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  • Quince Pham 4 years ago

    Can you make a video talk about “male language”? How to get your ex back?

  • insolence 4 years ago

    i tried playfully nudging a petite woman in the ribs, but i ended up being told that i was attacking her…

  • WZKmontage 4 years ago

    But some girls freak out easily then none of this stuff really works so you’ve got to let her come to you.

  • Relizithians 4 years ago

    All these advices from different people always means im fucked……..

  • FLAREflare14 4 years ago

    hey guys dont make your self too available girls are like cats if the toy is too easy to get they wont want it

  • datingwomensex 4 years ago

    Right on the money. You have to make her feel comfortable with you before escalating physical. Let her get used to your touch and she will welcome it.

  • 10987654idiot 4 years ago

    Boys: Be a tool and jump through hoops relentlessly. It’s her world.

    Girls: You’re an object and should be appeased, not genuinely interacted with. It’s your world.

    That’s the message being spread here.

    Outdated methods.

  • mirkus21 4 years ago