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For more tips go to: Want to know how to ask a girl out and get the best advice straight from a woman?? Then watch this vid…



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  • Max Willson 3 years ago

    Asking women out and going on the first date is the easiest part! The
    hardest part is getting the second date to even happen. If you can’t even
    ask a women out for the first date, your future with her is already ruined.

  • AnthonyG 3 years ago

    Hey random question prom is a few weeks and i want to ask a random girl to
    it but i need some tips 

  • RuggedALAN 3 years ago

    Good advice marni. Thanks

  • KingOfShadows1500 3 years ago

    2:32 So kissing a total stranger is perfectly fine, but waiting long before
    doing something is creepy and ”not masculine” or whatever! Why do women
    have to be so fucked up when it comes to attraction?! Isn’t not doing
    anything and just waiting for us to approach you painful enough for us?!
    Why does social interaction have to be such a struggle to go through?!
    Sometimes, I wish I could just stop experiencing the need for human contact
    and spend my life in a distant tower in the woods on my own.

  • Marni Wing 3 years ago
  • KingOfShadows1500 3 years ago

    1:50 One does not simply ask a girl out…

  • Luis Leon 3 years ago

    Thank you Marni for your advice. The other day in school I got an asian
    girl’s number in under 30 seconds! I had never done that before. 

  • 755hp 3 years ago

    1:27 They start doubting our masculinity? Damn…that is f**king beast!

  • Kevin S 3 years ago

    I love how Marni points to her boobs at the end of the video

  • Jordan Naish 3 years ago

    How I would love to rip your clothes off like a wild beast Marni.

  • Mike D 3 years ago

    Hey Marni! great advice, but one of my pet peeves is women playing with
    their smart phones in public, one of the most anti-social devices known to

  • Israel Arroyo 3 years ago

    Man Marin Wing is the best adviser when it comes to dating, attraction and

  • ScorpionSarging 3 years ago

    Shittty advice. You’re telling him to ask out a girl in his class who he
    may have been creeping out by staring at her repeatedly. So, there’s a 50%
    chance he’ll get blown out, have her tell everyone what a wierdo he is,
    then have him feel awkward whenever he sees her. How about making small
    talk to see if she is receptive, and take it from there. If she’s not down
    for small talk then he’s saved himself a lot of potential humiliation. If
    she is down for small talk then he can quickly progress it to asking her
    out over a few days. 

  • Carlos Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Ya getting rejected by just asking girlz out is why I ended up with a low
    self esteem, and a fucked up maraige..:(

  • Larkvall 3 years ago

    Most women are really unfriendly and have no interested in 90% of the guys
    out there.

  • Trevor Andrews 3 years ago

    Marni, I need tips on how to ask you out. You’re a cutie!

  • Bill Ryan 3 years ago


  • mohammad zeeshan 3 years ago

    well..wat if a guy became creepy and she’s fed up of looking at him, how to
    get her in…??

  • clausm2203 3 years ago

    god advice..:)

  • Jorden Pagel 3 years ago

    How many chances should you give a woman who doesn’t say no when you ask
    her out, just has something else going on? I usually give two chances and
    if she is still “busy” and doesn’t offer a counter date, its on to the
    next, but curious as to your thoughts +Marni Wing 

  • MegaFlank 3 years ago

    Asking a girl out is never easy. They say if the girl says no just to move
    on. Easy for a woman to say because in most cases women are never rejected
    and guys are always going after her. Here’s a question why do women only
    show interest in a guy if they are married or taken? That makes no sense.
    As a guy the last thing I want is a woman that is always surrounded by
    other men and all That. 

  • ThePeacemakernow 3 years ago

    -approach her after the class or when you see her around the school.
    -Say hi and just tell her you like her and want to meet her after school to
    get to know each other. Have one or two locations where you can met with
    her.(low key nothing spectacular)
    -agree on the date and take her phone number.
    -have the date and be natural. ask her questions and be interested and
    relate to it.

    breath in to your balls while doing it. get out of the head.

  • Andrew Bake 3 years ago

    ive been talking to a girl on facebook and finely got the guts to ask her
    to meet me this is coz of this videos. if ever I feel unsure ill watch ur
    videos thanks for posting them

  • hichcoc 3 years ago

    Real player shit…I do the rejecting and they do the choosing. Otherwise,
    you are played from the incipient stage of the process of interaction.
    Shaming tactics of manhood is for lames to fall prey to…Once you tap it
    and get inside her head, that notion will all be abrogated from existence
    of thought….Don’t demote…promote!!!