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Which free online dating site is best? Does online dating suck? What about plenty of fish? Does it suck? I review 4 free dating options live. Hope it helps. …



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  • From Inbox To Romance: Online Dating Tips Made Easy 4 years ago

    Well, I’d argue that women take advantage of free dinners, movies, drinks, all the time. (Been to a bar lately?) Perhaps it’s more obvious on a dating website, but go to any bar and you’ll find similar activities.

    As far as a man taking his life after getting scammed – yes that is terrible, and there needs to be more information out there so that people don’t get scammed like that.

    There are lots of low-risk, free ways to meet people. But you always need your common sense.

  • J.C. West 4 years ago

    LOL,I don’t use it,but have.I am issued disposable credit cards by an unnamed company who rat’s out scam sites and am paid to do so.I guess it may be of no risk to you and all reward but you speak for yourself.I saw in the news that some dumb ass took his life over a Ghana love scam and yes that bothers me.I have had women admit to me that they use dating sites for a free dinner and movie with zero interest in the guy at all.I guess you have more dollars than sense but good luck with that:~)

  • From Inbox To Romance: Online Dating Tips Made Easy 4 years ago

    Lebowski, the bums will never win! Get a job, sir!

    Okay, just kidding – in all seriousness – dating PERIOD is a game of chance. Do you meet someone for the first time and state your flaws? Didn’t think so. Same applies to online dating. It’s just an easy way to get connected to more people. If it’s not for you, don’t use it, but it’s really a no-risk, all-reward situation in my opinion.

  • J.C. West 4 years ago

    IMHO online dating is for losers,free or otherwise.I mean they are like buying a used car or dealing with some con man or woman sales person because how many profiles do you see with people stating their flaws,not many.People now live in a faux World of Cyber reality and state they don’t have the time to physically meet people yet piss away hours staring at a monitor of usually an outdated pic and POF could make people verify their pics yet don’t.I mean it’s all a game of chance end of story.