Added by on October 16, 2014 Flirting tips that have worked great for me when dating girls. I've tried these flirting tips and others that I'll show later an…



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  • greateststam 3 years ago

    yea im pretty sure ive mentioned my mom breifly at one point or another
    too. of coarse i think it would get bad if you started spitting out.

  • IMARCANOx123x 3 years ago

    Back to xbox : ) lmao

  • Gia Monique 3 years ago

    :D:D yea true

  • darkbowkotwnz 3 years ago

    damn, i fail at 1:18 🙁

  • AJDivaglia 3 years ago

    lmao unless u wanna visit ur grandma

  • ajo712 3 years ago

    as a woman myself these tips wont work .. follow your heart and dont
    comment on her blouse it makes you sound…

  • NBAcares3 3 years ago

    thats funny. but i will let u know, i mention my mom sometimes. big deal.
    doesnt have any effect. i still pick girls up. unless u do it 24/7.

  • Barada Jawhary 3 years ago

    hh that is so funny i’m a girl and these might actually work out for some
    girls 😀

  • dopeboi609 3 years ago

    clean your roon you lazy ass l.o.l

  • miession 3 years ago

    awesome XD

  • ellelisn 3 years ago

    Funny, but so true!

  • xXNINJASTYLEXx 3 years ago

    Another tip…Wear a condom!…I made the mistake of not wearing a condom
    with my kid..

  • Gia Monique 3 years ago

    wdf is ur problem i aint no moron u retarded freak!

  • h125215 3 years ago

    how da hell do you know i have a XBOX u stalker thanks for the tips

  • mem0823 3 years ago

    lol think about ur playstation or xbox lol

  • HeavenIzAGamer 3 years ago

    well i’m a girl and i LOVE my xbox. so its a turn on if a guy has one too.

  • VI3TzKM 3 years ago

    LOL this was so funny!

  • bLOVEDxx 3 years ago


  • UKMillionaireDating 3 years ago

    So true! Excellent flirting tips to get the girl of your dreams… Good
    Luck Guys!

  • LilMiizLauRiie 3 years ago

    my bf failed 50: LMFAO.

  • Nate Buckley 3 years ago

    ahaha loved the clean ur room lazy ass, made me crack up.

  • crayons38 3 years ago

    it worked i got a boy friend

  • DJCUMHEAD 3 years ago

    guess im going back to the xbox

  • electriciansmate 3 years ago

    Flirting tips: 1. Dress smart, Hair clean and cut. 2. Smart clean
    fashionable shoes. 3. Good aftershave. 4. Stand in middle on room where you
    can be seen. 5. Make a dramatic entrance to every place you visit. 6. Stand
    next to girls and bring attention to yourself. 7. Short witty
    conversations, better than long one’s. 8. Where a hat. 9. Smile and look
    confident. 10. Pretend that you know lots of people. 11. Let girls know you
    are not easy meat.

  • Mrcabletwitch 3 years ago

    lol the last one

  • DrPwoz 3 years ago

    wtf was that! HAHAHAHA

  • RideTheLllightning 3 years ago

    Just don’t get stuck in the friend zone :/ that would suck. Goodluck!

  • guitar22618 3 years ago

    lol if u get cought staring at her tits rofl who gets cought

  • URNOTSERIOS01 3 years ago

    lmfaoooo @ the playstation thing

  • MileyStinx 3 years ago

    LMFAO ! disturbing, guys do that? :0 lol

  • promerican 3 years ago

    last tip: check your spelling before posting it on youtube.

  • ladymalmal723 3 years ago

    im a girls so this was funny to see what a girl wants is a goodguy in
    public but a badboy in private…….. and kiss her first but lean in
    slowly and watch her body launguage if she looks freaked out wisper in her
    ear about how pretty she is but if she looks like she wants it then kiss
    her long and romantic soo yeah and dont look at our boobs it make us