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You can do much better than “You up?” or “Sup girl?”

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Voices Of Spring
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  • Momma Egg 2 years ago

    *How Guys on the Internet Flirt:*

    *”Ey I got a 10 inch dick.(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)”*

  • AwesomeBrickSauce 2 years ago

    I dont know what to say, so here is my family recipe for Ham and Cheese

    Ham and Cheese sandmiches can be a delicious snack just for you. Dont
    panic, its not as hard as it sounds. This recipe comes from my ancient
    ancestors and is perfected to be perfect, it may be challenging but it
    could be the most rewarding meal you have ever made in your pathetic life.

    First, heres what you need.

    – Ham
    – Cheese
    – 2 Slices of Bread

    Now heres what you need to do.

    it gets real from here on, theres no going back
    it gets tricky, so just calm down

    Step One : aquire ham
    Step Two : get a grip on that cheese
    a real grip, dont be a bitch
    Step Three : slap them onto those slices of bread
    Step Seven : Profit
    Impress, get some ladies while having a decent meal.
    Hope I was able to help.

    I was too late, a good man is already fighting to save his.
    #prayforpenis +rockchok 

  • TheYafaShow 2 years ago

    I’m a gentleman. I always open a door for a woman, so she can go first and
    be attacked by any lurking robbers.

  • Hanna Sjöberg 2 years ago

    I meet this super kind and smart handsome dude at a party, he was so honest
    and sweet I gave him my number and told him to text me the next day.

    And he did….

    Started with “what’s up broh? haha jk” then he bragged about his car…
    then he went on to calling me hot over again and how much he wants to do
    me, and that I’m a nerd for being at school… super cheezy/ douchbaggy

    it turned me off so much

    i think the reason he was so cute was cuz he was drunk

  • Yantrus 2 years ago

    How is eye contact flirting? Youre meant to make eye contact with everyone
    you talk to unless youre really awkward or shy, it’s rude to talk to people
    without making eye contact

  • I Will Be Watching You 2 years ago

    Wait, dick pics don’t work?

  • Gabriel Ruiz 2 years ago

    Me “Hey there princess,what’s your name?” Her” Stacey.” Stacey?I have a
    wife named Stacey although,she’s Mott exactly my wife,we’ve only just met.

  • Mafs1995 2 years ago

    I like when a guy approaches me and says something polite like “Hi!” or “Do
    you mind if I seat here?” and if he has a great smile, even better! I don’t
    like when they jump too fast say something like “Hey sexy! You’re hot, do
    you wanna hang out?”. Guys, please understand… smooth, confident and
    genuinely nice is what most girls want. Don’t be a douche. 

  • j1a2y3m4y5 2 years ago

    How I flirt:
    Throw a bunch of well-thought compliments at her and hope for the best

    First try was successfull, in 5 days we’re celebrating our anniversary

  • NumberSixteen BusShelter 2 years ago

    Most the time when you end up talking to a girl as a friend, she likes you.
    I guess that means you don’t have to try so hard. Then again….I don’t
    really want to be friendzoned…..

  • Alexandra Wright 2 years ago

    That guy with the black curly hair has CRAZY green eyes!!

  • Misty M 2 years ago

    How guys flirt on the internet or in texting: #1 Wow you are so beautiful,
    hot, sexy, gorgeous….pics???? PICS
    pic????????????? This continues until you send pic or block. If you do send
    a pic the cycle of him wanting more starts. Then he sends either shirtless
    pics, pics of his deformed penis or pics that are just absolutely god awful
    and ugly. #2 Random gross dick pic that looks like a small deformed smelly
    pickle half the time. #3 I have a 10 inch dick gurllll #4 Girl: “What do
    you like to do for fun? Guy: games, workout, chill….cuddle, makeout, sex.
    #4 Girl: “How are you?” Guy: “Lonely and bored. I need someone to cuddle
    with.” #5 The guys are straightforward. Guy: Wanna play 20 questions?” The
    questions end up sexual and creepy. #6 Guys asks what are you wearing. #7
    Bra size? These horrible ways of flirting can be done in any order.

  • CakeTheCat 2 years ago

    The guy with bushy hair and a long nose looks just like Stampy!

