing a little something about their name, their identity, which
    either they will also know, and see you’re an observant, sophisticated and
    intelligent guy, or they won’t know and that you’ll be able to open up
    conversation from there. As alpha said, judge from body language, perhaps
    her company, or the way she talks, dresses, and the way she carries
    herself, you’ll get a good idea of the personality she has, if she’s
    intelligent, if she’s confident, what she’s interested in etc. Then make an
    observation or compliment based on that Based on her mind, her personality!
    Compliments on looks and body come later. Then, you’re on your own. 

  • Big Bad Wolf 3 years ago

    I think I just found the real Barne Stinson. I fucking like it :P

  • Makeupholicfrombirth 3 years ago

    Lol, you are hilarious. These are the guys girls are running from. 

  • The Reactionary Tree 3 years ago

    Read the following books:

    Bang by Roosh V
    Day Bang by Roosh V
    Mystery Method by Mystery

    Also, read some of the Pick Up Artist (PUA) blogs

  • Darren Connelly 3 years ago

    Touch her arm? I thought you could grab her bum

  • Dave Saucedo 3 years ago

    Are you Japanese by any chance? Cuz I wanna get In “Ja panties”! Works

  • Bas Kollen 3 years ago

    could you maybe do a video in a bar actually showing how it’s done?

  • 60secondclip 3 years ago

    ur gay?

  • Mark Overmars 3 years ago

    Walk with flair

  • I think I’ll have my doses of alpha m and rsdtyler separetly. 

  • An1ma 3 years ago

    Dude you are the funniest Youtuber i’ve seen for a long time hahaha
    Greets from Germany

  • Catherine Strauss 3 years ago

    i did this for dudes,,,,,and my fav pick up line is,,just making a
    “come-here” single finger jester,,,

  • alpha m. 3 years ago

    I had a lot of fun making this one! For more super solid dating and
    relationship advice come check out my “relationships” section of my

  • Conner Robertson 3 years ago

    the muffin top hah!
    “your father wouldn’t happen to be a baker would he?”
    “because you’re a cutie pie” :D

  • AhmedShishKebab 3 years ago

    was that a fart on 4:35 ?

  • mturner2003 3 years ago

    Hey!! Drink advisor is useless unless you live in a huge metropolitan city!
    Heck, they don’t even have the most basic vacation cities in the US! Just
    an fyi. 

  • shaun beare 3 years ago

    hey, my names Shaun , but you can call me anytime !

  • bigjew899 3 years ago


    Cool Tool. My thoughts exactly.

  • sakamuras s 3 years ago

    this only works with guidettes

  • Daniel higa 3 years ago

    hahahha minute 4.45 was the best hahahhaa thanks for the video

  • L Prieto 3 years ago

    You kinda remind me Barney from How i met your mother , in
    style/personality of course .. 

  • Lodovico Lagrangia 3 years ago

    Man, get in a film… you are a born actor !

  • Joghurt Müller 3 years ago

    4:34 strange quickie sound!

  • manMAFBoo 3 years ago

    Does this actually work? 

  • Beto Tavarez 3 years ago

    Aaron, how to know what drink is better to impress woman without see us
    like an alcoholic?

  • iamRafaelTV 3 years ago

    Hey thanks for the videos! I want to meet 10s! So i want to go to partys
    and activities that those type of women go, but i want to feel like a
    boss/important/ at a high level. Not only for the girls but socially. I
    dont want to feel lost or needy. Thanks A! 

  • TheShah29 3 years ago

    Hey Aaron.. I don’t have much of social life. With that said, I am thinking
    about hitting bars and clubs solo. What do you think? Thanks!

  • Michaelgoestofrance 3 years ago

    Hey! Some of your subscribers/followers are gay! Okay, maybe you don’t feel
    qualified to do a video on gay flirting – but you must know someone who
    does! Also, there are major cultural factors to take into account. I’m
    British, I live in France… the rules are sooo different. What works in
    one country may be a total no-no in another. I’ve found out the hard way…

  • Jacob Morgan 3 years ago

    can i flirt in my job ?

  • alyn BLaZe 3 years ago

    dont lick her face ?! jeez, that’s the first things i wanted to do :(

  • Alex kolobok 3 years ago

    I loooooove love watching u I feel like u talking directly to me!!!!! Ah!!!
    You are the best and your tips are amazing!!!!!

  • boonloveslove 3 years ago

    potential future ex gf .. lol .. talk about cynicism 

  • ExoticCrew 3 years ago

    What if the Woman has Hairy ARM Pets! ahhh. lol

  • Toby Alleway 3 years ago

    What a cunt

  • wildreams 3 years ago

    Barney is that you?

  • damon-st 3 years ago

    “your potential ex-girlfriend” hahaa

  • Fernando Arce 3 years ago

    If a gurl is wearing hoop earrings. ” hey, you know what they say about the
    hoop earrings? ” ..the gurl always so No. “The bigger the hoop..the bigger
    the whore”. Hasn’t really worked to well yet. But their facial response is
    always entertaining. 

  • ch0bits 3 years ago

    are you single?

  • jdcguitar 3 years ago

    Bet you never tested anything you said in the video :p 

  • Rodrigo Rivas 3 years ago

    Your hair is great Aaron.

  • xshugox 3 years ago

    Hilarious and informative video, Alpha M.