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Flirting isn't always easy. Here's how to read someone's body language to find out if they really dig you – or not! — Love & Sex Tips from http://AskDanAndJ…



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  • BlueUFOplaysmcpe 4 years ago

    I’ve had a girl flirt with me before and I’m 11

  • Johnny Gunz 4 years ago

    Jen a MILf

  • MrYungmastermind 4 years ago

    Well that means she’s not interested. Darn.

  • wolf mills 4 years ago

    jenn i cant keep my eyes off you,that cute little nose…

  • TheComedylover92 4 years ago

    if a girl executes the square”Dick grab” she is interested

  • sparklebox11 4 years ago

    Eye contact says a lot .. even shy guys will use eye contact if they’re not confident enough to be tactile.

  • marinesrock316 4 years ago

    do more of this video. I want to know more plz!!!

  • MadJesusMinistries 4 years ago

    Good info!! Leil Lowndes’s book, Undercover Sex Signals has similar tips but is a very good quick read. 🙂

  • inflictedbypandorum 4 years ago

    2:58 god i love you dan! xD he is so funny!

  • Andrexthor 4 years ago

    Jenn’s looking bangin’!

  • Emmanuel Sánchez 4 years ago

    Jennifer you are so cute! ♥♥♥

  • kroutonjr 4 years ago

    if their eyes make a triangle this is where they look at your eyes then at your lips then back at your eyes this means they want to kiss you

  • v4nquish3r 4 years ago

    When I was in Uni, one of my teachers emailed me and asked me to address her by her name rather then with a title Ms which I used to. I wonder why she did not tell me in person considering we would meet in Uni and why she did it via email.