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A viewer wants some ways to flirt that actually work! Marie has some ideas on how to get to know someone, but flirting may or may not work, depending on the …



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  • BIbek Maharjan 3 years ago

    I wish to learn how to attract women. My friend has begun dating a ten
    simply because 2 months back he registered to a site called Master
    Attraction (Google it if you’d like to know more.) I’m jealous since I want
    to fall in love too. I’m gonna check out this Jake Ayres man’s stuff. Odd
    thing is, he once had no results with women. How does one improve that
    rapidly? His girl’s a fucking model.

  • Matt Hughes 3 years ago

    should do a video on how to stop being suckered by women who lead you on
    and fuck with your head, like about 95% of them.

  • Aruna S Niroshan 3 years ago

    I looked at all the replies however I think that’s a brilliant clip. My
    older brother just would like to become outstanding with ladies. He began
    to understand a fuck load from a internet page called Master Attraction.
    (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The
    strategies in relation to attracting girls in clubs from Master Attraction
    got him his 1st lays in a couple of long yrs. I got pissed though given
    that I heard them all.

  • Holly Matthews 3 years ago

    Nothing worse than a guy who over does(fake) compliments, or says sweet
    lines he uses on everyone.

  • shechshire 3 years ago

    @TheRoboto21 It’s usually like that due to the fact that woman tipically go
    with thier imidiate feelings. That’s why you’ll never see a woman come up
    to a guy unless he’s a rockstar or somthing because they just don’t have
    the character to do that. They prove it. it’s phycological. Most woman are
    out for thier own pride & ego.

  • TheRoboto21 3 years ago

    What? The best advice to know about women is from women themselves
    especially someone who has had more experience with social situation. I’m
    glad she is taking time to help out.

  • Hans Håkansson 3 years ago

    Thank you.

  • acdc2302 3 years ago

    damn the girl i have a crush on likes another guy what can i do the fuck ???

  • BeautyHealthZoneBlog 3 years ago

    But how do you know that they are leading you on? Maybe you just got the
    wrong impression. We all do it….Get the wrong impression.

  • Troy Carpenter 3 years ago

    There’s a difference between using cheesy pickup lines and flirting. I
    think people can flirt and still be themselves. The way a person flirts and
    jokes can tell you a whole lot about them as a person. Flirting is
    extremely useful in getting to know the opposite sex.

  • teresa anderson 3 years ago

    Madisonbrook242. When i was single i dated several guys in high school & in
    my early adulthood cuz i did’nt want 2 settle with 1 guy.

  • BeautyHealthZoneBlog 3 years ago

    Just tell your friend that you are just interested in friendship….Be
    straight with people.

  • Adrian Felea 3 years ago

    Screw it. I’m irritated. My nephew sleeps above me. I’m annoyed because he
    just became really good with the women. He found the Master Attraction
    website by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). Now I hear him bringing women back.
    He’s always getting girls back and I hear it. It’s nasty and I wish he
    never found that site. I am green with envy!

  • madisonbrooke242 3 years ago

    I have a big crush on this guy and we talk all the time and he says he
    would date me but he has a girlfriend still…. what do i do.?

  • fluffyoreos 3 years ago

    Everyone tells me i’m a flirt,and i didn’t even realize it.Like my flirting
    is like major flirting haha I don’t even try im just that “G”. hahaha

  • Ryan Charlton 3 years ago

    hey, a girl in my class likes to sit by me, and always says hi, her and I
    talk, but i think its because im the only guy she knows in class, she is
    also in my other class and says hi but hangs out with others we know. so i
    was wondering would she be interested or not.

  • 97ChannelV12 3 years ago

    I see we have a chat room going on? XP thanks for all the great 😀

  • Mario Markoni 3 years ago

    I read through some of the posts but I just think that’s a great video
    clip. My older brother would like to become extraordinary with girls. He
    came to understand alot from a internet page called Master Attraction.
    (Google it if you want pretty good emails on picking up girls.) The ideas
    relating to picking up chicks from clubs in those emails coming from that
    site helped get got him his 1st sex in 3 long years. I have been aggravated
    however coz I heard them all. Offending.

  • TheErdman3 3 years ago

    this is wrong, lol flirting isnt lines, flirting to me is like teasing, its
    playful. you play around with her, than if she does it back than you are

  • lawshorizon 3 years ago

    I think if people were themselves, at least most of the time, the it would
    sure save a hell of a lot of time, and emotional cost, trying to figure out
    if the other person is compatible. Good Video!

  • joeyXDface 3 years ago

    I love how “‘SixPackShortcuts’ fast abs” video is the top suggested video.
    Now THAT is how you really get a girl.

  • chelsea40401 3 years ago

    i am 13 and im want a boyfreind but i think the boys find me weird please
    respond to me i need help

  • JeffersonDinedAlone 3 years ago

    Flirting is childish game-playing nonsense.

  • joeyXDface 3 years ago

    @acdc2302 Kill Him. Dead and proper

  • Ryan Charlton 3 years ago

    @Matlike1 had tht 2 many times

  • Lloyd Franklin 3 years ago

    MAN: My penis is so long I have to tuck it into my sock. WOMAN: You must
    have really long socks!

  • Matt Josh 3 years ago

    Be honest and be yourself, what does that mean?

  • XPrincess30 3 years ago

    @TheCrazypotato111 OHSNAP then the guy I like flirted with me? LOL hahahahh
    I wish

  • Kbermud1 3 years ago

    This isthe best video i have seen about flirting!!she isSO right!!so simply
    that i didnt think about that.. hahaha!! I. Will try that.!

  • ballaviking689 3 years ago

    don’t lie and act how you normaly do