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If you are curious about learning the art of Flirting, you have come to the right place. I happen to be the world's leading and most awesome flirting expert….



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  • LordSantiagor 4 years ago

    hahaha love it girl! Nice vibes.
    And the calculator… Class.

  • Maria Villenas 4 years ago

    The voice and moves of a flirt…got it 🙂

  • Ivan Ng 4 years ago

    i tried these and they work on girls too! thanks lauren! you’re so great! : )

  • Trevor Martin 4 years ago

    Troll level: Off the charts

  • DURDLESKATT MAN 4 years ago

    1:45 i just got cum in my eyes!

  • MegaDiamondmine 4 years ago


  • Eishaa mitchell 4 years ago

    your so pretty and all, but these things dont work in every situation

  • Maverik772 4 years ago

    no, YOU look smart because YOUR glasses make you look like a dinosaur!

  • Maximum Aguilar 4 years ago

    XD ahhh a freshment I tell you… the most funniest sexiest smartest all in one lady.. lulz procced

  • caue puttinato 4 years ago

    .. you’re a real sweetheart don’t you? and this contagious smile you got……… just deadly

  • RAGEmonkeyyy 4 years ago

    Damn girl I’d fuck you any time

  • cjrocks9102 4 years ago

    I thought this video was called “How to Bitch: 7 Steps for Bitching.” Whoops.

  • Lilly Kralicek 4 years ago

    She’s trying to be like @Spricket21…..

  • Sploofish 4 years ago

    The hottest troll in history

  • yuba muritania 4 years ago


  • jpaulglobal 4 years ago

    a prime example of the difference between cockiness and confidence; cockiness is how a dumb person interpretes confidence. I understand you want to make youtube videos but please try harder to offer something worthwhile….like being funny or interesting, etc.
    Exterior beauty is common. Step it up son

  • TheHulkM36 4 years ago

    Those eyes >>>>>>

  • Gaza Huntz 4 years ago

    Will you go out wit me?

  • TheCherinayork 4 years ago



  • thealize808 4 years ago

    omg lol… crazy lady lol

  • TheUltimateExplosion 4 years ago

    BEARD, you all of a sudden have a beard

  • Toradel Lin 4 years ago

    Women are always sticking their fingers in their mouths like that when I talk to them. Does that mean they like me?

  • vAG3lis2029 4 years ago

    I usually just go like “Yo, your face… I like that shit”. Then they give me their number. Try it people.

  • janis stanga 4 years ago

    you are a shit

  • SirTomUnk 4 years ago

    “when you’re talking to a guy, and you have eyes…”

  • FingerPail 4 years ago

    you make me feel kinda funny. like when we use to climb the rope in gym class.

  • carefulcarpenter 4 years ago

    You are a doll. I entered your number on my calculator and it gave me an irrational number. Is there something you forgot to tell me?