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  • weezle2000sm 4 years ago

    She haz a very tiny voice

  • Berhan and Zainab 4 years ago

    How to get the one you want? Honestly? Seriously? Do you actually think you’re going to find the one you want in a club? :S

  • John Alex 4 years ago

    What the fuck is this?

  • trekfan92 4 years ago

    I love your sweet accent.

  • DonDiego256 4 years ago


  • kickassnigga 4 years ago

    the biggest mistake i make is that…,…….staring at the biggest boobs around

  • Emma Carrizosa 4 years ago

    Your Voice is Higher Then Justin Bieber’s O_o

  • damaged2 4 years ago

    I’m a guy and I want to get married, settle down and have kids…. =/ No, I’m serious. Tho you’re def right about lots of things here!

  • XXXFreeSpirit 4 years ago

    I like your jugs. Lol! 

  • matthew bontsema 4 years ago

    just an opinion lol, this brings up another point of the video, you have to like the person to flirt with them

  • mcxandio 4 years ago

    I’m a guy and I agree with every single point in this. Every other time I’ve seen or heard girls talking about ‘what guys like’ it’s been a total load of bullshit.

  • mcxandio 4 years ago

    She didn’t make a single mistake with what she said or how she presented this video so you just focus on not ‘personally’ liking her voice? That seems pretty low to me.

  • koleenxnamilan 4 years ago

    Lean how to date a Asian women

  • matthew bontsema 4 years ago

    Ur voice is just….anoying, I would walk up to u, hear u, n walk away

  • nupei 4 years ago

    1:30 is perfect. I’ve only become aware of doing this because I’m a loud person, but it tends to scare people away!