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Lesbian dating tips from a dating expert. You can break through to love and a great relationship.



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  • Barbara Scully 2 years ago

    “Gay Girl Dating Coach – 101 Lesbian Dating Tips – Online Dating #1″The
    best way

  • Naomi Hills 2 years ago

    Love your advice.

  • Timothy Spencer 2 years ago

    This proves that women are the frustrating problem around dating. I’m
    not gay but you don’t see gay men dating tips. They don’t need it because
    men are straight forward. Women are freaking impossible even for women.

  • Ricky Zhou 2 years ago

    He might have a point though. A gay man knows what another gay man wants.
    They have another testosterone to be gung ho about it. A man has to coax a
    woman. But what if you have two women that want to be coaxed. 

  • Tadmora Simkins 2 years ago

    You are so right, if it is no match for you, dont date, I did practice this
    Tip last week. It works for me. This great Lesbian answered to my online
    dating ad, I thought, wow Mrs. Right. But I saw one point on her letter
    that would make us stress out if we got into a relationship in the future,
    so, I wrote to this great spiritual woman and said I don’t think that I can
    align to one point and that is a point that made me break up with the Woman
    I was in a relationship with one year ago. It was the oportunity to get a
    great girl but i knew it would not work.
    I felt so strong about myself putting this boundary. I felt that I was
    being loyal to myself.
    Thanks, I will find her or she will find me.
    My grandmother used to say, there are enough fish in the ocean. I will get
    my pic one day.