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  • SmartWaterAddictx 4 years ago

    i’m a girl, and these sound pretty true.

  • oceanviewkid 4 years ago

    accent ?

  • Smomolyno 4 years ago

    Funny thing about #1 girls do the same exact thing….lol

  • jnbalmer448 4 years ago

    u fine

  • potpolima 4 years ago

    when i look at her eyes,i stuck and couldn’t think of  anything to say…i couldn’t help but look in the ground and look back again…is this still attractive??

  • SkylarPro 4 years ago

    very nice vid 🙂 i’m a girl and i can agree it’s all true

  • lesslove12 4 years ago

    yes i do c a gorgeous girl lol

  • chickengifts 4 years ago

    realy cool