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There are so many dating sites for gay men around…which is best?? I look at six and rate them!! Which do you think is best for finding the right guy? Are d…



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  • WhoaThereTedward 3 years ago

    Hi! I’m Ted and this is the new video up on my channel, WhoaThereTedward.
    Feel free to check it out, and hope you enjoy! x
    #lgbt #dating #onlinedatingsite #dating #apps #gay 

  • Daniel San 3 years ago

    Please be mine<3 I will write you a song, and treat you good every day! 

  • ian clint 3 years ago

    ur interesting

  • WhoaThereTedward 3 years ago

    New video!! I review some gay dating sites..hope you enjoy 🙂 #lgbt #gay
    #relationships #grindr #scruff #jackd #gaydar #fitlads

  • AllenTax 3 years ago

    There are other sites. One I used to do often,but stopped drastically.
    Because they screwed the site up.

    That you say you don’t put much info.How you expect to draw attention.Other
    than the cover.Because that is just that. To women that is another way of
    saying your either looking casual sex or in the closet.

  • Jesus Benitez 3 years ago

    I love you

  • Daniel Park 3 years ago

    Gave up on those sites quite some time ago, but it’s interesting to know
    that is catering for gays too now – perhaps it’s the sign of the
    times and everything will go mainstream soon. Will this be a good or a bad
    thing? Let me climb into my time machine and find out for you!

  • WhoaThereTedward 3 years ago

    Haha let me know what you find!