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These are some effective flirting tip to get yourself a soul mate 😀 it's fool proof…unless he is not single. I Don't own the music being played. Join the …



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  • ArturoVlog 4 years ago

    that explains why you act so weird around me .

  • GleekyGLo 4 years ago

    I just talk to them and awkwardly smile like the joker lol 🙂

  • Jezebel Martinez 4 years ago

    i never got one of those signs lol jk i love your videos they are nice

  • Chawnee Salway 4 years ago

    you do a black guy voice is so funny and thank u for the fan sign and it was really funny LOL!! next time i will bend and snap !!! LOL 😀

  • PurpleBananaRawr 4 years ago

    Here’s what you do, you walk by once, give a creepy stare, then walk by again in slow motion(make sure to flip your hair in exaggerated slow mo). If they still don’t notice, you walk up to them and stare straight into their eyes for about 10 seconds. When they ask what you’re doing say, “I saw you last night, sexy ;)” Bam! Instant restraining order XD -Petrina(p.s. nice videos Crystal ^-^)

  • Haley-Denise Sturm 4 years ago

    My flirting technique is full proof. I’m honest. I say… ” Your face… I LIKE THAT ” worked for my boyfriend ;D

  • Genesis Gutierrez 4 years ago

    If you see them with a shopping bag you ask them how their shopping experience was xD

  • MKitty546 4 years ago

    I’m that weird girl who stares at the guy until he catches me, which is when I turn bright red, quickly look down and try to scuttle away. Thankfully the scuttling step can be skipped once you’ve acquired the guy as your boyfriend.

    I’m sure there’s a great person out there for you – you just haven’t found him yet!