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We wrote a book called How To Get Out of The Friend Zone! Check it out: See our 1st ever MUSIC VIDEO – FRIEND ZONE! Flirt…



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  • Lucky Rawat 4 years ago

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  • Javi Martinez 4 years ago

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  • Ashish Chitrakar 4 years ago

    Life sucks. My buddy has begun going out with a 10 mainly because 60 days back he joined a site named Master Attraction (Google it if you wish to learn more.) I’m jealous because I want to just fall in love too. How come it’s so hard? I’m going to look at this Jake Ayres guy’s information to find out if it may help someone like me. Bizarre thing is, he previously had Zero joy with girls. How does one transform so quickly? His lady’s a banging model.

  • Yankeezcap 4 years ago

    I knew the deception was coming.

    “buy my friends a drink!”

    NO! buy your own fucking drink,… cheap ass.

  • dhanushka bandara 4 years ago

    Fantastic video clip. I had been so puzzled seeing my mate go from being a loser to a ladies man. He went from zero to hero. He acted as if it was standard for a while. He ultimately admitted it on Friday. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to know about it… He’s seeing a stunner… Lucky fucker!

  • PonPonCandyBunneh 4 years ago

    *spasm* that thumbnail *.*

  • evasivenose 4 years ago

    what you want to do is say no fuck off. then she’ll be yours for sure 🙂

  • nick edmunds 4 years ago

    Star is hot!!!!!!

  • ramaece1 4 years ago

    There is also another place to meet the women you like, which you missed@WingGirls lol. Well, the place is, here, lol I liked you so much “Red Color Wing :p” lol You look like the actress in the movie “I am out of her league” lol, geez really I liked you 🙁 lol I am a shy guy :p like in the same movie :p lol

  • zekrom123 4 years ago

    240p, long time no see!

  • SuperFrenchfried 4 years ago

    Erm…. aren’t you the one with the penis?

  • thokozani86ify 4 years ago

    Can one of you have sex with me

  • Travis Williams 4 years ago

    Fuck me. Not like that! Jeez.

  • Rodica Constantine 4 years ago

    i hate myself for watching these, because they’re such a goddamn bummer.

  • houstonslabking 4 years ago

    Don’t be to drunk at bar when you ask a girl out

  • houstonslabking 4 years ago

    I got a girl 😉

  • legoman3342 4 years ago

    a girl asked you out?? eehh

  • jonoj45 4 years ago

    protip: when flirting at the bar, don’t be shitfaced.

  • james ledger 4 years ago

    I’m just started high school and this girl just asked me out, what should I do?

  • Kristin Landry 4 years ago

    They would totally get layeddd

  • riddick655 4 years ago

    Thank you so

  • riddick655 4 years ago

    Thank you do

  • Veggy Vaggy 4 years ago

    chech out the Tao – System its awsome

  • Daniel Ingebretsen 4 years ago

    age is just a number, 2 years means nothing

  • nolalexie504 4 years ago

    Chris Brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Arnold 4 years ago

    okay if i was older than 18 i swear id have these girls hahah the advice they give is what i already comes naturally to me, but theyre so funny that i can’t stop watching anyway

  • MrTrollollolloll 4 years ago

    best wing girls episode: watch?v=mqMDISpz1CQ

  • Hazce 4 years ago


  • Brian Lopez 4 years ago

    Is is this wrong but I’m 12 and my gf is 14

  • Damian Aleman 4 years ago

    Jordan nolan u should tell his girl to back off 😛

  • Jordan Nolan 4 years ago

    Dear Wing Girls im 14 almost 15 and i really like this guy and im pretty sure he likes me too but he has a girlfriend also he has even said to some of his friends that if he didnt have a girlfriend he would ask me out 😀 but him and his gf have dated last year (they broke up once when she cheated on him, he broke it off) and they started dating again this year and I don’t no If i should give up on him and try to find someone else or keep flirting WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!