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Dating Coach DeAnna Lorraine (“Ms. Hitch”) breaks down how women really feel about shy and quiet guys, and what those men need to do in order to step up thei…



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  • ComputerTrainer101 3 years ago

    This lady is way too tan. I hate her facial body language. It just has
    dollar signs. She’s fake a materialistic. The advice is decent though. I
    always talk really well but my dates are duds. They never touch me or want
    me to touch them. Some just repeat over and over the they aren’t having sex
    with me tonight. I think it’s a flirting thing but they really don’t want
    sex in any way. I tend to meet a lot of cunts unfortunately.

  • Iron McMuffin 3 years ago

    Eh, way too much effort required. Celibacy is easier.

  • Mr21Daytime 3 years ago

    I read a few comments from another website where a few guys commented
    on where they met their wife. One guy exclaimed that, while in
    college, a college woman ASKED HIM to take her to her homecoming dance.
    They are now married. Another guy mentioned how he was at a restaurant,
    and a woman walked up to him (as he was sitting, obviously) and ASKED
    HIM if he was sitting with anyone. When he said no one was sitting with
    him, she sat with him. According to him, he did not even know that she
    worked there. The two are now husband and wife.

    The point is that it is not wrong for a woman to talk to the shy guy who
    she knows is shy and interested in her, if she is interested in him. 

  • John Reynolds 3 years ago

    DeAnna, you say to “call you”. For the co$t of seeing you one time, I could
    probably get laid by hookers for a week. What sounds like the better option
    to you? Yeah.

  • Mitchel Vander Poel 3 years ago

    Hi Deanna, my name is Mitchel. I have only dated once in my life but it
    didn’t go very well. Anyways, I recently met a girl last week and her name
    is Danielle. I had the confidence of introducing myself to her because I
    was curious of who she was. Her Beauty caught my eye. Now it’s been close
    to a week and I still haven’t asked her out. How can I ask her out without
    any anxiety of having the feeling of rejection? I don’t want her to lose
    the interest of me. She knows I’m Interested in her and vice versa. I like
    being Single but most of the time I Absolutely Hate it. I can take the
    rejection because I have rejected so many times I lost count. I’m just not
    sure anymore. It hurts too much.

  • rakkfatha 3 years ago

    What if she touches or rubs against you and notices you have like a
    permanent hard on?

  • Shmogt 3 years ago

    lol so basically shy guys you are fucked. Everything that you do the chicks

  • Joshua Young 3 years ago

    what if your a magic the gathering player? every time i mention that it
    just kinda gets awkward after that.

  • Gene Michael 3 years ago

    Here’s the deal guys…if you’re shy! (step 1) learn an instrument!!! Now,
    i’m not talking about the clarinet or tuba, Im talking about, the guitar,
    piano, drums etc…(step 2) Now this the meat and potatoes JOIN A BAND or
    take on solo gigs!! the reason for this is and especially if your good!!!
    you will no longer have to approach women, they will approach you!!! You
    can be non attractive, shy, or stand offish!!! Women will think its artsy
    and actually like you more…Doubt me? look at Mick Jagger, he opens his
    mouth and women line up with their clothes already half off !! Trust me its
    100 % fool proof!!! Good luck

  • Kaleb S. 3 years ago

    If you guys don’t like this than check out Corey Wayne, relationship
    coach…his videos are great!!!! And has over 1400 videos on various topics

  • EconCat88 3 years ago

    She looks like a Barbara Streisand/Jen Anniston mixture.

  • Admiral Ding Dong 3 years ago

    Great, listening to you makes me want to kill myself even more

  • Engineer 3 years ago

    A copy of a professional mans pay stub always does the trick.

  • eddieisfiction 3 years ago

    Step 1 Don’t be shy.
    Step 2 Don’t try to think being nice gets you laid.
    Step 3 The guys you call douche bags that get the ladies aren’t really
    douche bags.
    Step 4 Never listen to what women say about what they want in a guy. It’s
    what they want in a guy that is just a friend.

  • Robb Unhallowed 3 years ago

    I need to make videos like this.

  • CastleFlameGal 3 years ago

    This sounds more like you’re about to attend an interview rather than a
    date. I don’t agree with a lot of what she’s saying. I actually like shy
    guys. Being introverted is a personality trait and she is basically saying
    that not being outgoing is wrong and not attractive. Not to her it might
    not be, but to other people it is. Just relax. Remember that the woman is
    feeling just as nervous as you are. If you don’t click or have chemistry
    that is a good thing as it means you aren’t right for each other in the
    first place and you can focus on someone else. Overthinking things just
    puts more pressure on yourself. Act natural and it will all work out. If
    you do something “embarrassing” it’s fine. Nobodys perfect.

