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Flirting Tips for Women by Patty Contenta. Patty is the founder and author of Sensuality Secrets, a book and DVD set that helps…



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  • Lovebooksandmovies28 3 years ago

    People says I flirt a lot, but usually I am just being natural and playful,
    regardless of genders. My friends even called me out and asked if I was
    flirting. Lol yah great vid. though!

  • helen anderson 3 years ago

    my mom and grandmom told me my whole childhood im a huge flirt and boy
    crazy!! LOL but they were wise ! its good to flirt but be picky on who you
    flirt with! i live by that advice!! theres nothing worng being a flirt!

  • Sensuality Secrets 3 years ago

    @Pisey Men…usually when guys tease a lot…it’s cause they like you 😉

  • Pisey Men 3 years ago

    A lot of people think I flirt with the guys in my class but im just acting
    normal, idk i like to mess around with people and talk to them about random
    stuff and i get teased A LOT about a guy if i talk to him or play around
    with him for too long

  • reem ahmad 3 years ago

    How many times u fucked a guy