  • Michael Altomare 2 years ago

    Always remember, eye contact with flirting and eye contact in job
    interviews are two entirely different things.

  • Red Darksbane 2 years ago

    I love how a lot of the comments are like 1st! Even though they WERE’NT the
    1st to comment… Sometimes its so annoying!

  • Ashley Colinet 2 years ago

    I think i deserve a cookie

  • Sariah GC 2 years ago

    there’s this new guy at work that I think is the most attractive guy I’ve
    seen in the nine years i’ve been living here but he’s SO quiet and soft
    spoken. I might have dropped a few hints off the clock that I’m interested
    but not sure if he’s been responding to them. he’ll help me out at work a
    lot but I’m just thinking he’s just trying to do his job well. I think he’s
    just an overall very polite person. I’m over it though lol feels like I’ll
    only end up looking like a fool if I keep trying. unfortunately me I’m also
    a very awkward and introverted person ;o;

  • Bryan Coronel 2 years ago

    I can’t take his face seriously xD 0:27

  • watchingandwaiting 2 years ago

    No offense…but Keith wears the exact same shirt in every video.

  • ishamaini1 2 years ago

    the dude in the green sweater…so cute 

  • jhonMV713 2 years ago

    Ok so I came from the “how girls flirt” vid and that made sense in a way
    since usually girls don’t ask a guy out and if they like a guy (in their
    mind) their only option is to hope that he takes the hint and asks her out.
    Now watching this its kinda weird because we’re the ones who are supposed
    to initiate so why is “how guys flirt” even a video? Is it simply to feel
    out if the person the guy is interested is also interested? Is it a way to
    GET the person interested? One can’t “earn” attraction from someone so
    that’s weeded out. It just seems more logical to simply tell the person
    your interested and flip the coin. Not only is it faster, but because there
    is less of an investment rejection wouldn’t be nearly as big of a problem.

  • YiannisThiakos 2 years ago

    I can usually tell if a woman firts with a friend of mine, i usually inform
    my friends who rarely notice firting. But I could never tell if a woman
    flirts with me or not, i am in total ignorance. wtf, why doesnt my power
    works on myself? am i the only guy with this problem :D

  • Swifty Sauce12 2 years ago

    “Hey girl are you a parking ticket because you got fine written all over
    Give me your best cheesy pickup line GO

  • Valerie 2 years ago

    I’ve known this guy for almost a year now and lately we had gotten very
    close, we only really get to see each other twice a week bc we go to
    different schools but we talked online almost every night and I did develop
    a huge crush on him and our conversations got more personal which I was
    happy about bc I thought maybe he was interested in me also. But then about
    3 days ago … He told me he asked a girl out that day and she said yes.
    Which just left me to slowly and painfully get over him, telling him now I
    feel would be awkward.
    How do I tell if someone ISNT flirting and is just generally wanting to be
    more friendly??

  • LifeSoul 2 years ago

    Bs, be your self, if he/she likes you, she/he will love you for who you
    are, unless you are a ass hole, then change your self :)

  • TheHawk2001 2 years ago

    how I flirt, I just start saying a bunch of really funny shit and I make
    eye contact…
    yeah it hasn’t been very successful 

  • LuLu6214 2 years ago

    Seems more like a video on flirting long enough to get laid…

  • bunnyfreakz 2 years ago

    I sometimes sexually flirt to woman by throwing money to them, looks quite

  • Kasey Lindsey 2 years ago

    If Adam Sandler and Christopher Walken had a kid,
    the guy at 0:05 would be it.

  • pattick busche 2 years ago

    when did jerry seinfeld start to work with buzzfeed

  • Frisa Loves Robin and Lily 2 years ago

    “Not dick pics, I’m not going there. You can leave ur dick outta this, guys”

    Excuse me but I got that from a guy who is trying to get over me now. He
    did that and I was like WTF why is he doing that? I never ask him to and
    not even fucking care. I feel like he disgraces me bcoz he thinks I’ll like
    him for his dick like the bitches do and he surely disgraces himself. I
    haven’t talked with him since then or implicitly say goodbye although he
    keeps messaging me. If u guys don’t wanna lose your crush, don’t do that.
    So low

  • Lewnna Tanabe-Regan 2 years ago

    So much emphasis on eye contact but for some reason I get a lot of awkward
    eye contact all the time. I’m not trying to flirt it’s just either really
    bad timing or I’m staring off into blank space which I happen to do a lot.
    🙁 Also, when I converse with someone, I do like to look people in the
    eye. Idk.