  • LoneBong 3 years ago

    “A lot of engineers…” You mean like Geordi LaForge…Chief O’Brien?
    Be’lanna Torres?” Cool…

  • Markeyus Franks 3 years ago

    Shy Guys need to hang out with more men and do things that will increase
    their confidence. Subscribe to my channel and listen to some of my

  • SFBay69 3 years ago

    After kicking a bad Heroin habit and suffered hellish withdrwals, picking
    up girls is a piece of cake….Getting thinner helped the most though.

  • jeffrey Burger 3 years ago

    You look familiar. Are you from MilfHunters?

  • Mr21Daytime 3 years ago

    But here’s the thing, when on a date the woman needs to talk too. Yes the
    guy may have set up the date, but the roles on a date is not for a woman to
    just sit there like a rock being quiet and expecting the guy to start
    multiple conversations with her, and then ridiculously judge him by how
    many different topics he can come up with. That’s childish. It gets kind
    of hard trying to throw out different topics to talk about when she herself
    in not saying anything.

    The purpose of the date is for both persons to get to know each other, and
    not for only one person to get to know the other. Dating is not for sex,
    but again, is for two people to get to know each other with the end result
    of being married.

    What a lot of women do not realize is that the guy who is dating her is
    testing and/or evaluating her as she is doing to him. Thanks to the
    incorrect information that society has fed women throughout the years about
    men, along with getting women to believe the lie that all men are the
    same, women are unaware that men test them in subtlety or even at all, and
    as a result the woman is rejecting the guy who would be right for her. In
    the end, it is her loss.

    Learn this, just because a guy is shy or nervous around a woman that does
    not mean that he is weak, or boring, or not outgoing. The reason for it is
    because he doesn’t want to say or do something that may turn the woman he
    is into off and cause her to reject him. He knows who he is, and that he
    is the romantic type who is a fun person who knows he would be right for
    her emotionally, sensitively, etc etc, but the only trouble for him is “how
    and what to say to her without chasing her away.” Instead of looking at
    this as a compliment, which it is, society has gotten women to believe that
    the shy guy or quiet guy is boring. This is ridiculous. What it is, is
    that the guy doesn’t know her.

    And whatever happened to the female intuition that some women like to tout
    so much? A woman knows when a man likes her (but women need to understand
    that a man knows when a woman is into him as well), and therefore could
    probably figure out that he is shy. Knowing this, if she is into him,
    she should say something to him. This does not take away from her
    womanhood nor from his manhood. Shy men would like for a woman to say
    something to them, and this does not make him weak. For this type of guy
    it actually is a turn on, because she is causing him to be relaxed around
    her, which a plus for her. That says a lot about a woman, as opposed to
    what the Bible refers to as the clamorous or loud woman in Proverbs chapter
    9 verse 13 (when contrasting this type of woman with the wise and peaceful
    woman of God — Proverbs 31 verse 10). But again, thanks to the incorrect
    information from society, I think a lot of women do not even realize that.
    And after getting to know each other, she will realize that he is actually
    a romantic and fun person.

  • Lucien Greer 3 years ago

    @Jason: This is for you bro haha. Stop being so damn shy.
    Have you read the program on *”be the bad boy, c0m”* yet?
    I keep telling you man, you’ll kill it with broads after you read that.

  • silenthillvictim 3 years ago

    This is such flaky advice. She’s making the interaction with women out to
    be so planned and mechanical. Just relax, be YOU and let things flow,
    naturally. Who cares if you strike out?! Just try again with someone else. 

  • MasculineRevolution 3 years ago

    I stopped the video at 4:37 when she mentioned bringing a couple that is
    more outgoing to the date. That’s like the worst thing to do since your
    date will automatically get attracted to the other guy lol. There’s three
    times chance that the date will end with a threesome with the other couple
    and the shy guy will stay on the sideline watching than the girl staying
    with him lol!!! How can a woman give advice to men on how to date her own
    gender when women can’t even express what they want? What women say and
    women actually do are two opposites, like day and night!

  • chandraprakash tripathi 3 years ago

    i dont want to flirt with girls i want one for a serious and commited

  • Kat Man 3 years ago

    Nothing Personal Deanna, I would give this advice to anyone who is making a
    how to video. The most annoying thing with YouTube How to Videos H-T-V, is
    that 90% of the people making them, don’t script them out first. By not
    having a script it takes them a couple of minutes to gather their train of
    thought. That in its self makes the HTV long, unclear and not very
    informative. This video had some good advice but it was way to long. Thank

  • kw757 3 years ago

    Tan booth much??

  • Iliek 3 years ago

    This is the least real looking woman I’ve seen in a while.