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Meghan (Meghan Rienks) gets personal and talks relationships! Get her dating advice + cute casual date outfit! #17Daily! Watch your faves from our YOUTUBE ISSUE! Click…



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  • amyheartsmakeup1 3 years ago

    Love you Meghan!❤️ Anyone want to be youtube friends? 🙂 

  • sofiaemm2 3 years ago

    What does bae mean?

  • GoldenSnowFairy 3 years ago

    It’s so funny because where I live the whole high school dating thing just
    doesn’t really apply… I wish we had that… but most people my age just
    hook up with random people at parties and very few have a “bae” :)

  • Maddy Haller 3 years ago

    The outfit is not in the description below….

  • Alyssa Alcantara 3 years ago

    Who has time to have a “bae” in college lol?

  • Ariana Sanabria 3 years ago

    Finally a good outfit

  • sibheung 3 years ago

    anyone knows where her shorts are from?:( i can’t find in the description

  • katie louise 3 years ago

    I can’t find where her outfit is from?

  • Hannah Yutuc 3 years ago

    First like and comment. :)

  • Emily helinger 3 years ago

    Is meghan dating someone?

  • NorthwesternGirl94 3 years ago

    In my opinion, this was more high school than college.

  • Hannah Heil 3 years ago

    Love you!

  • Hannah Heil 3 years ago

    Love you!

  • Celine Bastrup 3 years ago

    Omg! Love you♥️

  • Katy Amezcua 3 years ago

    Love this! Great advice Meghan! :)

  • Beck Fong 3 years ago

    Alot of people in my secondary school have bfs and I’m just here like

  • Sopharia Haidar 3 years ago

    I have no relationship advice… Because I am alone… And life stares at
    me like “lol”

  • Danielle Finley 3 years ago

    bae means poop in Danish I saw it on Facebook

  • UnderCover_Nerd 3 years ago

    Where are those shorts from?!

  • Caroline Ng 3 years ago


  • Camryn Noble 3 years ago

    9th comment

  • Bryana Martinez 3 years ago

    I say just go up to a guy and say date or nah. Well done u just got
    married. Jk don’t use that

  • Alyssa Johnson 3 years ago

    Question. How to get a guy and talk to a guy when you are totally awkward.
    FIrst year of high school problems

  • xoxothewildflower 3 years ago

    let me just go grab some parsley to chew…

  • Klea Wre 3 years ago

    this might be the best style of them all!

  • Cheney Peyton 3 years ago