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How To Ask a Girl Out – You've got to know the stuff in this video if you want to ask a girl out successfully and avoid rejection. I've seen it too many times where guys get numbers and the girl never wants to go out with them or ”flakes”. I address all of this in video on the best way to ask a girl out!
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  • Dating & Life Success - Michael Valmont 2 years ago
  • Dating & Life Success - Michael Valmont 2 years ago

    How to ask a girl out

  • Jason Argueta 2 years ago

    your awesome bro… Very optimistic and generous and enlightening

  • Mustafa Yousef 2 years ago

    just be yourself and you will find someone is matching, dont rush things :)

  • Dating & Life Success - Michael Valmont 2 years ago

    How to ask a girl out & avoid rejection: 3 Must Know Ideas before asking a
    girl out

  • jesse heckmann 2 years ago

    Thanks got my girl

  • Oscar Calva 2 years ago

    Well, comedy is sure s good way to calm things. So you can either start
    with some jokes, make her laugh, them mention something she would like to
    to do. When she tells you that, just do what he said and tell her that you
    will take her there one day.

  • Rhys Turnell 2 years ago

    666 likes!?!? O_o

  • BangGoesThePistol 2 years ago

    Woah i swear the dude who broke my heart took this advice spot on. He asked
    me out so confidently and enthusiastically that i swear I have never met
    anyone like that and now I cant forget him. He oozes confidence and thats
    just way too sexy.

  • Catherine Alex 2 years ago

    best way to ask a girl out, below

  • daddy11353 2 years ago

    Ok, so I’m in 8th grade, and my parents won’t Let me go out on a date. ..
    what do I do? 

  • Jose Hernandezrayes 2 years ago

    Yes, i have a tip. When in conversation with a girl, be very careful to let
    her do most of the talking! Sometimes a girl will approach you and say “OH
    MY GOSH ! ” “i am so mad because of how hair looks!” The professor is
    failing me this semester” she is confiding in you her emotions. Look for
    the signs that she trusts yoy! She cares about you enough to tell you these
    things. Thats the most important tip i know about embracing a girls
    affection in a relationship.

  • Nick Chesla 2 years ago

    She said yes!!! THANK YOU!!!

  • Brian Smith 2 years ago

    Dear Michael, I have a question: I asked a co-worker out and she said she
    thinks I am a great guy but doesn’t think it’s a good idea to go out with
    me. I tried asking again but she repeated that she felt it was not a good
    idea. I haven’t seen her in person since then but I was wondering what to
    say to keep things from getting awkward at work. Also, if I ask another
    co-worker out in the future what are some things I can do to prevent
    awkwardness with our associates. Thank you very much for your time in
    answering. I have learned a lot from your videos!

  • Spike Blake 2 years ago

    Is it crossing the line to ask a girl out who you know is attracted to you,
    but is in a relationship with another guy? 

  • Clash With Jesper 2 years ago

    Thanks mate.You helped me out. :)

  • Andres Lopez 2 years ago

    is it real 

  • Kogander 2 years ago

    Last night in taxi i just gave my phone to girl and said “put your number
    in there and ill call you later”. simple.

  • Delta338 2 years ago

    I have a friend that I’ve known for almost 3 years but we did not see each
    other for around 1 and a half years because she moved country but we texted
    and talked a lot but now i have moved back to the UK (where she lives) so i
    can see her more often and i really like her and i think she likes my
    (after watching the other vids) but there is a 2 and a half year age
    difference and my “friend” keeps seeking all the attention because me and
    her will be doing stuff eg.( talking, tickling each other basically just
    laughing and having fun ) but then acts like a complete twat and starts
    sighing and just acts moody. and then we stop and things just get awkward
    because everyone just sits then in silence with our phones.And he knows i
    really like her but i can never just ask her to meet up just with me.
    Because i am too shy/ not confident enough to ask her.Any advice? 

  • crocodile2006 2 years ago

    I’m thinking of doing this with a girl I like. First I’m going to ask her
    if she can do a quick survey for me.

    On the Survey the Question reads “Would you like to go out with me?” with 2
    Tickboxes. One reads “Yes”. The other reads “YES!”

    Underneith that will be a line that reads “My Phone Number:”

    What do you guys think?

  • Brian Nunez 2 years ago

    By reading the title ik this is so false

  • Thatguylol 2 years ago

    I thought if you expected the worse then it wouldn’t be so bad getting
    rejected although a yes would be much preferred ahaha.

  • ThisIzBoomer 2 years ago

    It’s all common sense to me to be honest but it is a GREAT REMINDER of the
    key points!

  • Angie James 2 years ago

    I’m surprised this guy understand girls impossible 

  • Ayman Prinz 2 years ago

    League of Legends QQ

  • Marko Radulovic 2 years ago

    Can you make a video about when it is a good time to ask her out?

  • BuddermanxMC Buddermanxgaming 2 years ago

    Thaaaank yooou

  • DoomFinger511 2 years ago

    This was good. A nice line I like to throw into conversation is this
    question “What makes you happy?” Its nice because it makes her happy to
    think about it, it gives me all these ideas of things we can do and also
    gives insight into her values and personality. Then of course I’ll tell
    her my answers and when its done we both have this nice feeling between us.

  • Arild Manuel 2 years ago

    Nice video, but it would be great if you started exemplifying what you say

  • Kwadjo Agyiri 2 years ago

    Wow, you make this sound like rocket science! I give up.

  • Green KloverTv 2 years ago

    im only nine and i got a girl a chocolate rose! will she say yes to go out
    with me?

  • Dmytro Hyvel 2 years ago
  • aidanproudlock 2 years ago

    Be upfront, confident and don’t let nerves stop you. Nerves is just a
    negative word for excitement, so just do it, if she says no just except
    that she only wants to be friends

  • The numbers are easy to get. I agree with that. Because, I got thousands of
    numbers. But, nothing really happened.

  • Chad Purcell 2 years ago

    My , question is how confident would one need to be to get a date with

  • ICET100 2 years ago

    I have problems Approaching Woman I mean I watch all these Videos on “HOW
    TO APPROACH WOMAN’ But I still cant do it I Need someone to push me to do

    and I Need Some Serious Help

  • Beingbeaden 2 years ago

    What if the girl is just not attracted to him?

  • Jacob Vazquez 2 years ago

    i started off wrong

  • Felix Albrecht 2 years ago

    I think asking a girl out is more about allowing female choice ;). That way
    girls feel more respected.

  • zatara wood 2 years ago

    enjoyed the video mate … good points raised. I have an issue with how to
    approach this girl in a supermarket I really like with a view to asking her
    out, she is working there, don’t know how to play it as she is always
    intent on her various jobs (ie putting things on shelves etc) .. what do I
    do … ?

  • poul cena 2 years ago
  • jack obinson 2 years ago
  • Anjelin Anjel 2 years ago
  • Tim Jonas 2 years ago
  • Jacob Maximilian 2 years ago
  • Norbat Gon 2 years ago
  • Siraj Arjun 2 years ago
  • Samal Randula 2 years ago