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  • PewDiePie 3 years ago

    Я люблю русских Bros!

  • Thanvi Vishishta 3 years ago

    I just died of laughter..!! xD

  • Ealonex 3 years ago

    1:43 to 1:48

    dat music though

    what is it called?

  • ak47grizzly 3 years ago

    In soviet russia caffeine drinks you

  • Zenno ZX 3 years ago

    Why do people like this guy, he aint funny to me, someone tell me whats
    good bout him

  • Anime Fan 3 years ago

    I noticed when he was in the ties with no shirt, he suddenly walked off.
    Did Marzia see him of something? 

  • LpsRainbowProductions101 3 years ago

    Right when the pic of the guy in the tub with the wine glass came on, I
    started crying of laughter XD

  • Mīkī ZêrøZêrø 3 years ago

    Looks like this is a fishy situation…PUN!!

  • Gabe Petit 3 years ago

    2:08 illuminati necklace? O_0

  • Migix 3 years ago

    the girl with the banana looks like my sister ?

  • BackSpace 3 years ago

    I’d totally go out with Sandra if I were a guy. Let’s drink in the shower
    together baby ;). HAWT

  • skypjuh 3 years ago

    In soviet Rrrusia we only wear tie..

  • BiMBao 3 years ago

    0:55 Did someone saw Pewds from the window? xD

  • GamingHelp101 3 years ago

    “Hey! Get off my car!” I died there lol

  • Rhi Bourbon 3 years ago

    LOL’D OUT when I saw this. 😛 SO FUNNY

  • 黃酷德 3 years ago

    drinking wine with bubble bath around~its fine
    but why with a plastic glove LOL

  • Kawaii Ri 3 years ago

    can we get fan art of aph russia doing all of these poses or no

  • Wind Mage Vaati 3 years ago

    Honestly… You looked REALLY good in all of then Pewds. 🙂 Call me weird
    if you want!

  • mrsapplepie 3 years ago

    Was he wearing mazia’s clothes again? Honestly he looked oddly nice in the
    red dress

  • Benjamin HD 3 years ago

    The king of youtube over 20 mil subs 

  • BasketCase995 3 years ago

    0:33-0:56 I feel ashamed for actually finding this hot.

  • Exploreing rose 3 years ago


  • thefreakgamer1080p 3 years ago

    nooooooo my monster energy why pewdiepie why dit you waste it i m gona find
    u and i gona steal you pc mhahahahaha

  • Lyndsay Evans 3 years ago

    I have that vaccum

  • Amanda Leavitt 3 years ago

    What a waste of a monster energy drink…

  • Get Germanized 3 years ago

    This is probably one of my favourite videos on the internet, hahaha xD

  • CloverPuppy4047 3 years ago

    oh my god
    adding a fish to a sexy picture is just
    so hot
    my ladyboner is raging