Added by on August 30, 2013 What I thought I'd do in this video is just give my views on some of the free dating options out there. By free dating…



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  • fatfreesugar 4 years ago

    coffee meets bagel

  • Devin MacGregpr 4 years ago

    Exactly. I think women who make these reviews should make a male profile and see how it is a ghost town and how many scammers you get while getting no responses back.

  • HeavenlyDismay 4 years ago

    You’re hot… why are you checking out dating sites?

  • Adu Bakar 4 years ago

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  • River Brigham 4 years ago

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  • uttom dey 4 years ago

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  • ElenaUdreaTV 4 years ago

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  • emmanuel rodolf 4 years ago

    Tour cute

  • FaDeZ EcHO 4 years ago

    Im single

  • Henry Celis 4 years ago

    To be honest, I tried P.O.F, Christian Mingle, Badoo and and there’s a lot of scammers, some have a catch for you to get an e-mail reply and even confirmation. I believe this is a real waste of time. So I signed up for and it is free, real and you just sign up for the event you can attend. So do not waste time on these fake websites.

  • create a dating site 4 years ago

    you should start your own…

  • blueoctober6 4 years ago

    emorax how do you spell that?

  • methodandmadness 4 years ago

    POF gave me a lunatic who I dated for a few weeks. It was a scary experience and I’ll never do it again myself but I would recommend it. Just leave your preconceived ideas at the door and be very open over the phone when you’re trying to disarm the other person. Not in a serial killer sort of way but in a be yourself kinda way. Dating websites work if you’re real

  • jkjed1 4 years ago

    POF is a free site and used to be good…Lately, the rules are stricter and a “psychological-test” has even been included (which is required to complete in the registration-process). I am thinking that the site is gradually going to become a credit-card required site soon. You are probably better off just using a quality-site (such as rather than deal with the hassles of a free-site based in Canada that doesn’t have member-support either!

  • jesse chavez 4 years ago

    your funny


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  • tambocha 4 years ago

    Bogus. No way this girl needs to resort to online dating. She’s just there to make it look better.

  • Syed Shinoda 4 years ago

    Can I date you online for free? ;D

  • Rose BushCake 4 years ago

    I stopped using dating sites years ago…I’ve found that most of the people on there are already married or in a relationship…just looking to have a little “fun” on the side (Without your knowledge of course). NO THANKS!!

  • Shady Chinaman 4 years ago

    can i date u

  • Nanayaw Dubblin 4 years ago

    kk i think i like the site.

  • kenneth lucier 4 years ago

    forget the sites lets go out on a date

  • jarhead0099 4 years ago

    Agreed, POF is a waste of time

  • Nexus Moon 4 years ago

    The best first date I had in my life was from POF. However, it is not easy to get a girl to only talk to you when there is a million guys trying to talk to her. I think good looking girls on POF are spoiled rotten with attention.

  • SPRINGSTEENFAN4 4 years ago

    TY for the advice . I have an account at Zoosk but im not having any luck.

  • kenneth lucier 4 years ago

    I agree with the fat one’s on POF

  • kenneth lucier 4 years ago

    POF I never met anyone its a joke

  • Agustin Johnson 4 years ago

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  • jason hughes 4 years ago

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  • wayneakrid 4 years ago

    u forgot all those fatties have 5 kids each and r still fucking shallow

  • Maximilian Tudor 4 years ago

    I miss the old hot or not

  • king amanda 4 years ago

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  • James Smith 4 years ago

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  • UKDatingAdvisor 4 years ago

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  • artyilmaz 4 years ago

    pof aka .. plenty of fatties its terrible unless you’re into BBW then go for it guyyyyy
    hey you know what they say.. they need loven too right? so go porking tonite lol

  • DubezOniner 4 years ago

    Wow ur so cute and your voice jus turns me onn

  • jenwhiteeee 4 years ago

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  • John Ganzon 4 years ago

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  • Victor Oscar 4 years ago

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  • sam dio 4 years ago

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  • Wihan Sare 4 years ago

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