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Some tips and tricks to flirting in the homosexual world. HAHA xoxo.



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  • Mya Pinkhart 4 years ago

    Daniel’s face when Brian was like “Facebook Messaging!” Lmao that is
    exactly how I feel about it xD

  • Tuppa Tapi 4 years ago

    Shit. I am so envious of my cousin these days. He has actually been single
    permanently. Nevertheless he’s got a swimwear model to state to him she has
    fallen in love with him in less than a thirty day period. Just how is that
    achievable? He told me he used the Cupid Love System (Google it!) I wish
    someone gorgeous said that to me… I’ve not witnessed him so content. Kinda
    makes me feel bad.

  • Ciaran Doidge 4 years ago

    So cute haha

  • Thomas West 4 years ago

    good advice by the way yall r a adorable couple definitely suscribing to u

  • Animus69 4 years ago

    Oh no…they’re precious… I…I must subscribe!

  • Rajdwip Kabiraj 4 years ago

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    he joined an internet site called Master Attraction (Google it if you wish
    to learn how.) I’m jealous since I would like to fall in love as well. Why
    is it so hard? I’m gonna take a peek at this Jake Ayres guy’s information
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    had NO joy with girls. How does one improve so swiftly? His girl’s a
    banging model…

  • gunther dessel 4 years ago

    you’re weird, you need to get out more and appreciate straight men

  • Darkcloudalchemist 4 years ago

    Cutest couple EVER.

  • xheart35 4 years ago

    Ewwwwwwwww ….

  • Stukie_Gaming"Studios" 4 years ago

    They Dont Use Them On Purpose

  • 06afeher 4 years ago

    Ohh dear I don’t really know how you 2 even know obvious flirting
    techniques, from your faces and how feminine you are I don’t really think
    you had much opportunity to use them.

  • simdude2u 4 years ago

    idk, some times when I wake up b4 him & put eye-liner on him then he wakes
    up, not noticing then he goes 2 school with it on. LoL

  • Hugo Gutierrez 4 years ago

    HAHAHA! “It was super effective!” ;P

  • Nachat Anson 4 years ago

    Brian is soooo CUTE

  • RamboDDSDicing 4 years ago

    i’ve wheather have a mom who is a bitch to me or have a 2 penises then
    watch u clowns

  • zack kinney 4 years ago

    Yep same.

  • John Lammi 4 years ago

    Which present yourselves in such stereotypical ways. You can do better.

  • TheLuke145 4 years ago

    2, through, because of who they are, and how society treats them because of
    it. Also if your going to start telling me that there’s some demon
    confusing me into not being straight, you seriously need help. It’s only
    gods place to judge, not yours and not mine, so stop judging and move on.
    Therefore because you can’t explain homosexuality, you shouldn’t be
    judging. I’m sure god won’t throw us into hell because of who we are, as we
    can’t help it.

  • Jimmy Lyman 4 years ago

    haha the apples and bananas! love you both!

  • rreeves0710 4 years ago

    Uhhhhm… Wow. I think I’m straight now.

  • SWLinPHX 4 years ago

    Most gay guys DON’T have those voices at all — a vast majority. Why does
    it seem like most do though? Because all the guys who don’t are assumed to
    be straight There’s different types of gay, with varying degrees of sexual
    orientation and gender identification.

  • Ryan Brock 4 years ago

    Is it sad that my straight friends can pull off a better “gay accent” then
    I can? And IM the gay one XD

  • 55benzcl 4 years ago

    Darlink I have a gay decorater and I even voted for that prop whatever
    number so they can get married.

  • TheLuke145 4 years ago

    Even if it’s a sin or not, you can be forgiven because Jesus died for us to
    be forgiven for our sins, also in the bible it doesn’t clearly state that
    you go to hell for being a homosexual. Also real homosexuality is real
    love, acting straight but actually being gay is just like living a lie,
    which is a sin also. Why is it that everyone forgets that jesus dies for us
    to be forgiven of our sins, yet society tells us that there is different
    sins which automatically send you to hell.

  • Comfortableinownskin 4 years ago

    First off, I wouldn’t flirt with him if I didn’t know for a fact that he’s

  • Jimmy Lyman 4 years ago

    oh my goodness! you guys are so adorable together! jealous!

  • MoMoIRoMoI 4 years ago


  • Darius Taylor 4 years ago

    I hate when people say that you go to hell cause your gay like your just
    that way and that’s probably real love and you can’t go to hell for real
    love and stop asking who’s on top rude that none of your bees wax

  • Arnold Strong 4 years ago

    Not all Gay guys talk feminine some talk like straight but only like men
    only than woman. Woman want only love and money. That’s why it’s better to
    have a gay boyfriend even if you have a wife or girlfriend and at the same
    time have a sexual relationship with a gay guy who is as understanding and
    feminine as your straight opposite sex partner. Your physical image and sex
    life will be better unlike with being a woman all your life you will be
    unhappy with your sex life. Just practice safe sex!

  • foofoocuddlypoops121 4 years ago

    you guys are so cute 🙂 dont let anyone say otherwise

  • Amelia Windover 4 years ago

    Find them lol

  • Arnold Strong 4 years ago

    Did you know Alexander the Great from Greece was a Bisexual although his
    biological father was Achilles of Sparta.

  • Lenny Pinette 4 years ago

    LOL These to are SOOOOO GAY…..They make Richard Simmons look straight !!
    LMFAO But, hey ” I’m ” gay so, I can say that…HALLA !

  • CallumStewartVEVO 4 years ago

    They are a gay couple, and it’s called having a laugh 🙂 Lighten up 🙂