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We wrote a book called How To Get Out of The Friend Zone! Check it out: Laugh out loud to our newest videos! Watch: How T…



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  • Kaeden Badcocke 4 years ago

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  • Jayatissa Deweddana Gamage 4 years ago

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  • TheBasketballPro13 4 years ago

    I love you Jet

  • MrCrisjacobo 4 years ago

    Haha Star is really cute but Jet is a lot funnier and cooler B)

  • Karina Duarte 4 years ago

    this is fucking hilarious and so fuckin true. lmao

  • Jacob Hopkins 4 years ago

    whatever i write hm ha

  • luke tred 4 years ago

    she told me the next day, she only liked me because of my money and the way I spoiled her. and you think you can trust a girl…..

  • luke tred 4 years ago

    one time, me and my girlfriend went out on a date to a fancy restaurant and she bought the most expensive item on the menu, then afterwards we went walking through the park and she started talking about how my friends were losers and that I should lose them. I told her this: well, maybe I should lose you. after that she told me that we were over, but then came back and demanded that I say that I was sorry. I just walked away..

  • Frank Hardy 4 years ago

    could you two girls help me there is this girl i can tell she likes me but shes mean and bullies my bro how do i tell her i don’t like her without hurting her feelings????

  • Leora Derechin 4 years ago

    That was just weird they kissed

  • Tysyn brazier-carter 4 years ago

    We were at the fair bout to get on the ride and we were bout to hold hands but his friend came up and said he had to go and I just said bye and he said bye

  • BeautyGlamDashx3 4 years ago

    Jet looks like khloe kardashian that’s a compliment

  • Mechannel0 4 years ago

    Instead of lip to lip kiss it should be a kiss on the cheek.

  • dimas mada 4 years ago

    These video clips are good. I’m here because my best friend instantly turned awesome with women. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he didn’t realize. Then he smiled and told me when he was drunk. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will discover it… He’s dating a sexy chick… Lucky fucker!

  • SimplySarah49 4 years ago

    BOO YEAH!!! lol Jet

  • chloe Reid 4 years ago

    a guy done that to me and i had so many butterflys

  • CakiePieSquared 4 years ago

    That voting feature was an awesome feature they had on YouTube for a while…

  • James Smith 4 years ago

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  • Ben Camp 4 years ago

    What happened to planting the seed?

  • Designer239 4 years ago

    please go naked the both of you

  • madisonhawesmh 4 years ago

    He to get some to like you really easy

  • Randjaa Bate 4 years ago

    cmon skip the “haha” shit

  • xxt3rm1nat0r 4 years ago

    Oh shit boo yaa

  • johnhamm401 4 years ago

    I would love to get jets boobs out and play with thim lmfao

  • totalmaniac 4 years ago

    Worst way I’ve ever ended a date, ummm, depends on which girl you ask for that night. Went with one, took another home.

  • Jeff Nigel 4 years ago

    That’s funny.LOL.

  • vrdesk 4 years ago

    Lol failed censor at 1:06

  • TheKiamatic 4 years ago

    Lool wt wud be funny is if the person who operates the wing girls youtube page is a guy XD

  • omar khalid 4 years ago

    what if im in middle school do i still go for the kiss?

  • mpallen516 4 years ago

    I need ur help there’s 2 girls that I like one likes me back but she has a boyfriend and the other sends me mixed signals

  • David Jones 4 years ago

    dam man. keep trying. keep ur head up

  • David Jones 4 years ago

    the worst way i’ve ended a date is….
    not making a move.

  • DCProductions77 4 years ago

    I could imagine if i told a girl “i watched these two good looking white girls on youtube who talk about guys picking up girls and keeping them, you should watch them too”. Im pretty sure without a doubt that wouldn’t work my friend. And im always confident.

  • DCProductions77 4 years ago

    you don’t have to be fake. you can just hold back. not every girl wants to hear about how ive been a fan of baseball since i was 8 and can name every world series winner since 1903 and love watching espn. I just have to pick other conversation that may be less interesting to me but i still know about. Not myself but surely not making the girl fall asleep either.

  • AOCinJAPAN 4 years ago

    Yah, I guess. I just have a problem letting the past go.

  • Ravenex2 4 years ago

    I think it’s more about how everything feels, it has to feel right for you. I think the first kiss is more time dependent than date dependent. Trying to kiss someone too fast can make things go pretty sour. If the interest is mutual, you shouldn’t be rushing anything. The physical interest will come, when the time is right. And while the guy should kiss first, it’s easier for women to break the touching barrier first.