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In preparation for our gay women's dates, we decided to help out you shy hopeless romantics with some gay women dating advice! Make sure to subscribe! Videos…



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  • modamm43g 4 years ago

    how are you i’m from egypt and i like you andd want to be my friend my email in facebook

  • happyshear 4 years ago

    I love these girls!!!!!!!

  • Frey12 4 years ago

    Not going to lie. I thought these were serious until the end bit. I might be a bit stupid.

  • skec fine 4 years ago

    Life sucks. My friend has started dating a 10 mainly because 8 weeks back he registered to a site called Master Attraction (Google it if you want to learn more.) I’m so jealous since I wish to just fall in love as well. I’m going to look into this Jake Ayres guy’s stuff and figure out if it may help a person like me. Strange thing is, he once had no good fortune with females. How can you transform so fast? His girl’s like a model!

  • AnimeFreakKatie 4 years ago

    I’m not so sure about this advice…

  • Molee Cooper 4 years ago

    that black cat is scary.

  • Ricci Loe 4 years ago

    racist bitches
    be against gay marriage

  • River Brigham 4 years ago

    I am what most people would call quite nerdy, that’s why dating has always been a big challenge for me. Most of the time I mess things up when I’m near women I like. One of my friends has always had it super easy and seems to have a 100% success rate with girls. Then I found out how he does it and I uploaded a free video. Visit my channel and find the link I have posted.

  • weldon rhymer 4 years ago

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  • BeatsByWeight 4 years ago

    Don’t buy her anything

  • cooknell3 4 years ago

    Don’t buy her anything… Especially when u don’t have the money in the first place!

  • Betty Castorena 4 years ago

    I freaking love lost girl…bo and lauren better get back together!!!

  • Daniel Kearsley 4 years ago

    Kenzi my favourite pickpocket 🙂

  • Stephen Booth 4 years ago

    Any suggestions for what a straight woman (22, fitness instructor) who keeps getting hit on by lesbians but has no sexual interest in other women can do?

  • Lyndall Sargent 4 years ago

    Please help me.Please join my organization.F.A.G. “Fathers Against Gays”.In this day of cultural immorality, consider joining us by being a FAG.Consider our sister organization.F.A.Q.”Fathers Against Queers”.Please join us at the grass roots level by becoming a FAQ FAG. We need to stop this atrocity in American society by removing fudge packers from our streets. If you can’t join, please consider a donation so we can buy beer. Be an American. Be a FAG.

  • nightlygravity 4 years ago

    I died laughing at the bo/lauren/nadia reference and came back to give it a thumbs up.

  • Christer Bleu 4 years ago

    I love Kenzi

  • Daniel Kearsley 4 years ago

    Lost Girl is awesome Valkabus forever :)

  • CuteCatFaith 4 years ago

    Loving anything even God is sinful.

  • CuteCatFaith 4 years ago

    No, on one is actually gay. It’s a pose, an affectation. Wake up.

  • CuteCatFaith 4 years ago

    I love grabbing slave girls. They like it, too. They seem to be eternally grateful somehow. Mmmm.

  • CuteCatFaith 4 years ago

    Once you stop fixating on animals you can start to get over a few issues.

  • CuteCatFaith 4 years ago

    He could pay me and I’d promote his sorry stuff. That’d be faster. He’d like it, too. He knows it’s right to submit to lesbians. And those who love them.

  • CuteCatFaith 4 years ago

    Just go to a party & announce for all to hear, okay, who here wants to be my slave girl for the night? You will probably get immediate yeses & even competition, & pick the prettier one you like best & wink at the loser. Tie her up, the winner, in your bed all naked with your beige sheer stockings, the ones you wear with garter belts so often no matter what. When she moans DON’T STOP keep going. Make it all about her. After all, she was your slave girl. She can do you later. She will.

  • Kartheek Nandan 4 years ago

    I’m going to figure out how to get laid. My friend has begun going out with a stunning girl mainly because 2 months back he joined a website called Master Attraction (Google it if you want to learn how.) I’m so envious because I want to fall madly in love too. I’m going to take a peek at this Jake Ayres man’s information and check out if it will help somebody like me. Crazy point is, he once had NO success with women. How can you transform that quickly? His lady’s a banging model.

  • TheBrainSponge 4 years ago

    The kitty’s sad cries won me over. I subscribed.

  • TENNSUMITSUMA 4 years ago

    sadie is a cat?! wasnt she supposed to go out with some girl in the other video?! so….into animals eh?

  • Darth Mallius 4 years ago

    As Dark Lord of the Sith I command you to read your own Bible. The Bible says slavery is okay, that if you r’ape a girl you pay a fine and she is forever your wife, and that the sun (and the rest of the universe) revolves around the earth! I think the Bible needs to be updated.

  • hockeyboy5671 4 years ago

    are they actually gay

  • MicrosoftCPU3 4 years ago


  • Mariana Artieda 4 years ago

    Sadie is gorgeous! I love your cat 🙂

  • Bhatch2007 4 years ago

    Gotdamn. That chick with the spider woman shirt got fine as FUCK with her glasses off.

  • BlaiseRashelHarman10 4 years ago

    omfg, the lost girl reference killed me

  • gnilirkellehcim 4 years ago

    Hey! If you’re looking for advice on anything check out my video. All I want to do is help people. So don’t be afraid to ask for advice. You’re all beautiful and amazing.

  • nicole smith 4 years ago

    Whoever s

  • Beth Dicken-jones 4 years ago

    As soon as I got to 2:23 I subscribed and liked it. I luv cats

  • Ren Jones 4 years ago

    If you’re a lesbian/bi looking for a laugh, go to Facebook and type in Ren Keeps it Real. Check that page out!

  • Panziegirl 4 years ago

    akljfdslfjldasfjdskla There was a Lost Girl mention. Omg. This is now my favorite channel ever.

  • Tawanda Rivera 4 years ago

    Stop talking crap

  • Carol Maldonado 4 years ago

    Who pays in a date?

  • Hope Likestheworld 4 years ago

    Love you guys ….

  • Hope Likestheworld 4 years ago

    Seriously i

  • JDurskPerson 4 years ago

    Now I get the lost girl reference, I had to play it back after seeing that comment because I didn’t hear the “A lost girl” part. XD

  • Raj Kumar Das 4 years ago

    Excellent video clip. I had been so baffled watching my buddy go from being lame to a ladies man. He started attracting girls over night. He behaved as if it was standard for a little bit. He then explained it to me while he was drunk on Tequila. Turns out he makes use of the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to know about it… He’s on a date now with a sexy girl… Lucky guy!