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  • Devinder Sharma 4 years ago

    You are correct. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.

    btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard.

    you can see it here

  • Sasho Namme 4 years ago

    “Complementing on her sense of style or how elegant she is going to make much more of an impression.” that is so stupid, it is going to make an impression all right, an impression that you are gay.
    The only two ways that actually have a high chance of getting a woman are:
    He: I have a big wad of cash in my wallet.
    She: OMG you are so nice, I like you.
    He: Hey you.
    She: What?
    He: 8 inches.
    She: At your place or mine?

  • Tom Byron 4 years ago

    Women take responsibility to have authority over your own life and come chat with guys.

  • IronBloodRust 4 years ago

    this is bullshit. women are just as shallow as men and choose with their eyes.
    if you are a good looking guy, women will flock to you no matter how much of a dick you are. if you are an ugly guy (like me) they will run from you generally.

    besides that there is no magic trick, just be yourself and hope one day someone will try and look past how hideous you look

  • dewbie622 4 years ago


  • James Bloodstone 4 years ago

    you are hot! Do you have a boyfriend?

  • mrawesome4753 4 years ago

    That didnt help

  • amr ahmed 4 years ago

    or a tiny Cock 😛

  • 1coteca 4 years ago

    sometimes that could be true but the more women you meet and chat up the merrier…it’s a number’s game 😉

  • philxcorexinxurxface 4 years ago

    Deep bro

  • JJLeetsauce 4 years ago

    pause video at 3:17 my face while watching this

  • rayner1399 4 years ago

    The most important step, make the comments personal!!! Try this: ” Have you just started your period, because your tits look great!!!” Success is all in the delivery!! Good luck!!!

  • Justin McGregorry 4 years ago

    Not so easy…

  • MrMojo Samayee 4 years ago

    this video helped me think. cuz i couldnt focus on her boring ass typical AMERICAN VOICC

  • Cap Last 4 years ago

    Preach brother.

  • Kamal Kumar 4 years ago

    Absolutely right. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Between do you know about the 7 odd foods that kill belly fat if you don’t know about them you must see this. worth watch here now

  • Nishant Sood 4 years ago

    You are Single?

  • rbolo29 4 years ago

    Enough of this crap; the truth is women aren’t interested in random men in public; unless they are really hot, tall and have green or blue eyes. Other than that they will find a mate through trusted sources like family, friends and maybe during high school.

  • rbolo29 4 years ago

    Enough of this crap; the truth is women aren’t interested in random men in public. They find a mate within their inner circle of friends and family.

  • adrian ramos 4 years ago

    Which is why women are lame. Say something you dumb girl! “Hi”

  • Abdalla Alnaqbi 4 years ago

    True shit

  • 26druman 4 years ago

    Guys if you want to learn how to flirt and attract women then look up Jad T Jones he’s the best.

  • lil2ray21 4 years ago

    lol the rich girls though…..the easy girls will get boring dude.

  • tommy605 4 years ago

    Here’s an important fact

    You will always lose money chasing pussy. You will never lose pussy chasing money.

    So endeth the lesson.

  • Mohagrus 4 years ago

    Attracting women that arent busted costs money

  • cesar lampino 4 years ago

    dude good job on the sarge i really admire your vids

    wanted to comment on this really good guide i just found out its been a godsend to my dating lifee

     bit ly/1aCkHGt

  • Katie White 4 years ago

    How do u know if a boy is flurting with you

  • 4 years ago

    I am a shy dater and it has been hard for me. I thought I would make my life easy so I started Shydating. I now find it very easy to meet great woman.

  • Marcus Washington 4 years ago

    Must really be on some bored shit to be watching this

  • matthew Moulton 4 years ago

    are you hurt?

  • videoshirt 4 years ago

    (cont again) right now for example, at my job there is a girl who has 4 kids by 2 diff men.. she is skinny and frail and doesn’t have curves but she likes me.. I AM NOT INTERESTED

    meanwhile there is a girl who is cute, bubbly, quirky, and ALL WOMAN if you know what i mean.. but she appears “far” away even though she is just a few feet over

    we want to know how to get those types of women

    i am aware the used and abused single mom is interested but i just don’t care.. i want the cute quirky girl

  • videoshirt 4 years ago

    (cont) men are not as attuned to this i know from study, so how can we just “turn it on” ??

    women think men are aloof, we are not aloof we are just not maternal.. our focuses are different.. men aren’t going to read your mind so stop requesting it.

    the other thing is.. you are telling us to notice and react to WOMEN WHO LIKE US


    why would i need a tip on how to get a girl who is already flirting with me?

  • videoshirt 4 years ago

    and another thing.. you are right that we miss out on subtleties but why do you think if we have missed them this long that we’ll all of a sudden be able to pick up on it just because you have told us to “pay attention” ??

    the fact is that women are generally better at noticing subtleties by nature, its a part of the whole maternal/nurture thing.. being able to read a baby’s body language clearly because infants can’t speak

  • videoshirt 4 years ago

    “tell her how elegant she is”

    really? when you decided to say that, did it sound like it made sense to you?

    saying an uncommon word like that would make me look like a grade-A creeper

    i’m a guy but even i know women can see when you’re trying too hard

  • MrNIKExSOCCER 4 years ago

    Why can’t women just tell us they want to fuck..

  • 5tonyvvvv 4 years ago

    Women dont need to flirt, they can get laid whenever they want!!!! and 400lb women today are stuck up and picky! Its fucking ridiculous!!

  • 5tonyvvvv 4 years ago

    Women dont need to flirt, they can get laid whenever they want!!!!

  • 5tonyvvvv 4 years ago

    Women dont need to flirt, they can get laid whenever they want!!!!

  • 5tonyvvvv 4 years ago

    Women dont need to flirt, they can get laid whenever they want!!!!