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Martin host of LOVE GAME you vs the player gives some dating Tips for Gay men For Bookings MORE VIDEOS…



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  • Troi Towel 3 years ago

    I agree. Be honest with your intentions. Whenever I’m out with a guy
    (hee, how rare), I pay attention to what he DOESN’T say more than the
    actual words coming out of his mouth. 

  • Martin Louis 3 years ago


  • Mr23burbank 3 years ago

    martin you are so entertaining, I lov watching you talk.

  • TheAmirGrg 3 years ago

    I usually don’t like to comment on videos relating gay men but I have to
    agree with you, that even I have made so many same mistakes by going to bed
    on the first date. If only, I knew how to use my brains. I think you
    spilled the truth !

    Thanks Martin

  • Derek Quinney 3 years ago