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The most important thing to remember is to love your self 1st, you take the time to grow in you singleness, and appreciate simple lessons learned then that y…



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  • Mohammad Moniruzzaman 4 years ago

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  • Niya Avery 4 years ago

    Yes ma’am! Always incorporate the Lord when trying to find a good man! Love the advice hunny! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • thatgirlelisabeth 4 years ago

    Love this, I’m 17 years young so I’m not looking but I realized I do some of these already, You are beautiful by the way, Thank you (:

  • lissette SMITH 4 years ago

    Loved the advice it really helps

  • Yanipooh 4 years ago

    Yes….. ^This rite here^
    “Strength from God to date court and marry”.
    The Lord knows I can’t do it in my own strength I’ve gotten it so wrong. I know he is healing me and preparing me for something… even my fertility which was out of whack for over 11 years is back like clockwork thanks to his healing. An assault incident during a break-in as a child is something he will have to help me heal from so I can have the strength to date court and marry.
    Thank you for the encouragement

  • crice021384 4 years ago

    I love this video. It’s very inspiring. Gives me hope:)

  • BeauTCravez 4 years ago

    thanks for the comment, It seems that you have realized already that ALL of you is valuable and worthy..the next step would be to wait on the Lord and allow him to use you in your singleness, and grow!! we will never be happy if we look for love in a man, Only can we love ourselves first that we will gain control of our emotions, and strength from God to date court and marry. You will begin to realize that you do not want to me a woman that needs a man but get a man who NEEDS you!

  • Yanipooh 4 years ago

    I am 26 and single from birth lol. I’ve dealt with being teased about weight and hormonal imbalance issues and now that I’m getting healthier it is changing everything and I am readjusting. I didn’t really take my desire for relationship in prayer now I’m learning that God cares about all of us. I also relate to the confidence/self-worth part,I struggle with deep feelings of inadequacy so maintenance was frustrating because I didn’t like who I saw in the mirror. Thanks for inspiring all of us

  • bryanmcdaniel2011 4 years ago

    God is good. And so are you
    If you want agood man. Call me. Im in Oklahoma.

  • Sunshine7872 4 years ago

    Great advice!!

  • BeauTCravez 4 years ago

    Im glad!:)

  • BeauTCravez 4 years ago

    will do

  • Sberrii19 4 years ago

    I needed to hear everything you just said. Thank you so much.

  • BeYouBeautiFULL 4 years ago

    🙂 loved it, plz come by n check out my plus size channel

  • BeauTCravez 4 years ago

    Thanks sis

  • BeauTCravez 4 years ago

    Wow funny you say that..Im actually going to start a young women Empowerment Ministry:)

  • shanthiee21 4 years ago

    Thank you! God has ordained certain people in the world to be inspirational to others, thank you for your faith and your words.

  • iAlondra1 4 years ago

    this is VERY inspiriational! :))

  • BeauTCravez 4 years ago

    Glory to GOD 😉

  • Talya Taylor 4 years ago

    I admire you a lot, you are strong and beautiful and your an inspiration.

  • BeauTCravez 4 years ago

    why thanks!!=D

  • Felly145 4 years ago

    I feel you hun god bless new subbie ur beautiful: )

  • BeauTCravez 4 years ago

    Gurl so are YOU!! thanks for watchn boo!

  • triangle3 4 years ago


  • BeauTCravez 4 years ago

    Ha! only God hun=) ty