Added by on September 20, 2014 How can shorter men attract taller women? Dealing with the height issue.



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  • Pedro Santos 3 years ago

    “Let me give you some advice, bastard: Never forget what you are. The rest
    of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt

  • jcatyoon 3 years ago

    Never dated a guy because he dismissed me. This is terrible advice. I’m
    5’10” and my boyfriend is 5″2′- I started dating him because he has an
    amazing personality and we had a legitimate connection. You can’t trick a
    girl into liking you- you just need to be yourself. That way you’ll attract
    a girl who really likes YOU. A girl who feels the need to “prove herself to
    you,” solely on the grounds that you dismissed her, is a narcissist and the
    whole relationship will be rooted in her narcissism. The minute she feels
    that you don’t “add to her value,” it’ll be over, and neither of you will
    be better for it.

  • George Stobbart 3 years ago

    Is 5’8 short? I do not get any luck!

  • Logan Braveheart 3 years ago

    look fuck all that shit if a bitch does not like u next!!!!!!! move on to
    the next 1

  • Logan Braveheart 3 years ago

    dude try going down a few sizes 

  • Eric Haley 3 years ago

    Taller women are much more forgiving than short women your video
    does have merits. 

  • Twisted Solstice 3 years ago

    Holy crap, that honestly just gave me a confidence boost. It was less than
    a minute. It kills the crap out of the video of the two dumb chicks making
    fun of short guys yet trying to give advice. 

  • mrrmsfucker 3 years ago

    0:35 Only important tip here. Just saved you a minute!

  • Free Dating Advice 3 years ago

    How Short Guys Can Attract Tall Women
    See more at:

  • Jill Kelleher 3 years ago

    Don’t let size get in the way of a possible relationship. Flash Fontanelli
    shares tips on how shorter men can attract taller women.

  • Jdubya1984 3 years ago

    Only if you fuck it up, or you’re scared. She can smell that shit, ya know?

  • TheStimplefiend 3 years ago

    hahah thats brilliant.

  • TheRebecka1999 3 years ago

    I’m 172, I don’t find guys under 175 cm attractive.

  • Nathaniel Spatchcock 3 years ago

    Just bring a ladder.

  • MrVeesworld 3 years ago

    Mind tricks and cutting down, disqualifying is for boys. Real men do not
    need to do those types of things. Carry yourself with self worth and
    confidence alone. Charm, and wit will take you even further and the icing
    on the cake is the ease of your personality. Women can smell B.S so do not
    dish it.

  • 777Yonatan 3 years ago

    Cassandra, I’m a shorty (1.76m), and you certainly qualify by my height
    requirements.. Will you go out with me? I think I am in love with you!
    Maybe, some of us guys, do know some sh** about girls, especially tall,
    beautiful girls like yourself.

  • Jose Tavera 3 years ago

    That is some fly ass advice.

  • John Dasnotcool 3 years ago

    tom cruise is only 5’2 and he has TONS of chicks over him. relax bro, it’s
    all in your head. short men have a greater advantage than taller men when
    it comes to dating, simply they’re faster and can kick ass.

  • michael rittle 3 years ago

    ok what about a guy 5ft what can i do with that i been made fun of for my
    hight since i was a kid i am 22 now and all i get is you are to short and
    jokes don’t do anything and start out as friends don’t work eather then you
    are just the short guy in the group

  • Eric Haley 3 years ago

    best way to get a tall female,is to be rich! rich like owning and driving a
    Ferrari Enzo,living in a nice home,and dressing very well.

  • Jahid Tanjil 3 years ago

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    Girl System. Google it. I don’t honestly want to boast. Alright maybe a
    tiny bit but it’s due to the fact that I can get any lady I want right now.
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  • luce1996 3 years ago

    nooo!, don’t say that you are way too tall for her! -if she likes you then
    she’ll just get upset and move on! ..

  • Itaku 3 years ago

    Get some 4 inch lifts lol, those things work wonders.

  • bababoum 3 years ago

    Well I’m about 5’8/5’8.5 (and that’s in boots) so I’m a pretty small guy.
    I’m certainly not tall anyway! I know some women are put off by my stature
    because they have actually said themelves that I’m too short for them. I
    like to think I’m a nice guy & decent looking. My height really does seem
    to be a turn-off for women. Like I said, I’m speaking in general terms and
    of course I have had girlfriends who don’t find height such a big deal. It
    tends to be the hotter girls who desire taller men.

  • Zain844 3 years ago

    A fat wallet.

  • Cassandra Ebanks 3 years ago

    This video is the proof that guys don´t understand shit about girls…

  • MsPippaLuv 3 years ago

    As a tall girl, (6’3″) This wouldn’t work at all!

  • Michael J 3 years ago

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  • brian c.stacy 3 years ago

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  • Zack Heavens 3 years ago

    5’8 is not too short, it’s in the average zone. Low in it bu still in it.

  • ParmesanPlayboy 3 years ago

    I used similar tactics in trying to attract a butch woman. i got my ass

  • Jonathan Herman 3 years ago

    im a dude and im not gay but if she doesn’t want free coffee ill take it?

  • 11033066099 3 years ago

    Its this simple,..if you’re short like me,.jus start making ass loads of
    money,..fuck the women who didn’t want you, and keep on about your
    business,..don’t go for bitches, make bitches go for you

  • Dinu Jr 3 years ago

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