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For more tips go to Marni tells you how to How To ask a woman for a 2nd date. Great dating tips and dating advice for men.



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  • Marni Wing 3 years ago
  • RPG Maker Games 3 years ago

    Just discovered you! Great advice! I must say, you are very sexy as well!

  • Jemike5 3 years ago

    Yep. Using this advice. Instead of When are you free? Set up the date.
    I.E Mini golf of Thursday evening. Are you free? It gets us active and
    out of the sit down and talk date. My ideal woman is someone whom is
    competitive and athletic so this would be the perfect tell. Thanks for the

  • Gregory jr 3 years ago

    Their are a few girls I like but I know they’re outta my league and that
    I’m already out of time.. all hope is gone

  • joeysixtysix 3 years ago

    I never ask for another date at the end of the night. Sometimes they will
    say they’d like to see me again, otherwise I just contact them again and
    say hey lets hang out again etc etc. 9 times out of ten they start
    contacting me via Facebook,text or whatever before I even ask for the next
    date. Just be casual, say you had a great time and really enjoy hanging out
    with them and let’s do it again. I think especially in the beginning a few
    very casual, hang out type dates is the best way to go, no movies,dinner

  • moon walker 3 years ago

    Your eyes are like Black Marbel

  • Gregory jr 3 years ago

    I’m just shy, I feel that if you a (girl) talks or asks ME questions is how
    I know your interested your all beautiful so why should I waste time giving
    compliments the next guy will already say. I feel I shouldn’t try anymore

  • Gregory jr 3 years ago

    Im sorry it just won’t work for me ):

  • La Porta D 3 years ago

    Dating is soo stupid. Honest to god man. It gets you nothing. Money? No.
    Just annoying bitches who want too much and are lazy. At least American

  • Kevin S 3 years ago

    “How to make ANY woman want you? “Ok, Marni I wanna bend you over and bang
    you all day and night on Tuesday, Are you free? 

  • La Porta D 3 years ago

    By the way, I know girls but I just think it’s stupid that a girl wants to
    be all feminine and shit. Why? Are you too scared and lazy to say
    something? You’re also leading the guy on and leaving it open (to me at
    least) for him to say anything he wants.

    Stop testing us like that. The whole “Well, if he fucks up, then he fucks
    up” mentality is even worse than being all girly and shit. Just stop and be
    a little boring about it.

    Also, Marni, the way you talk/sell/speak about this stuff or whatever, is
    really fucking annoying. Stop trying to be all sexy and shit. You being
    Canadian is annoying enough. Just talk. Bitch.

  • La Porta D 3 years ago

    This is kind of stupid. If you get a good read and it was a good date,
    never ask. Just say you really want to see her again.