    But then again a guy asked to hang out on Valentine’s and I said sure
    because I honestly thought he just wanted to hang but later he told me
    otherwise. I seriously thought it wasn’t, though, because I didn’t really
    see any signs beforehand. .__. People tell me I’m dense. I think they’re
    right, probably why I’ve only dated one person (who was the first guy to
    ask me out) and I’m turning twenty in a month. I’m going to end up alone,

    I just don’t get the flirting life. A part of me doesn’t want to, though.

  • Anneleen Van Malderen 2 years ago

    Well hello glasses-scarf-tattoo guy..
    How you doin’

  • KreeZafi 2 years ago

    The awkward moment when I immediately recognized the song because I’ve been
    listening to it (among many similar ones) while writing… and I’m usually
    into metal and that kind of stuff.

  • Landon Lane 2 years ago

    0:05 – Yea, I am sure that guy is good at flirting…. lmao

  • Joana Santos 2 years ago

    Did I miss understood or do you do 99% of your flirting on the phone? why
    not face to face? Eye contact, a smile, a real live person in front of you

  • DarthRambo 2 years ago

    When I flirt in school I’m like so you come to la cafeteria a lot maybe we
    can have a meal

  • Mcquiz95 2 years ago

    First guy summed it up nicely.

  • Tanda Arakawa 2 years ago

    I would love to see ‘How Do Gay Guys Flirt?’ and ‘How Do Lesbians Flirt?’

  • The Fan From FNAF 2 years ago

    How to flirt: yout dont

  • Parhellion 2 years ago

    Jeez… Really. Now i feel weird.. because i dont do these things… I have
    conversation like with a friend and if i like the person honestly i go with
    it “i like you” thats it… Maybe thats why im almost always being turned

  • garr2991 2 years ago

    Omg!! the guy with curly black hair and green stunning eyes <3 2:38 just
    killed me! hahaha I cant be the only one that thought this

  • Lets Explore 2 years ago

    When people send me dick pics, I send them photos of alpacas….
    Just me?

  • Smither Sink 2 years ago

    Now, I don’t flirt, because I’m thirteen, and I’m not into this whole
    dating thing. But if I were to flirt, I would do it so casually, that it’s
    even more casual than how I would talk to my friends. I’m kind of a comical
    guy, so instead of playing it romance road, I would go more into comedic
    flirting. Once a girl would notice how funny I am, she would be all over
    me! So, when kind of pretend flirting, just online and stuff, not trying
    for a relationship to go somewhere, (because I actually love to flirt, I
    just never want to have to deal with a relationship, so video games are the
    best way to do so) I try to do it so casually that it’s funny. Not being
    rude or sending dick pics, but I would do something that’s kind of lude,
    dumb and really freaking obvious, so it would just be really funny. In my
    opinion, that’s the best way to get a girl for a short amount of time. Just
    play it cool and say really stupid crap. Just make sure to be extra dumb,
    so the girl knows you’re joking around. But not dumb enough that she
    doesn’t take you seriously at all. Just dumb enough so she doesn’t take you
    seriously, but there’s still a little bit of tension.

  • Samantha Murray 2 years ago

    Guys, PLEASE, for the benefit of the future women you text and for the
    benefit of yourself, do not send dick pics unless the woman asks or
    If you send a dick pic or make the conversation sexual within the first 10
    minutes they are just going to ignore you.
    And that means you just lost some potential p*ssy.

  • Louise Foy 2 years ago

    a boy kicked my butt today… idk what was worse the kick or the fact he
    wasnt good looking xD

  • bambidaija 2 years ago

    Guys confuse the frick out of me im quitting fiGHt mE boyZ

  • flatulantbrothers 2 years ago

    non verbal learning diability, flirting is a non verbal activity… haha
    WEEELLLLPPPP guess i’ll just go back to chloroform