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  • Scotty M 3 years ago

    haha along with Bob Crow then, this was funny, even although I pay my
    respects to those who die, I don’t know too much about him, still funny :)

  • Ryan Lum 3 years ago

    Youtube gone to his head this old nasty fuck thinks he’s a catch. Lol you
    need a mate max charlie greene. You old nasty wrinkled balls. Old balls.
    You givin advice and you was married to the tkwn whore aka tina greene and
    her retarded lookin face. Your gona sit here with your nast hair on your
    mouth growing into your mouth an ask other woman for a mate maxx. I bet
    your a rapist. The prank mike did with that girl actin like a hagg an
    within 20 seconds you was threatining her sayin she wanted to jump your
    bones and you was gona flash her your dick an balls. 100% if you was alone
    with a girl of any age for a nite you would reveal your nasty body to her
    an prob wack off while she sleeps. Your a creep A.G.P. SERIOUSLY. I KNOW

  • Plumpy 3 years ago

    so funny… lol :D

  • grandprismatic 3 years ago

    *Wonder if they take trade in’s?*

  • Jerry Perry 3 years ago

    The best date is when you have sex first and coffee later. A quick way to
    get to know each other. Saves a lot of time because after 30 seconds you
    already know if this will work.

  • MainForcePatrolKZ 3 years ago

    Take Grandpa’s advice and end up with a woman like TINA!

  • blastoi5e 3 years ago

    i looked up matemax on google and the first hit is something michael might
    be interested in

  • zer0hal0 Gameplay - New Videos Every Week! 3 years ago

    ….. and now i understand why Grandpa doesn’t have any teeth left in is
    mouth hahahaha 

  • Infinity Customs 3 years ago

    It’s CarFAX not CarMAX you dumb redneck.

  • bamZ323 3 years ago

    Lol you’re lucky enough women would even wanna go on a date with you haha. 

  • SilverStarGazer 3 years ago

    The only info I found on mate max was for penile enlargement… So yeah…
    Is AGP doing product endorsements now? Lmao 0_o maybe he should get with
    some company a develop his idea… Just pick another name! Hehehe

  • RandomAzz Jet 3 years ago

    1997 Destiny Price: 20$
    Miles: 300,000
    Previous Owners: 3
    Breakdowns: Shit ton
    Tires: Need replacement
    Oil Change requirements: Chocolates,Attention and Pads
    Price drop: 20,000
    State: Oklahoma

    Nope……Good thing I left the bitch lmao. This 1969 Camaro remake from
    1997 needs some love!! Any cars available? 

  • Kayleigh M 3 years ago

    I wonder if this was the “safe sex” talk he has given to Michael and the
    boys? Haha

  • lovelyxskinny 3 years ago

    Strangest video I’ve seen of angry grandpa….kind of disturbing tbh and
    tmi revealed by what’s on his mind lol

  • Mercedes Hodges 3 years ago

    Great advice AGP!!!!

  • Misterms Reason 3 years ago

    Angry Grandpa must think he is an eligible young man like Harry Styles or
    Prince Harry. At his time of life and in his physical/ mental condition he
    should really be grateful for anything more than a firm handshake. 

  • drewster pevovar 3 years ago

    Its some years since i had a date confidence gone on actuallyvask a girl
    what is your advice

  • kayton A 3 years ago

    LMFAO SO TRUE!!! 1-800-matemax 

  • Demon Vic 3 years ago

    Show me the WhoreFax

  • DJdude250 3 years ago

    A matemax would be great for when you’re planning on getting married..

    It’s a terrible idea to ask about previous relationships when you’re only
    dating, grandpa, you of all people should know that!

  • Lynn Lattea 3 years ago

    LMAO Grandpa You are a trip!!!! :D…

  • rrjtcougar 3 years ago

    Show me the matefax

  • lordofthenight781 3 years ago

    crap i wish i ask for mate fax… the girls i been with is crazy or been
    with almost the whole town.. thank god i found out before i actually did
    something stupid. like bedding them lol. its hard to find a girl that
    hasn’t had many miles and that is not crazy

  • Staby Illo 3 years ago

    That’s what your daughters boyfriends did, that’s why they left her and now
    you’re raising her kids hahaha… How many times did your daughter get her
    oil checked and changed huh grampa? 

  • Ron Rapp 3 years ago

    that was funny

  • michel Brun 3 years ago

    would never never take advice from someone who dated someone
    that looked like Tina hahaahha

  • Smitty P 3 years ago

    Fax grandpra…not Max…

  • pizzaguy565 3 years ago

    Next video-“why they paid me to advertise them.”

  • atwal gill 3 years ago

    U said mate max a lot

  • paul spincer 3 years ago

    LOL your made max would be just logging on to youtube and seeing you
    destroy the kitchen lol

  • Ty Schultz 3 years ago

    I thought he quit smoking

  • charles hill 3 years ago

    i think he was trying to say mate fax,like car fax

  • idowantsuasafan 3 years ago

    Hahahahahaha kick the tires abit xD grandp ma nig

  • ELChulo Mc 3 years ago

    Grandpa make a series about this dating like cars hahaha pleaseeee

  • Terek Hage-ali 3 years ago


  • Zyio Scalebane 3 years ago

    So Angry Grandpa finally heard the vagfax joke? Little late…. Lol

  • MrKermit00 3 years ago


  • HardRockRecords 3 years ago


  • Moe V 3 years ago


  • Justice Vanpool 3 years ago

    Crazy. Old. Bastard. There, I said it. Sorry for belaboring the obvious.

  • gametime375 3 years ago

    Grandpa u silly goose

  • prophecyfa 3 years ago

    Grandpa thought you were quitting smoking….I was really rootin for ya.

  • Leo Diaz 3 years ago

    Car fax dumb ass 

  • Angela Heidler 3 years ago

    OK Just don’t get this one.LOL

  • holden briggs 3 years ago

    In all honesty this is great advice grandpa!

  • Jack Gatchel 3 years ago


  • Gabriel West 3 years ago

    Give me a shout out plz lol angry grandpa and the camera man is tight

  • boho dread 3 years ago

    Lmfao @ “mate fax”

  • black99pony 3 years ago

    LMAO that was hilarious!!!!