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  • LBSmith2 4 years ago

    You made me laugh with that line. It’s us quiet types they should be watching out for.

  • Daniel Chavez 4 years ago

    eye contact and smile,
    interested and positive,
    *presentable. GOT IT, THANKS

  • Annmarie Wang 4 years ago

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  • pasoh95 4 years ago

    Is she blind?

  • tomcat624u 4 years ago

    did you write the script or did some one else do it for you? in any case, i find you very attractive, but i’m just an average guy. what would an average guy like me have to do to attract an pretty female , like you? hehe

  • Steve Thompson 4 years ago

    Another reason to kill the Illuminati so they will stop giving stupid women big Incomes & let the women do their own dirty work for a change as roofing the house, crawling under the car to fix It when In freezing rain & stuff like that then maybe women would Not be such a hypocrite & beside whose stupid law says that Men are suppose to take care of women?

  • MrRazorblade999 4 years ago

    Her videos are ridiculous and stupid, but damn she’s hot! 

  • Cougman1978 4 years ago

    How many child did she carry for ebony guy?

  • je3ro 4 years ago

    and then the NAGGING! starts. So you go eat to occupy your mind, drop food on yourself and the shirt goes in the hamper and the whole thing starts again. Why not just over look the shirt and never nag in the first place? then I wouldn’t be looking for a date to begin with…lol

  • David S 4 years ago

    god damn, im about to start treing out some of these dating tips on Mindy…wow!

  • blackbeltcrane 4 years ago

    damn shes cute!!!

  • theskeptic2010 4 years ago

    This is really dumb. OK so good grooming helps – dressing well helps OK we get that…. This vid really doesn’t cover the topic of flirting at all. Most flirting is in a person’s mind. That “accidental” brush-up against another person, little touches, eye contact that says “Yes I’d like to” that sort of thing. That’s flirting

  • Juan Carlos Espinosa 4 years ago

    stop reading