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The beautiful DavidOutt and I give you our best dating advice… aka the things you SHOULD NEVER DO. DO NOT TAKE OUR ADVICE. WE ARE SINGLE FOR A REASON. …C…



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  • Davidoutt. 3 years ago

    I’m in this video. ALSO I HATE YOU AT 7:12 UGH LOL

  • MarkPochow 3 years ago

    Perfect response to my texting question. 

  • Armando Tapia 3 years ago

    I just love the disclaimer in the beginning Good Guy Neil

  • PSdaniti 3 years ago

    #mylife -_- 

  • GrantsInYourPants 3 years ago

    love triangle= you me david ayyy

  • Neil McNeil 3 years ago

    What’s your best/worst dating advice?

  • Skyler Silva 3 years ago

    But on a serious note, you guys being single just means that you know what
    you want, and don’t mind not settling for anything less. So props to you!

  • Jordan Varner 3 years ago


  • Claire Hammy 3 years ago

    2 cute guys in 1 video… so there is a god o.o

  • supanova56 3 years ago

    Mr. And Mr. Neil and Neil McNeil!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ericmashbuttons 3 years ago

    terminally single? that’s a strange phrase that I don’t think has the
    meaning the user thought it would

  • tai boycetv 3 years ago

    Best dating advice is don’t wear ear plugs in your damn ears at the club
    and before make me go to the grocery with you to buy them. p.s l agree with
    Neil getting to know someone face-to-face is so much better than online

  • Andrew Reyna 3 years ago

    “I’ve had the words mind blowing… used before….” – Dying!! lol 

  • 8-Bit Homo 3 years ago

    *cries about being single into a bottle of bourbon and a piece of a
    cheesecake that really can’t fill that void*

  • maurice vader 3 years ago

    i am surprised that two super cute guy’s are single

  • feitocomfruta 3 years ago

    “Maybe your butt is not made for me to touch…” Wow that’d cut me deep.

  • louisisrael 3 years ago

    To be fair both of you do.

  • Kieran Diamante 3 years ago

    Hey Neil and David, thanks for answering my question 🙂 it did kinda help

  • Ayla O'Donovan 3 years ago

    And now my brain is stuck on NPH and you. The singing/dancing combo would
    be epic

  • Jennine Matthias 3 years ago

    NOOOO I really wanted to be first!

  • beefree2003 3 years ago

    Some interesting advice. I really loved when David called you Zack.
    Big Dave

  • fingers7dials 3 years ago

    ha ha, imkmow a pair of David’s :)

  • Mitchell M. 3 years ago

    Loved the video. I feel you about the single for life part. Wish I had a
    nerd to call my own. ;-)

  • Parrish Peeti 3 years ago

    hi,i have tried to watch at least 4 of your videos, it was really hard to
    watch you , buddy you talk to fast, sorry will have to un subscribe 

  • onyxman8 3 years ago

    Once upon a time Elizabeth Taylor was on Oprah and actually took questions
    from the audience. One woman asked for advice for a good marriage.
    Elizabeth, laughing said “Why would you ask me that?”.

  • lefty3213a 3 years ago

    That was wonderful Neil ^_^and new random hottie David guess we all learned
    that Neil is an amazing Top XD <3 :P

  • scott hibbs 3 years ago

    Neil you and David would make a very cute couple. Oh and try out your
    advice on each other. Just saying.

  • TheJackmen05 3 years ago

    why are you single guys? I don’t get it

  • Bawono Budi 3 years ago

    “I have come between…” I dont hear any words after that, my mind
    just…wanders off somewhere pretty. Sorry, but love you guys tho.

  • Jesika Cohen 3 years ago

    david says “been” like “bean” lol what

  • Stephenrsm7600 3 years ago

    OMG Neil you are SO handsome and sincere in your advise and comments!!!!! I
    would date you in a heartbeat!!!!!!

  • Vanessa Schomberg 3 years ago

    That was awesome! Like it! Thanks boys! :)

  • Skyler Silva 3 years ago

    Now that you’ve done this you should do an “How To Be Single” video because
    Lorde knows we all need it 

  • Russell Cullen 3 years ago

    Love the way you express your thoughts

  • Sidney Joiner 3 years ago

    Neil man your so hot I’d love to date you. Your awesome

  • Timothy C 3 years ago

    who needs dating when you have food…. hmmm cheesecake 

  • GaramondGourmond 3 years ago

    I REJECT YOU, NEIL. Or not. I don’t see how anyone would reject you.
    Although you do have the nerd thing going, and that’s an acquired taste.
    But you’re cute and sexy and funny and entertaining and a good dresser and
    a good dancer and have general good taste so . . . hope that’s not too
    creepy. It must be odd getting random compliments from people you don’t

  • RaylenX 3 years ago

    How are you two still single… I would love to at least be friends with
    you both :)

  • BBQNBLUES 3 years ago

    {sigh} The only way I’ll be able to be in a relationship… is if I “Rent”
    one for the weekend :(

  • KnightRaymund 3 years ago

    lol, Neil, your answers really went places. I like it.

    And that ending… haha!

  • 88888888anonymous 3 years ago

    oh my Neil this video is so controversial compared to your vlogs but i love
    it :p

  • Michael 3 years ago

    Don’t say the wrong name during

  • Mike Tush 3 years ago

    OMG, Neil sounds like +puppet sloth when he says: Next Question!

  • Isaac Davis 3 years ago

    So David is my new boyfriend. 

  • Michael 3 years ago

    I’ve never wanted anyone more lol

  • Bawono Budi 3 years ago

    “I have come between…” I dont hear any words after that, my mind
    just…wanders off somewhere pretty. Sorry, but love you guys tho.